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Hotaru, the Champion of Order Realm.

Hotaru is a male videogame character that features in the Mortal Kombat series.



Little is knonw of Hotaru's origins and early life except that he lived in Seido, the Realm of Order. He was once a soldier of former Seidan Guardsmen and future mercenary Dairou. He eventually reached the rank of Commander of the Seidan Guard and waged a constant war against the forces of Chaos and disorder.

His forces often battled that of Shao Kahn's Outworld armies as well as attempted to tame Chaosrealm on numerous occasions. He also had to protect Order realm's interests in their home dimension where he often had to send his guardsmen to put down riots as well as rebellions instigated by Darrius.

At one point, he met the Earthrealm champion Shujinko who had come from Outworld at the insistence of the overlord of the town of Lei Chen. Shujinko asked for Hotaru's assistance in fighting off a Tarkatan Horde that was descending on the city. Hotaru was at first scornful of the Human but explained that he had a riot to quiet down. However, the Earthrealm warrior volunteered to help in quelling the rebellion though Hotaru first inducted him into the Siedan Guardsmen. With that complete, he went about his task and returned to Hotaru reporting his success. With the threat over, Hotaru honored his promise by journeying to Outworld and defeating Baraka's army.

Hotaru's Seidan Guardsmen versus Darrius's rebels.

After the victory, Hotaru claimed the city of Lei Chen in the name of Order but was opposed by its overlord Zeefero. Despite being informed of the agreement that he would aid the city in exchange for it being Seidan territory, the overlord demanded that Hotaru's forces leave. However, in Hotaru's mind, the agreement was binding and the overlord was removed from his position and the city was officially placed under Order realm's control.

Later, when Shunjinko had returned to Lei Chen to ask for the Seidan generals help, Hotaru and his forces were responsible for arresting him after he broke the curfew law. He was imprisoned in the realm of Order for many years to the point that he physically aged into an old man while he awaited trial though Hotaru was willing to testify for his past actions as a defense. However, Hotaru discovered that the two guards of the prison were killed and Shujinko had broken into the court house. Though Shujinko protested his innocence, Hotaru would have none of it and prepared to kill the human warrior but was defeated.

Seidan General Hotaru.

Some time later, Hotaru heard of the resurrection of Outworld's Dragon King Onaga. It was then that he learnt that the Dragon King wished to unite all the realms under his rule. Though he was opposed of Shao Kahn's conquests which brought disorder to the realms, Hotaru admired the goal of Onaga's and pledged his service to the Dragon King. He pledged the city of Lei Chen to his new master and served now with the same Tarkata warriors he fought against before. He later learnt that a number of Tarkata were killed by an Earthrealm warrior with the power to manipulate ice. His task was to combat the Lin Kuei warrior Sub-Zero who was responsible for resisting Onaga's rule and tried to bring the Grandmaster to justice.

If successful, Hotaru was successful in killing Kenshi and capturing Sub-Zero who he brought before Onaga who pronounced the sentence of death which Hotaru carried out.

Hotaru was one of the many kombatants that was involved in the quest to attain power from the fire elemental Blaze at the Pyramid of Argus.

If successful in defeating the fire elemental, Hotaru was given great power from the creature which he used to bring order to the realms. He also turned Havik into his second in command.


Personality and skills

Hotaru uses his power to kill a prisoner.

Being a member of Order realm, Hotaru was fixated on the purpose of bringing order and justice to the point that he was almost fanatical in this pursuit. He believed that there was a certain order made when the universe was created and that these laws needed to be obeyed by all, even nature. As such, he was a described as a zealot as he believed in the attainment of order no matter the cost. This meant he often challenged warlords that sought to bring disruption to the realms but sided with those that sought to unite them under one rule.

His passsionate belief in order meant that he deeply believed in procedures and regulations; never deviating from them as those that did so broke a Seido law. This meant that he often challenged people for breaking even minor crimes in his realm such as breaking a curfew. He was merciless to those he considered his enemies and was quite willing to kill those that broke the laws that he enforced. In his mind, ignorance was not an excuse for breaking one of the laws he brought about. He was direct in his approach and blunt.

This meant that he was the polar opposite of his Chaos realm counterpart which was Havik. He was a skilled tactician and warrior as he was capable of defending the city of Lei Chen from a Tarkatan horde who were noted brutal warriors of Outworld.

He possessed two fighting styles which were Ba Shan Fan and Pi Gua.

Powers and abilities

Hotaru attacks Kenshi and Sub-Zero.

In addition to his tall stature, Hotaru had an unknown power over fire and was capable of shooting fire balls from his hands at his enemies sending them flying in the air. He was even capable of using this magma to propel himself forward and slam into the enemy using his large body mass to harm them. A more sinister approach to his powers was the ability to use his fire generation powers around his hands to painfully execute prisoners.

Hotaru made use of a naginata as his primary weapon against his enemies. He also wore black Seidan Guardsmen armour that covered his body completely except for his head which almost appeared as an insects exoskeleton.

A noted aspect of his appearance was his white eyes and white hair.



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