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Gabriel Van Helsing.

Gabriel Van Helsing is a male movie character that features in the Van Helsing universe.



Early Life

Little was known about Van Helsings past, he himself is not privy to the details of his origin. It was known though through latter years that he served as the left hand of god and was quite old. On such noted engagement that he briefly remembered in latter years was fighting the Romans at Masada in 72 AD. He was also responsible for killing Count Vladisvas Dragulia and taking his ring in 1462.

At some point, he lost his memory and was found lying on the steps of Vatican City in 1882 where he was half dead. He was sheltered and looked after where upon he was trained to become their monster hunter; searching the world to slay the evil creatures that resided in the dark on behalf of the Knights of the Holy Order.

The London Assignment

Van Helsing during the London Assignment.

Whilst undergoing a routine training at the Vatican, Van Helsing was summoned by his superiors to undergo a mission to London where a number of mysterious deaths relating to young women occured. He was told to attempt to forgive whatever creature was causing the deaths, something he did not agree with. He was dispatched along with his friend the friar Carl and went to London where he encountered the creature called Mr Hyde just as he killed a young woman. Throwing her body at the monster hunter, the creature fled leaving the police to find the dead woman in Van Helsing's arm leading them to believe he was the mysterious killer which forced him to flee. He tried to locate Mr Hyde by lost his tracks after the monster washed his legs with whatever liquid Van Helsing was tracking him with.

Later, he orchestrated a plan to draw out whatever monster was killing the women. This involved Carl being dressed up as a lady walking the streets which drew the creature out. As it attempted to kill the friar, Van Helsing struck leading to a short battle between the two where the creature disappeared into the underground railway. Whilst moving through the compartments, he saw the feet of the monster and attempted to kill it only to find an old man. Apologising, he turned his back and was struck by the man who ingested a liquid which transformed him into Mr Hyde once more. They two fought with Van Helsing being repeatedly beaten due to the creatures larger size and strength. It attempted to escape by separating the train from one another but Van Helsing used a well aimed bullet to divert the train to an incomplete track causing it to slam into the wall and send the creature flying away.

Tracking Mr Hyde, Van Helsing encountered Carl once again and the two entered the sewers whilst searching for the monster. They discovered that the trail led them into the creatures hide out which was an underground castle with a moat of fire. After crossing the moat, Van Helsing and Carl came under attack from demonic skeletal creatures. Carl managed to take out a gun containing holy water but one of the undead forced him to drop it into the moat which transformed into cleansing blue flames that destroyed the beasts. Ascending into the castle, they encountered a young woman who demanded that Van Helsing leave. The monster hunter was astonished to discover that the woman was infact Queen Victoria who had been enthralled by Mr Jekyl's potions turning her young with the intention of marrying her. He attempted to convince her of the truth when Mr Jekyl attacked and took her away.

Gabriel followed the Jekyl and noted that Queen Victoria was beginning to question her physician. He took her to the hot air balloon and cast off but Van Helsing managed to grab a rope as it ascended into the sky. Despite Jekyl's best attempts at throwing Van Helsing off, Gabriel managed to reach into the balloon. Doctor Jekyl resorted to desperation at this point and ingested his unique chemical which transformed him into Mr Hyde openly in front of the Queen. The two battled but this resulted in a fire consuming the balloon causing it to crash on a building. Mr Hyde nearly fell off, having a single strong arm keeping him from plunging to his death when Van Helsing arrived. The creature spat at Van Helsing telling him to finish it but Gabriel offered a hand and said that he had come to save him. Helping him up, Gabriel was then attacked again by Mr Hyde though he managed to wound the creatures arm. Mr Hyde then climbed up the building to get Queen Victoria as fire had surrounded her. As he did so, Gabriel shot a bullet at him causing the creature to fall but not before dragging Queen Victoria with him. After another short skirmish, the creature once again fell and almost took the Queen but Van Helsing managed to save her as he watched the monster fall into the water.

Carrying the Queen back to the palace, he informed her that the potion Dr Jekyl used on her would end when the sun rose and bid his farewell. However, Victoria, now infatuated with Van Helsing, said that would reward Gabriel by allowing him to kiss her on the cheek. As he attempted to do so, she grabbed his mouth and kissed him on the lips quite forcibly. Van Helsing was lost in the passionate kiss but did not notice the sun rising which returned Queen Victoria to her older appearance. However, she lost her recent memories during the transformation and slapped Van Helsing telling him that she was not amused after which she summoned the guards to deal with the "intruder". Van Helsing quickly grabbed Carl as the pair escaped. Gabriel informed Carl that they needed to return to the Vatican as he knew that Mr Hyde was still alive and that their business was not over.

Mission to Transylvania

Eventually, he caught up with Mr. Hyde and battled the monstrous Human once more; severing his arm in the fight. Despite Hyde's trickery who attempted to drop Van Helsing from the top of a building, Gabriel managed to use a spear pistol to attach a rope to the beast. During the struggle, Mr Hyde was sent catapulting into the air whereupon he began falling to the ground but not before he turned back itno his Human form whereupon he died in front of many bystanders. This prompted the authorities with putting up Wanted signs on Van Helsing who was declared a murderer.

