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Gilad Pellaeon is a male character who features in Star Wars.



Gilad Pellaeon was born on the world of Corellia and moved to Coruscant during his youth. He applied to join the military at age 15, lying about his age, and was accepted into the academy on Raithal. He served as an ensign without distinction, until he was given command of a convoy escort vessel, which he uses to outwit and destroy a pirate vessel over the world of Gavryn. Following this, he was given command of an Acclamator-class assault ship during the Clone Wars, and was present for the Galactic Republic's defeat at the Battle of Merton. At some point between the prequel and original trilogies, Pellaeon was transferred to the Stalwart, a Victory-Class Star Destroyer under the command of then Vice-Admiral Thrawn. They served together on numerous campaigns including the capture of the traitorous Admiral Harkov and the execution of Grand Admiral Zaarin after his assassination attempt on Emperor Palpatine. Afterwards, Thrawn was put in charge of the defense of the Emperor's secret cloaking field research base and Pellaeon was promoted to the rank of Captain aboard the Chimaera, an Imperial-class Star Destroyer. Chimera was present at the Battle of Endor, and following the destruction of the Executor and the second Death Star, and the death of his commanding officer, Pellaeon took command of Chimaera and ordered a retreat. Few Imperial vessels followed him, several more deserted after the retreat, and Pellaeon returned to Coruscant with the remainder, placing himself and the fleet under the command of Ysanne Isard.

He came to serve under Isard until her defeat at the hands of Rogue Squadron He again took command of the Imperial fleet, but was unable to regain the initiative against the New Republic and was forced to fight a continual rearguard action until Thrawn's arrival from the galactic halo. Thrawn used Pellaeon's Chimaera as his flagship during his campaign against the Republic to restore the Empire. Pellaeon learned from and followed Thrawn until the Battle of Bilbringi where Thrawn was assassinated by his Noghri bodyguard, forcing Pellaeon to again assume command and order a retreat. Following Thrawn's death, Pellaeon retreated to the Core, with himself and his crew serving under several leaders in the following years: the 'reborn' Palpatine, High Admiral Teradoc, and Admiral Daala. After Daala's defeat, she handed command of the fleet to Pellaeon, who was accepted by the Moffs of the Imperial Remnant as Supreme Commander of the Imperial Forces, and who accepted his advice that peace with the New Republic was the only way to survive. The peace treaty was signed by Pellaeon and Chief of State Ponc Gavrisom in 19 ABY, aboard Chimaera. At a point over the next six years, the Council of Moffs promoted Pellaeon from Admiral to Grand Admiral

Early in the extragalactic invasion by the Yuuzhan Vong, the New Republic contacted Pellaeon and requested his assistance in fighting the aliens. He did so, assisting the Republic until the Battle of Ithor, after which he withdrew Imperial forces back to the Remnant. Pellaeon did not appear again in the novels until Destiny's Way in which he refused to provide military support to the failing New Republic, but provided hyperspace maps allowing the Republic to plan an ambush at Ebaq 9, resulting in a major defeat for the Yuuzhan Vong. Shortly following this, the Imperial Remnant was attacked by the Yuuzhan Vong, and only through the efforts of Luke Skywalker and Jacen Solo did Pellaeon survive the first battle against the Yuuzhan Vong, heal from his injuries, and prevent a takeover by one of the Moffs. Following this, Pellaeon led a successful campaign against the invaders, and orchestrated the Imperial Remnant's joining of the newly-formed Galactic Federation of Free Alliances. He participated in several major battles up until the end of the war against the Yuuzhan Vong, including the recapture of Coruscant.

After the war, he went into retirement but temporarily returned to service after the death of Galactic Alliance Supreme Commander Sien Sovv. Pellaeon was asked to serve as temporary Supreme Commander until a permanent one was found. He agreed, making "The Old Man Of The Empire" leader of the largest military force in the galaxy. Pellaeon became the permanent commander of the Galactic Alliance military after this, and was still serving at the start of the Legacy of the Force series. He resigned from the military after the first novel, over the establishment of the Galactic Alliance Guard, a secret police organization created following the insurrection on Corellia beginning in this series. Pellaeon is murdered by Darth Caedus' apprentice Tahiri Veila.


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  • Gilad Pellaeon was created by Timothy Zahn where he featured in the Star Wars Legends continuity.


  • Heir to the Empire:

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