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A departure from D&D's more "traditional" fantasy worlds, Dark Sun borrowed from Edgar Rice Burroughs and ancient Babylon to produce a harsh desert campaign world, where sorcerer-kings and elementals are venerated rather than gods and magic can drain the land of life. Dark Sun spawned a series of novels and many modules. The campaign was defunct until recently, when a conversion (for D&D 3.5) was released by Paizo Publishing, through its official Dragon and Dungeon magazines.

Canon Material

  • Dark Sun Campaign Setting (1991) and all official Dark Sun products for all versions of Dungeons and Dragons (1991-present)
  • All official Dark Sun novels
  • All Dragon Magazine and Dungeon Magazine articles featuring the Dark Sun setting


Dark Sun is connected to the Planescape setting, and to Ravenloft via the city of Kalidnay.


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