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Heretic Gods are deities that feature in Campione!.



The Heretic Gods were a group of deities that had existed since the time of pre-history where they consisted of gods and goddesses in human mythology.

At some point, a mystical artifact forged known as Prometheus' Grimoire was created that had the power of stealing a gods Authority.

Four years ago, the Campione Sasha Dejanstahl Voban sought to use many special magic-users in order to summon a Heretic God so that he could have a challenge and take its power. However, the power was stolen b Salvatore Doni by the end thus thwarting the Count's plans.

In the wake of Athena's defeat, Voban was deprived of his chance to battle her and thus sought to re-do the ceremony to bring a new Heretic God to battle. To achieve that end, he had Liliana kidnap Yuri Mariya in Japan to get the Princess-Shrine Maiden to begin the ritual but she refused as it would bring a danger to her country.


These entities were actual deities that were rogue gods who brought disaster on the world. They were gods that had broken out of their mythic plane and manifested themselves on Earth. Heretics Gods created different kinds of disasters depending on their nature. Avatars of the gods manifested in different forms such as tornadoes or sun gods creating scorching inferno or sea gods creating great floods and war gods led to conflict breaking out. Only those that possessed magic were able to perceive them with normal humans only seeing them as natural disasters.

They were endowed with a range of divine powers and weaponry with these being known as Authorities that embodied their right to rule in the myths. It was a gods ability and power that dated back to the earliest origins of the Heretic God. The origin stories of the deities were noted for being deep and complex.

There were various kinds of gods that included:

  • Gods of Steel :
  • Gods of Earth :
  • Sun Gods :

Some were able to manifest their power as divine beasts of great power that appeared as giant boars or birds of prey. In some cases, Heretics Gods were able to lose part of their divinities if wounded or if they were sealed with this sometimes being placed inside a Grimoire.


  • Athena :
  • Melqart :
  • Metis :
  • Pandora :
  • Perseus :
  • Verethragna :
  • Susanoo : a former Heretic God that grew tired of rampaging in the mortal world and decided to retire to purgatory who served as a guardian Ena Seishuuin where he gave her the Ame no Murakumo no Tsurugi.


  • The English dub of the anime series referred to these entities as 'rogue gods'.


  • Campione!

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