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The Godwheel is a megastructure was feature in the Ultraverse.



Millennia ago, there were many kingdoms located on the Godwheel and among one of these the King had a disobediant as well as mischevious son. This child was responsible for terrorising the servants leading to the King calling upon the aid of a Wizard to create a playmate for the prince. Using straw, thread, lumber and a pumpkin, the Wizard cast a spell that led to the creation of Lord Pumpkin who was born into the universe. The young prince began to abuse his playmate by beating him and hacking off his limbs which led to Lord Pumpkin taking the youngster's life. Afterwards, Lord Pumpkin moved to conquer the entire Kingdom and became its new ruler. His reign led his domain being run into the ground and he left to find a new realm to rule where he discovered the planet Earth.


In appearance, the Godwheel was a disc-shaped structure the size of a solar system that measured 400,000,000 miles (640,000,000 km) from the cliffs to the edge of the wheel. The inner core was 30,000,000 miles (48,000,000 km) wide with this region being shielded mostly by immensely high fliffs and was where two binary suns provided a measure of heat as well as light to the wheel. An innumerable number consisting of billions of entities lived on the surface of the Godwheel and there were multiple other planetary bodies around its structure.

One of the regions on the wheel was known as Aerwa which consisted of rocky cliffs and forests with the addictive Zuke plants present in such areas. This was a realm that was stated to be the source of all magic. The underside of the Godwheel consisted of another area known as Techtopia that was filled with all manners of machinery and life. One spot within the inner rim was inhabited primitive village that was heated by firepits.


  • Lord Pumpkin :


  • In terms of concept, the Godweel was similar to the megastructure known as an Alderson disk.


  • Godwheel Limited Series: #1

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