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Hermann was Count and Countess Scarlioni's loyal butler, although he was unaware of the Count's true nature. He was extremely thuggish and brutal; when two of the Count's henchmen didn't perform well enough in retrieving the Countess' bracelet, Hermann casually murdered them, and he was prone to threatening prisoners at the Scarlionis' home with a gun and pushing them around if they were insolent. He did eventually become aware of his employer's true identity, however; when Scaroth returned to the present after changing history, he materialized unmasked in Professor Kerensky's laboratory while Hermann was in the room. The shock of seeing the unmasked Jagaroth threw Hermann for a loop, and he hurled a piece of equipment at his master, which hit Kerensky's time machine. The device exploded, killing Scaroth and presumably Hermann as well.

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