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The gates of Hell in Midnighter and Apollo v1 #3.

Hell is a dimension that features in DC Comics.



Mortals in Hell in Reign in Hell v1 #8.

Billions of years go, the first primal atom exploded to create the eons, planets, good and evil. For eons ago, evil existed within the realm of Hell with the universe where Dis resided. (Showcase v1 #61)


The psychostructure of Hell was said to adapt to the individual fears and guilt of a person which was why everyone perceived it differently. (Kid Eternity v2 #2)

Locations in Hell included:

  • Dis : a psycho-matter filled universe. (Showcase v1 #61)
  • Pandemonia : first province of the infernal dominion home to the high caste. (Reign in Hell v1 #1)
  • Gull : third province of the infernal dominion that focused on mercantile and commerce. (Reign in Hell v1 #1)
  • Praetori : (Reign in Hell v1 #1)
  • Labyrinth : (Reign in Hell v1 #1)
  • Purgatory : (Reign in Hell v1 #1)
  • Internecia : (Reign in Hell v1 #1)
  • Ament : (Reign in Hell v1 #1)
  • Err : (Reign in Hell v1 #1)
  • Odium : second province of the infernal dominion that had Hell's industrial and manufacturing centre that was densely populated. (Reign in Hell v1 #1)
  • Castle Epicaricacius : an abode that belonged to Neron. (Midnighter and Apollo v1 #4)
  • Vascular Gardens : (Midnighter and Apollo v1 #4)
  • Masak Mavdil :
  • Asteroth's Castle :
  • Crone's Wheel :
  • Plains of Bedlam :
  • Baytor's Castle :
  • Wraithlands :
  • Sunless Sea :
  • Charn : also known as the Charnel Regions that were one of many mansions for the dead that specialised in the souls of the unsalvageable and was ruled by Negal. (Countdown to Mystery v1 #2)

Denizens of this eldritch world consisted of demons. (Showcase v1 #61) Among the types of demons included:

  • Bile Demons :
  • Creepers :
  • Reptawks :
  • Shamblers :
  • Stone Giants :
  • Stranglers :
  • Molatrian War Demon : a large multi-tentacle creature the likes of which had never set foot on Earth's universe before magical safeguards began to deteriorate. (Brave New World v1 #1)

A group that resided in Hell was the Exegesis Guild that were a powerful faction. (Reign in Hell v1 #1)

Lies were said to be the grammar of Hell. (Midnighter and Apollo v1 #5)

Among the relics of Hell included the:

  • Crown of Horns : (Demon v3 #7)
  • Ace of Winchesters : A powerful demon-forged weapon capable of killing any mortal or immortal being.
  • Trident of Lucifer :
  • Knife of the Fallen :

The laws of the condemned governed the demons of Hell with any act of using its power for an individuals own pleasure being a breach of authority. Such individuals could face being before a demonic court and stripped of their title with even the royalty of Hell suffering this fate. This could see demonic princes being demoted to the ranks of mere rhyming demons. (Day of Judgement v1 #5)


  • Lucifer :
  • Belial :
  • Etrigan :
  • Shathan : Shathan the Eternal was a red skinned demon that ruled Dis and was worshipped by the Demons of Dis. (Showcase v1 #61)
  • Azmodus :
  • Azazel :
  • Beelzebub :
  • Barbatos :
  • Lord Satanus :
  • Blaze :
  • Lilith :
  • Tsathhala : Tsathhala of the Hundred Seas. (Showcase v1 #61)
  • Ahriman : Ahriman of the Windy Worlds. (Showcase v1 #61)
  • Golgotha :
  • Negal : a blue-skinned humanoid demon who was the ruler of Charn in the netherworld and preyed on spirits of the deceased. (More Fun Comics v1 #67)
  • Nebiros :


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  • Showcase v1:
  • The Demon:

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