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Humazo was an Amazo android who was sent a message by "Timazo." Timazo suggested a plan wherein "Humazo" (as Hourman later nicknamed him) would absorb his targets' humanity (DNA) instead of their powers, replacing the stolen DNA with some of his android "patterns." Humazo proceeded to steal the humanity of the Justice League of America, turning them into automatons while giving himself human emotions, needs, and impulses.

After explaining himself to Hourman (who narrowly escaped capture by the so-called JLAndroids), he stole "Snapper" Carr's humanity. Humazo then went on a worldwide romp, partying on a casino ship, but showing odd bursts of human emotion (such as saving a man who he'd just tossed overboard). He managed to capture the robotic JLA, and nearly destroyed their minds with conflicting sensory input, until Hourman upgraded himself (ironically making himself more mechanical) and defeated him. Hourman proceeded to wipe Humazo from the timestream.

Humazo, like most Amazos, possessed the combined powers of the original JLA.

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