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Gali is one of Moo's Big Bad Four from the TV show Monster Rancher. He is invisible except for his cape and his sun mask. He owns a palace in the desert of Silk City. In Episode 20, the Mocchi Cannon, Gali tricked Genki's group by giving them some food, and then he drained their energy and sucked them into a hole where other monsters have fallen and died. Mocchi was the only one who avoided the Gali Finale, so he was able to escape the hole. When Mocchi fought Gali, they fought for a while until Genki and the others got their energy back and escaped from the pit. Although Gali was outnumbered, he still had the advantage. When Genki kicked him and damaged his mask, he got angry and used his Gali Hurricane attack to try and suck them into oblivion. Mocchi used his Mocchi Cannon attack to kill Gali.

Gali has a truckload of attacks. His Gali Finale can drain energy, and his Gali Strike is a standard energy attack. His Gali Punch summons a fist to punch his enemy, his Wall of Fire shields him from attacks. His Spin Cutter is where he throws his mask like a Frisbee. His Gali Press can keep his bigger enemies (like Golem) on the ground. And when he gets really angry, he can use his Gali Hurricane to turn into a tornado and suck things into oblivion.

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