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Hamanu (formerly known as Manu of Deche) was one of the champions of Rajaat during the Cleansing Wars. His task was to wipe out all the trolls on Athas, a task he took over from Myron of Yorum after Myron fell from Rajaat's favour.

After successfully exterminating the race of trolls, Hamanu joined the rebellion aganst Rajaat when Borys discovered that he intended to wipe out humans as well. Hamanu's sword Scorcher proved singularly effective in this battle, and Rajaat was confined to The Hollow.

After the Cleansing Wars, Hamanu built the city of Urik as his personal kingdom, and has been a draconian ruler eve since; the law of Urik is more extensive than that of any other city and covers more situations, but there is very little consideration given to circumstance or mitigating factors when interpreting it.

Since the coming of the Cerulean Storm and the death of several sorcerer-kings, Hamanu has closed the gates of Urik, only allowing occasional trade caravans in and out, under the strictest security, while he decides how best to react to the changing landscape.

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