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Hell consist of bleak flat plains. The occassional hill or abstract structure layer the sandy, gray floor. In the air, float random land masses, cubes, spheres, and spiccules. The ground varies from brown, to purple, to gray, and the clouds are usually a purple haze.

Hell has two caretakers, Mezu and Gozu, that look over the daily events from the comfort of their small outpost. Their job is to welcome newcomers to Hell. They make sure everyone feels welcome in the realm of eternal suffering, make sure no one tries too hard to escape, no one makes unnecessary trouble, and do the monotonous paper work. They report to King Yemma if and when there is trouble or something goes wrong.

Hell is located beneath the clouds of Heaven. There are only two ways to enter Hell: King Yemma sentence a person there based on their life record, or falling off Snake Way or one of their surrounding floating land masses. Once someone falls into the depths of Hell, there is no escape. Or is there? After Goku accidently fell into Hell while he was asleeping on the Snake Way sweeper vehicle, he managed to make a deal with Mezu and Gozu.

They led Goku to a secret exit. They bid farewell to each other and Goku exited Hell (not without taking some of King Yemma's secret fruit though). Goku followed the winding staircase that led up from Hell. After an uncountable number of stairs, he arrived at the top. Only to discover that he was back in King Yemma's office. At the beginning of Snake Way!


In the early American dub of Dragon Ball Z Hell was called HFIL.

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