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Bob Hayward, known around town as Lanky Robert, lined on a small British island and was a regular at the Callums' pub, the White Lion. Late one night he and his wife, Bet Hayward, saw human-like shapes in a nearby field. Unaware that this was Richard and Frankie Callum, Patricia Wells and Vernon Stone investigating Pat's claims of a landing spacecraft, Bet asked Bob to go and investigate.

He did so but got lost in the darkness, eventually stumbling across a cave that the invading spider aliens were using as their base, where they had killed and eaten a policeman. Bob ran and eventually found his way to the White Lion, where he waited out the remainder of the crisis with the Callums, the local vicar, and neighbor Brenda and her children.

Bob Hayward's death in the film

Night of the Big Heat (Film)

Bob Hayward was a native of Fara Island. He was married to Stella Hayward and was a regular customer at the Swan. Hayward was one of the first people to notice something was amiss on the island, when he began hearing strange noises emanating from some undisclosed location. When the intense caused his television to blow out, Bob decided to drive down to the Swan to speak to Jeff Callum about the matter, as Jeff was the man to go to when you had problems. Halfway there he stopped to tell his dog, Patch, to go home after he followed him. Bob then heard the strange noises again, this time coming from an old quarry nearby. Suddenly assailed by intense, concentrated heat, Bob, driven insane, got back into the car and began driving wildly to escape the unseen alien menace. He ended up driving right into the quarry, where the intense heat ignited the gas tank of the car. It blew up, killing Bob.

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