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Gabriel is an Angel character that features in The Prophecy movies.



The Prophecy

Gabriel was an Angel of God who served Him during the first War in Heaven when Lucifer turned against Him leading to a great conflict. At the time, Gabriel was a loyal servant who worked with his comrades such as Simon in fighting the rebels. Eventually, Lucifer was defeated and sent to rule Hell where he remained for all of time. After the victory, God created Humans who had souls and made them His favoured creation. This was unacceptable to Gabriel who led a newly formed rebel faction in Heaven over Humans. These actions led to a second War in Heaven with rebel Angel fighting loyal Angels over the Word of God. There was no interference from God during the war which remained stalemated as both sides were incapable of defeating the other leading to souls never being allowed into Heaven as long as it continued. In order to break the stalemate, Gabriel sought the dark soul of a vicious Human general in order to use him to lead their armies against the loyalist Angels.

However, the loyalist Angels discovered his plans and the Angel Simon was dispatched to prevent Gabriel from accomplishing it. In return, Gabriel sent his lieutenant Uziel to stop him while Gabriel himself sought the soul in question. To that end, he kept a Human from killing himself by reviving him and making him serve Gabriel. After discovering that Uziel was slain by Simon, he dispatched his servant to gather all the evidence while Gabriel himself went to the mortuary to burn Uziel's body. After this was accomplished, he bade his servant to drive him to a graveyard where he commanded him to dig for the body of Colonel Arnold Hawthorne; a vicious Human who led numerous massacres in Korea. Once the coffin was opened, he attempted to take the soul for use in the second War in Heaven only to discover that it had been taken already. Coming to the conclusion that Simon did this, he tracked the loyal Angel down and attempted to persuade him to join Gabriel's side but Simon refused. As a result, he tortured Simon and ultimately killed him when he could not discover where the soul was.[1]

Thus, Gabriel remained in the town that Simon was in and attempted to find a Human who had contact with Simon. Through the school children, he learnt that a girl called Mary had extended contact with Simon. Convinced that the girl held the soul he needed, he began his search for the girls home. On his travels, he encountered a former priest now police detective Thomas Daggett and a teacher called Catherine. He found the girl Mary's home and attempted to steal the soul by ripping her life apart but was stopped by Thomas Daggett who distracted him long enough to allow Catherine to take the girl away; in the struggle his Human pawn was killed by Daggett. As Gabriel gave chase, Catherine fired at a caravan's petrol tanker and destroyed it which stunned Gabriel. When the police arrived, Daggett convinced them to cuff him and take him away in a police car. As they dragged him inside, Gabriel awoke and broke out which resulted in the death of the police officers. Once freed, he made his way into a hospital to find another dying Human to serve as his pawn. He found a woman called Racheal and used her to work a car as he tracked down Mary. [2]

Whilst driving, a chain suddenly was forced up which sent Gabriel flying out of the car where he encountered Thomas. He defeated the detective easily and made his way to the nearby Indian Hut where the girls tribe were attempting to exorcise the soul within her. He entered the hut and was about to kill Catherine when a car broke through the walls and slammed into Gabriel thus wounding him. A weakened Gabriel was unable to stop Thomas from slamming a metal pipe from the car into his face repeatidly until he was stopped by Lucifer who had come to claim Gabriel. A defiant Gabriel told him that it did not involve him but Lucifer said that he was committing an evil act which fell into his domain and he killed Gabriel's body after which he took it to Hell which seemed to have ended the second War in Heaven.


Despite being condemned to Hell, Gabriel returned back to the Earth after being considered too disruptive by Lucifer. After being expelled, he became aware of a prophecy dictated by the priest Thomas Daggett who said that a nephilim would be born; a child of an Angel and Human. The birth of the child would brin about a reconciliation between the warring factions in Heaven. Thus, Gabriel began to find the parents of the child and kill them in order to continue his plans of winning against the Angels loyal to God. To accomplish this he visited the monk Daggett in order to find the whereabouts of the child but Thomas refuses which results in Gabriel in killing him.

His return also brought back Angels that were loyal to him and they began the search for the child. One such Angel was killed by the Angel Danyael and Gabriel is forced to employ mortal assistance once more. He thus finds a teenage girl called Izzy who had committed suicide and resurrects her; keeping her alive to help him in the search of the Angel Danyael and the Human woman Valerie. The battle between the two sides culminates into a fight in Eden which had become an industrial wasteland. In the struggle, Gabriel kills Danyael but Valerie in turn defeats Gabriel by grabbing him and jumping from the building. She was confident in her belief that God would protect her and results in the two falling onto a spike. Valerie remains unharmed after being protected by God but Gabriel is impaled on the spike.

However, Gabriel was not killed and was punished by the Angel Michael who curses him by turning him int a Human. A defeated Gabriel becomes a derelict living in the land of mortal Humans but witnesses a face in the sky and ominous clouds shich shows that the War in Heaven was not over.


