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Sasha Dejanstahl Voban is a male character that features in Campione!.



According to him, he was a young teenager when he had killed a Heretic God leading to him becoming a Campione with him being the first of their number. This was said to had been over three centuries ago with him being among the earliest of the modern seven Campione that meant very little was recorded about his power.

The Bronze-Black Cross order sought to ingratiate themselves with the Marquis and seek his power to which end the grandfather of Liliana Kranjcar sent his own granddaughter to serve Voban as a servant.


Personality and attributes

In appearance, Sasha was an older Caucasian male with grey hair by the modern age.

Voban had a desire for finding a worthy opponent to entertain him and also had a desire to gain the abilities of other Heretic Gods. This led to him sacrificing others in order to summon a god to battle with the deity being powerful enough to challenge him.

Despite his ruthless nature, Voban was shown to be a man of his word as he fulfilled promises.

Powers and abilities

As a Campione, Voban gained demigod-like superhuman abilities as a result of defeating a Heretic God and gaining its power. This resulted in a form of immortality allowing him to live across centuries with him aging at a reduced rate. Magic also did not affect him directly and he was able to survive blows that could kill an ordinary human. Voban had a desire for more godly abilities to gain that he added to his power-set. Over the years, he had gained the Authorities of a number of Heretic Gods that made him a versatile opponent.

With Phoebus, Voban was able to command packs of magical wolves that followed his commands. They could manifest suddenly and were superhuman in traits allowing them to keep with their prey. The Marquis was also able to transform his body into a giant werewolf-like form with increased strength and speed. This form had the ability to devour light allowing him to consume fireballs from the Sun. Voban was able to create packs of wolves that he could form through the fur on his back with them manifesting to attack enemies

Through Osiris, he gained the Authority to control the souls of anyone that he had slain. Over the centuries, he had killed many warriors who were forced to serve him in death where he could summon an army of them on the battlefield. These included skilled knights and even magic users that simply emerged in a ghostly undead state to serve his wishes. Though powerful foes, these souls of the dead had to obey Vobans exact commands which limited their capacity for independent thought making them not as good as living foes. These souls were trapped in Vobans service and had desired to be free but were unable to disobey him unless the power was severed.

He had at some point defeat the Chinese weather god trio namely Feng Bo, Yu Shi and Lei Gong gaining the Authorities of wind, rain and thunder. With this ability, he could control and even create large scale storms with the more powerful requiring a greater expenditure of energy.



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