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Frankie Callum was the wife of Richard Callum, who helped him run the White Lion. She suspected him of having an affair with Patricia Wells and even confronted Patricia about the matter. Ultimately she accompanied Richard and Patricia in their effort to reach the island's radio station after both Vernon Stone and Harsen failed.

Night of the Big Heat (Film)

Frankie Callum was the wife of Jeff Callum. She tended bar at the Swan. When Angela Roberts came to Fara Island to work for Jeff, Frankie was completely unaware that she was a former lover of her husband's, let alone the reason they'd moved to the island - as far as Frankie was concerned it was because Jeff wanted to escape the tedium of city life. When Angela hinted to Frankie that she and Jeff were ex-lovers, Frankie refused to believe her. But then she caught Jeff and Angela kissing (little knowing that as soon as she left the room Jeff pushed Angela away). Eventually Jeff confessed to Frankie that he had been attracted to Angela, but that it was a purely physical attraction. Frankie forgave him. During Dr. Godfrey Hanson's plan to destroy the heat aliens, Frankie stuck with Jeff, Angela and Ken Stanley (and then with Jeff when Angela foolishly ran away and Ken took off after her). Following the death of Hanson, Frankie and Jeff were surrounded by the aliens, but saved by a sudden tropical thunderstorm created as a result of the heat, whose rains killed the monsters on contact.

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