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Ghost on the left in Thunderbolts v1 #146.

Ghost is a male comic supervillain that features in Marvel Comics.



Originally, he was a gifted yet a very ordinary man a number of years ago. He came to work at a dynamic emergent I.T. firm named Omnisapient Systems where he made quite a presence in the information technology field. This led to him being headhunted to take a position in research and development as his work had been noticed years earlier. It was due to his talent at excelling both in programming and engineering that led to him being valued by the Board of Directors in the company who took a hands-on approach in managing him. He was placed in charge of a new grand research project that looked into creating a processor that altered its physical state through a phase shift allowing for storing massive amounts of data. This resulted in him working long hours and brought about the development in Ghost-Tech. It was during this time that he met a co-worker named Shana with him becoming romantically interested in her despite the company placing a large strain on him. Eventually, he decided he needed a break from the constant deadlines in the company's initiative with the relationship with Shana improved his productivity leading to greater rewards coming from the company's Board of Directors that were pleased at his work. (Thunderbolts v1 #151)

Osborn later had the Ghost break into the secure vault at Stark Tower in order to access the technology inside with it containing various suits of Iron Man Armor that Norman adapted to create the Iron Patriot. (Dark Avengers v1 #1)


Personality and attributes

He saw plots and conspiracies all around him. As a result, he believed privacy was important and did not share much of his past. this was because he felt it was dangerous to share data as it created pathways as well as bonds. (Thunderbolts v1 #151)

Powers and abilities


  • Ghost was created by David Michelinie and Bob Layton where he made his first appearance in Iron Man v1 #219 (June, 1987).

In other media


  • In Iron Man: Armored Adventures, the Ghost appeared as an antagonist where he featured in a number of episodes and was voiced by actor Michael Dobson.
  • In Spider-Man, the Ghost appeared in the 2017 animated television series in the episode "Stark Expo" where he was voiced by actor Jim Cummings. He was said to had been a former employee at Stark Industries who was fired by Tony Stark over dangerous applications of his technology. The vengeful employee then crafted a suit that allowed him to phase through objects and take over technology remotely where he adopted the name Ghost where he sought revenge against Stark. To that end, he struck at the Stark Expo leading to a battle with both Spider-Man and Iron Man with the Ghost taking over the new Mark 50 Iron Man Armour to acquire the inter-connectivity disks that allowed control voer the technology at the site.

Video games


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