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Galatea is a female robotic villain that features in Bubblegum Crisis Tokyo 2040.



Galatea was actually the product of research made by Dr. Katsuhito Stingray who was conducting experiments in artificial life. Part of the program led to the creation of a core implant known as the "anti-seed" that were placed in a variety of test subjects hypothalamus but these all rejected the foreign body. A matching subject was discovered to be Dr. Stingray's own daughter, Sylvia Stingray who was a child at the time. Within Sylvia, the anti-seed was cultivated until finally Dr. Stingray harvested it the resultant cell growth whereupon he placed it within a humanoid frame that resembled his own daughter. He named her Sotai and through her did Galatea become a part of the world. Following her creation, a second similar creation was created who Dr. Stingray created as his teenage 'son' who he named Macky Stingray though Sotai continued to be unique in her thinking. Through Galatea, the scientists involved in the research program replicated her creation to create Boomers though ensured that they were devoid of thought processes. The creation of Boomers led to them being used for menial and labor duties with the only holding a small spark of Galatea's life force. As Boomers were introduced to human society, the still developing Galatea observed the Earth through their eyes. She would see herself as the only member of her kind and did not wish to remain so leading to her going rogue. Her powers were used to cause the technology within the facility to go on a rampage and kill numerous scientists. It was only through Dr. Stingray did she stop but only because she felt that she had not reached the maturity needed to disobey her creator. Whilst she remained in the laboratory, an artificial earthquake device was activated to prevent Galatea from escaping leading to her being trapped underground. For the next six and a half years, she would remain within her containment chamber and stayed in state of hibernation.


Personality and attributes

Upon her creation, Sotai was placed within a humanoid frame that resembled that of Dr. Stingray's own daughter namely Sylvia Stingray. After being released from hibernation, her hair color would change to black and she eventually aged herself to that of the now adult Sylvia.

Boomers were seen by Sotai as her crippled maimed children that lacked the full capacity of thought that she was capable of accomplishing.

Her conclusion was that mankind did not desire servants but rather a master to control them an believed that she herself was fit for the role. She believed that her existence was the future potential of humanity.

Powers and abilities

Her core was used in the creation of Boomer technology allowing her to cause them to go rogue and rampant. In addition, she could manipulate technology to suit her needs causing wires and other equipment to move according to her will.


  • Galatea was the final antagonist in the Bubblegum Crisis: Tokyo 2040 anime series.


  • Bubblegum Crisis Tokyo 2040:

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