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For other uses of this name, see Hera (disambiguation).

Hera was the queen of the Greek gods, wife of Zeus. Known to the Romans as Juno. Despite the kindliness one would assume would come with being a goddess of marriage and childbirth, Hera was in actuality a vengeful wife, furious at all of the females Zeus had affairs with. She also held a hatred for all offspring from those affairs, especially Heracles, the demigod hero. After Heracles' death and ascension to godhood, Hera forgave him and became rather peaceable towards the hero.

Marvel, DC, Amalgam

Hera also exists, in largely identical form, in the Marvel, DC and Amalgam universes.


Since Heracles' name meant "Hera's glory," possibly a deliberate jab at her, one can understand why Hera might have been a bit miffed at him for so long.

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