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Dr. Henry Wu was Jurassic Park's chief geneticist. Wu was the man who engineered all of the dinosaurs to be female, to prohibit their breeding as a form of population control. He also made them lysine-deficient, so that if they ever got off the island they would be unable to survive for very long. Wu didn't believe Dr. Ian Malcolm's theory that "life would find a way." He insisted his efforts had ensured complete control over the animals in Jurassic Park. He was gravely mistaken, because the DNA he'd used to fill in gaps in the dinosaur's gene sequences came from West African frogs that could change their gender. Consequently, many of the female dinosaurs became male and they began to breed. In addition to this, Dennis Nedry shut down the park's power, allowing many dinosaurs to escape and run amok. But, luckily for Wu, he left the island before the incident along with InGen's other unessential employees on the boat back to the mainland.

Several years later, Wu was still working for InGen as well as its parent company Masrani Global Corporation. He was one of the founding members of Jurassic World along with Simon Masrani himself, and was the head of the newly-created Hammond Creation Lab. He still engineered all of the dinosaurs to be female, but this time, he chose his gap-filling DNA more carefully so none of them could change gender in order to breed. In addition to this, at the insistence of park investors, Masrani and park manager Claire Dearing were under pressure to deliver "bigger, scarier and cooler" dinosaurs to show to the public. Masrani ordered Wu to genetically engineer such an animal but gave him free reign to design it as he saw fit. The result was Indominus rex, an albino mutant predator made from combining the DNA of different dinosaurs. All Wu would tell his benefactors however was that the base genome came from a T-rex. The rest of what Indominus was made up of, Wu kept to himself.

Indominus proved too successfully, and she escaped her paddock, and began running amok around the island, killing dinosaurs and humans alike despite ACU's efforts to kill or recapture her. Soon all of Jurassic World was in chaos. An angered Masrani attempted to pin all the blame on Wu, but Wu responded that he'd simply followed his boss' orders to the letter and that Masrani was just as guilty as him because he hadn't overseen the Indominus project with proper scrutiny. Although Masrani knew Wu was right, he shut down the Creation Lab and cease all his work relating to gene splicing and mixing different kinds of dinosaur DNA before leaving to attempt to personally kill Indominus rex in his private helicopter.

After Masrani was killed in a fiery crash that also breached the aviary, freeing hordes of Pteranodons and Dimorphodons to attack the parkgoers, Wu made a deal with InGen Security Division head Vic Hoskins to get him safely off of the island along with all of his work, in return for providing InGen with weaponized dinosaurs, something Hoskins had long wanted to do but couldn't because he was repeatedly vetoed by Masrani.

Following the failure of Hoskins' plan to use Owen Grady's trained Velociraptors Blue, Delta, Echo and Charlie to combat Indominus rex, Wu and all the records of his work were evacuate from the Creation Lab. An InGen contractor working under Hoskins accompanied him and the two men board a helicopter and flew off of the island before Indominus reached the Visitor's Center. Dr. Wu was later taken in by Eli Mills who was an aid of Benjamin Lockwood though secretly used the millionaires estate for genetic weapons research involving the dinosaurs. Thus, he sponsored Wu's work in creating a hybrid dinosaur species designed for use in combat with him creating the Indoraptor as a result. However, to perfect it, he required the Velociraptor Blue to better perfect the creatures capacity to follow human commands.


  • Henry Wu was portrayed by actor B.D. Wong.


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