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The Heart of Atlantis is a crystalline artifact that featured in Atlantis: The Lost Empire.


The Heart of Atlantis was an ancient artifact located on Earth in the centre of the ancient Human city of Atlantis where it served as a potent power source for the advanced race. Though it appeared as a great diamond or power source, it was in actuality the life force for the Atlantean people and the reason their civilization survived the great catacylsm. The crystal had a deep connection to the Atlantean people as it was considered a deity and that it was a part of the people of Atlantis. In times of danger, the crystal chose a host which it embued with its powers in order to protect itself - this host had to be of royal blood. It was sentient and was partially alive as it was powered by the collective emotions of all the Atlanteans that died. In return for this, it provided power and longevity to the Atlantean people as well as protection. As the crystal grew, it developed a consciousness of its own.

During the ancient times when Atlantis lived on the surface of the world, its King grew arrogant after seeing the crystals power. He used it as a weapon of war in order to conquer all and expand the borders of his empire. But its power was too great and resulted in the sinking of the continent and the city but despite thsi the city survived by the will of the Heart which had bonded with to a host who was the queen of Atlantis. Since that time, it was sealed away in a large cavern beneath the throne room of the King where it floated high in the air, glowing with blue energy as large stony masks that represented the previous Kings of Atlantis floated around it.

After the great cataclysm that sunk the city, the Heart remained hidden by the King of Atlantis who sheltered his daughter, Kida, from its power as he feared losing it as he lost his wife long ago. However, when Human explorers from the surface arrived with some wanting the great power of the Heart which was located in the throne room of the King. In order to protect it and her people, Kida herself merged with it and became a host to its powers with the danger of her being lost to it if she remained bonded. Using the power of the crystal, they were able to save the city and restore her civilization.

In the aftermath, the inhabitants of Atlantis began rebuilding their civilization where they used a fraction of the crystal's power. Kida would later use the Atlantean spear Gungnir to empower the Heart further when she decided to bring Atlantis back to the surface. This amplified power to the Heart of Atlantis saw the guardians project a shield around the city where it was brought above the ocean where its people joined the rest of mankind.


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