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Hector Hall is a male comic superhero that features in DC Comics.




Hector Hall was the son of the reincarnated heroes known as Carter Hall and Shiera Hall.

Silver Scarab


Doctor Fate

During the fight against Extant, the time-manipulating supervillain attempted to erase several members of the Justice Society. Before he could do so, Hector Hall used the magic of Doctor Fate to create the illusion of them being erased whilst he transported himself along with his comrades into the Amulet of Anubis. Once there, they went into hiding where they were greeted by Kent and Inza who continued to live in their custom-made heaven. (JSA v1 #14)

He and Lyta returned to the heaven-like realm within the amulet when Nabu was attempting to break free from his imprisonment. Hector stripped the Lord of Order from his power and placed him in the charge of the former bearers of the title of Doctor Fate in the hope that the experience would teach him both compassion as well as understanding. The power of Nabu was given to the other Doctor Fate's until such a time that they decided to return to him. Hector and Lyta then returned to the Tower of Fate where they received a warning from a mirror about a disturbance within the Dreaming. During this time, mysterious earthquakes and a period of sleeplessness had been affecting people with Doctor Fate revealing this danger from the Dreaming with this being connected to the loss of Sandy Hawkins. Doctor Fate revealed that Sandy's body still remained underground where it was holding the earth together but his mind had fallen into a dream-realm and was lost. A team of Justice Society members accompanied Hector as they went into the Dreaming to retrieve Sandy whilst other investigated the earthquakes deep underground. (JSA v1 #63)


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  • Hector Hall was created by Roy Thomas and Jerry Ordway where he made his first appearance in All-Star Squadron v1 #25 (September, 1983).


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