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Hudson (878 - ?) was the eldest member of the Manhattan Clan of gargoyles. At Castle Wyvern, Hudson was the leader of the clan, known only as "Mentor." After a battle with the Archmage in 984, Hudson lost sight in one eye, leading him to pass leadership on to his second, Goliath. However, Hudson remained Goliath's closest advisor. With the other survivors of the 994 Castle Wyvern massacre, Hudson was trapped in stone sleep for 1000 years.

Upon awakening in 1994 Manhattan, Hudson grudgingly took his name from the river, and soon discovered television- one of the first things in modern times he liked. Hudson continued to battle alongside the clan, as well as advising both Goliath and, later, his chosen second Brooklyn. He made a friend, the author Jeffrey Robbins, who encouraged him to learn to read, and faced both Demona and David Xanatos by himself on separate occasions.

The Goliath Chronicles

Hudson nearly went blind when his good eye developed glaucoma, but his sight was saved by Dr. Cornelia Stallman.

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