Gwen Conliffe

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Daughter of Charles Conliffe, Gwen Conliffe helped her father run his Llanwelly antique shop by manning the sales counter. Gwen is the one who sold Larry Talbot his silver-handled wolf's head cane, when he came into Charles' shop after seeing her through the window with his father's telescope. Although smitten with Larry, she was engaged to Talbot Castle's gamekeeper Frank Andrews, and thus could not accept his offer to go out on a date. However, she and her best friend Jenny Williams did accompany Larry to the local Gypsy carnival nearby, where Jenny ended up being killed by the werewolf Bela, and Larry bitten by the creature in an attempt to save her.

Several of the women in Llanwelly, including Jenny's mother Mrs. Williams, accused her of having an affair with Larry, although Frank seemed to trust her enough not to rashly accuse her of anything. Despite her arranged marriage to Frank, Gwen still worried about Larry, especially when he claimed to have seen the sign of the pentagram on her forehead, meaning she was to be his next victim. Not believing in werewolves, Gwen went out looking for Larry the night that Frank, Paul Montford, Victor Twiddle and Dr. Lloyd were hunting for the werewolf. She was attacked by the lycanthropic Larry in the woods and almost killed, but saved thanks to the timely arrival of Sir John Talbot. Following the ordeal, Gwen was reunited with Frank, and it is assumed that the two eventually married.

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