Being turned into a mortal, Gabriel lived a life among Humanity as one of them for eighteen years. His time led him to see the errors and wrongs he had committed in the past leading him to ensure God's will was done. To accomplish this, he watched over the Nephilim child of Valerie called Danyael and attempted to help protect him from rebel Angel's that sought his death. He eventually accompanied the boy to a Native American Indian reserve where the Angel Pyriel resided who was a rebel member of Angelic kind who sought to destroy all of Humanity in his role as Angel of Genocide. He aided Danyael in his fight against the rebel Angel Zophael and looked after the Nephilim's Human girlfriend after she had been mortally wounded by Zophael. He waited with her whilst Danyael went to battle Pyriel before he could accomplish his goal.

As he was Human, he was incapable of saving the girl's life and when Danyael returned victorious in his quest he came back only to see his love die. However, due to Gabriel's recent actions, he was redeemed in the eyes of God who returned to him his status as an Angel. Gabriel's first act before his return to Heaven was to heal Danyael's girlfriend of her wounds and give her back her life. After which he returned back to God's domain as His loyal servant.


Personality and attributes

He had a dim view on Humanity and often referred to them as "monkeys" believing them unworthy of God's love. He often chastised individuals who used exclamations such as "Oh my God" or "for God's sake!" as he did not like Humans using such profanities. He also felt little need to explain himself to "monkeys" as he would say to Katherine that he slayed the first born of mothers, left cities as ruins and killed Angels but beyond that there was one thing one could rely upon which was that he had little need to explain his motivations.

He was known to be quite ruthless in battle and kept his captive enemies alive in complete torture by burning them in order to acquire what he wanted. He often stated that he was capable of extending their torment for all of eternity until he got what he wanted. Despite him being easily capable of slaying Angels or Humans, he did not possess the war-like capabilities or treachery that Humans had which was why he sought a soul of a murdering general in order to use those skills to win the War in Heaven. This was because his nature meant that he was an equal to his brother Angels who were loyal to God leading to a stalemate that would last for eterntiy. In his own words, he did not want to be the ruler of Heaven but rather that he wanted it to be exactly the same as it used to be before Humanity was created.

In relation to God, he said that He was love but despite that he felt that His Word was wrong and that he would not accept Humanity being above Angels. According to the insights of Thomas Daggett, it was believed that Gabriel felt some jealousy to Humanity and partially hated God for his love of Humans. When asked why he did not ask God about His decision, Gabriel responded by saying that He no longer spoke to him. Lucifer believed that if Gabriel succeeded in his goal then Heaven would become another Hell which was why he opposed Gabriel as he felt that one Hell was more then enough. Gabriel felt that he would be capable of restoring a Heaven where one could do whatever they wanted.

He often made use of Human servants in the land of mortals. To accomplish this, he used his powers on those that recently died or killed themselves. He informed them that if they did what Gabriel asked then he would allow them to die. He often made use of Humans to do manual labor and to drive vehicles for him. Most of these "servants" often begged him to allow them to die and at times cried in despair but Gabriel would tell them to stop it as he did not like it. Even when these individuals refused to move, he informed them that he could afford to be patient and would wait till "kingdom come" whilst they remained trapped as walking dead. This made these servants loyal to him and often suicidal as they only wished to be released from the world. If killed, he often said that such souls were often hard to find.

Even though he had great powers as an Angel, he was ultimately naive about the Human world. This made him incapable in driving a car or using a computer.

Powers and abilities

As he was an Angel, he displayed qualities that could mark him as being something not Human despite his appearance. His wings were capable of being hidden but despite this he had an amazing capacity of moving about the environment with speed. Gabriel's sense of taste was superior allowing him to lick items and determine what had occured in the immediate environment. His remarkable sense of smell allowed him to track his quarry from great distances going to the point that he can locate dead bodies in graves with ease. These senses along with his Angelic knowledge allowed him to easily tell the entire past of a mortal Human as well as know their names.

Furthermore, being an Angel, he had enhanced strength and durability allowing him to easily overpower Humans as well as survive numerous injuries from guns. He was equally capable of ripping from handcuffs as well as break the door from a moving car with apparent ease. However, a large explosion seemed to be able to temporarily stun him. The one weakness he shared with all Angelic kind was his heart which, if punctured by a stake, would lead to his death. When killed, his eyes would disappear leaving nothing behind but a blackness which, after being medically examined, doctors stated that the individual never had eyes.

Gabriel had control over fire creating it at a moments notice allowing him to incinerate corpses and badly wound both Angels as well as Angels. He had such a fine control over it allowing him to prevent an immediate death and leaving the subject in a constant state of torment. He also had the capability of causing Humans to fall unconscious and asleep with a simple gesture allowing him to deal with troublesome Humans quickly and quietly.

Due to his position as the Angel of Death, he held the capacity of preventing Human souls from departing their bodies at the moment of death. His powers allowed him to resurrect these individuals who were often those that wanted to die either due to loss or disease. Gabriel called this a lingering death and these people were capable of taking greater punishment but fatal strikes such as shots to the head killed them outright.

Like all Angels, he was able to sense the souls of a person as well as steal them which required him to kiss the individual in question. Souls that were hidden resulted in him seeing their mouths in order to find them. Properly hidden souls within the body of another person required him to rip the person apart in order to obtain it.


  • Gabriel was portrayed by actor Christopher Walken.


  • The Prophecy:

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