Upon returning to the Vatican, Gabriel Van Helsing had grown disgusted by killing monsters that turned into humans in their last moments. However, he was given a new mission to journey to the Transylvania and assist the Valerious family; a close ally of the Vatican. Their last son was slain by the vampire Count Dracula leaving his sister as the sole surviving member. If she were to die before killing Dracula then their entire family would be cursed and never enter heaven. Taking his equipment along with Carl, Van Helsing journeyed across the sea to the dark lands of Transylvania.

After arriving at his destination, he was immediately met with suspicion with the villagers about to turn against Van Helsing for he was an outsiders. However, at the time, the brides of Dracula attacked the village when the sun was obscured by the clouds. He battled with the vampiric creatures and was forced to battle one of them while the other two were distracted and looking for Anna Valerious. In the struggle, Gabriel annointed his crossbow weapon with holy water and slayed one of the vampire brides. The death of Marishka sent her two fellow brides into despair and sorrow with the two of them retreating from their attack to report back to the Count. While at first the villagers were going to turn against him, Van Helsing was saved by Anna Valerious who recognised who he was. She took him to her family mansion where he attempted to convince her to accept his aid though she believed that she was only capable in the task. To prevent her from going on a foolhardy attack, Van Helsing sprayed her with a chemical that left her unconscious and asleep; he then left her within her bed chambers.

Sometime during the night, the werewolf that was once Velkan Valerious had arrived in order to warn his sister of Dracula's plans. The creature escaped into the local graveyard where Van Helsing attempted to kill it but was stopped by Anna. Angrily, he told her that the creature was not longer her brother which enraged Anna who wanted to cure her sibling of his affliction. After calming down, the two of them followed a trail to Frankenstein's castle and learnt that it had been turned into one of Dracula's lair. Infiltrating the building, they discovered numerous egg sacs suspended from the cieling whereupon he came to the conclusion that they were Dracula's undead offspring who were stillborn as their parents were dead. He determined that Dracula was attempting to bring his children to life through scientific means. He was confronted by Dracula who instantly displayed familiarity with the monster hunter; telling him his origins and that he knew of Van Helsings past as well as tempting him to his side by revealing his true history. However, Gabriel attacked and used conventional techniques to kill Dracula who displayed an immunity to the ordinary means of destroying a vampire. Taking Anna with him, Van Helsing retreated from the castle and headed to the ruins of an old windmill.

Going deeper into Dracula's castle, he found Frankenstein's monster and attempted to free the creature as bolts of lightning struck him which was giving life to the vampire's undead offspring. As he was doing this, he came under attack from Dracula himself who, angered by Gabriel attempt at stopping his plan, turned into his demonic form. With his offspring now alive, Dracula told Van Helsing that nothing could stop them except his death at which point Van Helsing noted the time on the clock and transformed into a werewolf. In this form, he proved to be an equal if not superior to Dracula and ripped the vampire's throat thus killing him as well as his progeny. Anna Valerious arrived at this point to save him but the werewolf Van Helsing was lost in his beastly form and attacked her. He pounced her with the act killing Anna but not before she managed to inject him with the antidote thus turning him back to human.

Sometime after Dracula's defeat, Gabriel Van Helsing placed Anna's dead body on a boat by the sea as her wish was always to see it. Though saddened, he looked up into the sky and smiled as he knew that she as well as her family now knew peace as they had succeeded in their goal in defeating Dracula and allowed her family line to enter Heaven.


Personality and attributes


He was quite intelligent and capable; knowing certain things about individuals before they revealed the truth. When he attempted to gun down the werewolf Velkan Valerious, he told Anna that the man was no longer her brother despite the fact that she never informed him of the recently discovered truth. One of his noted skills was being capable of sensing evil and only hunted those things that were so. He refused to kill Frankensteins monster stating that evil was involved in its creation but there was no evil in him.

While a capable slayer of monsters, Van Helsing had grown weary of his mission as he often killed monsters who turned back into the men they were in their last moments. This meant that he had a reputation that often preceded him with some calling him a holy man and at other times they called him a murderer. He himself believed he was a little of both.

Powers and abilities

Van Helsing made use of a wide range of equipment which were man-made and were used to enhance his abilities during battle against the supernatural.

These included:

  • Silver cross.
  • Gatling crossbow launcher containing a large cartridge firing numerous stakes at a fast rate.
  • Grappling gun launcher.
  • Tojo blades which were circular saws that were rotated fast enough to cut through objects.
  • Clawed metallic glove that extended to cover the hand which can be used to cut enemies or grab onto walls for climbing.
  • Glass orbs containing a liquid which, when walked on, leaves an invisible trail that can be detected through special googles.
  • Pistols.
  • Pump action shotgun.
  • Knives.


  • Gabriel Van Helsing was portrayed by actor Hugh Jackman.


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