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Garen was a wizard who lived in a castle along the Straits of Hedrin. He was a humanoid being with green skin, pointed ears and a red mowhawk hairstyle. Garen's passion was collecting gold and ships in bottles. For almost every ship that passed through the Straits of Hedrin, Garen would send Ratmore to drop a magic talisman aboard the ship, which would generate a greenish mist, shrinking the vessel and magically transporting it into a waiting bottle in Garen's castle. He would then force the crews to give up their gold. Using a special antidote, return it to its normal size and store it inside his own personal treasure trove. He would then seal the bottle, suffocating the crews.

He captured Skorian's ship in this fashion, as well as the Wraith. Ioz (who had been aboard Skorian's ship) hid inside the treasure chest so that he could be returned to normal size when Garen administered the antidote to the gold. He attacked Garen, but the wizard used a freezing powder on him. Just as Garen was about to strike the final blow and kill Ioz, Ren, who had escaped from the bottle containing the Wraith thanks to Tula's ecomantic powers, released two caged Motarios that Garen kept as pets. The Motarios attacked Garen, knocking him out of a window. He fell into the pounding surf of the Straits, never to be seen again.

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