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Hilmes is a male character that features in The Heroic Legend of Arslan.



Hilmes (ヒルメス Hirumesu? ) was a male child of King Osroes who ruled the Kingdom of Pars. As a result of his birth, he was a royal heir to the family and thus was prince who was destined to inherit the throne. It was shown that he was a content child who loved his father and often told Osroes of his activities in the day. During his youth, he was known to had learnt the arts of being a swordsmen from Marzban Bahman who enjoyed training the boy. One day, his father was assassinated by his uncle Andragoras with a fire set to the royal palace of Pars. Hilmes was caught in the flames which burnt the right side of his face and left a hideous scar. He faced certain death but was saved by the Zahhāk Magi (ザッハーク魔道士) where he fell under their protection and they left him to recover in the kingdom of Maryam. Whilst there, he was kept hidden by the Maryam King with his identity being hidden from others. Whilst staying in that kingdom, he was cared by a blind princess and many came to believe that he had perished. In the aftermath, Andragoras took the title of King of Pars with many of the military commanders believing that the prince had perished in a fire that claimed the former royal family. During this time, Hilmes bid his time where he nurtured his hatred against Andragoras and his family with him intending to get his revenge along with the goal of retaking the throne. Around this time, Maryam came to be invaded by the neighbouring kingdom of Lusitania. Hilmes decided to use this opportunity as a means to attain his vengeance where he offered his service in aiding them in conquering the Kingdom of Pars. He then took on the name of Lord Silvermask (銀仮面卿 Ginkamen Kyō? ) within the Lusitanian forces with his true identity hidden from outsiders.


Personality and attributes

Powers and abilities

He was shown as being a highly skilled swordsmen with him being able to match the arts of Daryun.


  • The Viewster series translated the name to be pronounced as Hermes.


  • The Heroic Legend of Arslan:

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