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Harman, in his walrus disguise.
The newt controller revealed.

Harman, a large walrus, served as one of the three leaders of the United Animals Security Council alongside Grebb and the Secretary General. He presided over the signing of the treaty between the UAF and the Corsair Canards (against the advice of Grebb who disliked the pirates). At Grebb's insistence, Harman ruled that the treaty would be null and void should the Corsair Canards revert to their thieving ways. Little did anyone know though that "Harman" was actually a newt in disguise, controlling a large robot body from the head, a spy hired by the Toad Empire through Al Negator. The newt reported to the toads through Al in return for their promise that he would be dictator of Genus once the war was over. However when Al was caught by Bucky O'Hare in the midst of a scheme to frame the Corsair Canards, he gave Bucky proof that Harman was a fake in exchange for his freedom. Unmasked back on Genus, the newt attempted to flee but was stopped by Willy DuWitt.

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