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Nomad in Hail Hydra! v1 #1.

Ian Rogers is a male comic character who features in Marvel Comics.




A young Ian Rogers in Captain America v7 #5.

Leopold Zola was a genetically engineered male human who was bred as the son of Arnim Zola with the boy having an older sister named Jet Zola. (Captain America v7 #6)

He was being bred within his tank when Captain America escaped from the fortress where he believed the child was an victim of Arnim Zola. (Captain America v7 #1)

Though deceased, he fell into one of Zola's bio-mass pits with the material being coded to regenerate his body thus healing him. (Captain America v7 #23)

In the aftermath, it was known that he was taken in by Sharon Carter who came to raise him and he saw her as a mother. (Captain America v7 #24) Ian then spent the next 10 years trying to dismantle Arnim Zola's breeding chambers but his biological father had now grown an army the likes of which had not been seen before. During his infiltration, he came to learn that Zola had planned on invading the Earth with Ian infiltrating the tower to sabotage it. Despite his efforts, he failed and the invasion force from Dimension Z continued to Earth. (Captain America v7 #23) At some point, Sharon Carter was captured by Zola's forces with Ian believing that she had been killed. (Captain America v7 #24)


Upon arriving on Earth, he went to find and meet his Steve Rogers. (Captain America v7 #22) He then arrive at the damaged Avengers Mansion and made his way to find his adoptive father Steve Rogers. Upon arriving, he was seen as an enemy by Iron Man and Thor Odinson where he managed to evade the two heroes. He also managed to escape an attack from the Hulk before meeting Steve Rogers with him being surprised that his father was old now after losing his powers. Rogers initially believed the intruder was one of Zola's assassins but after removing his helmet he revealed his true identity with the two reuniting. After briefing the heroes, he joined them in fighting Zola's army of creatures whereupon they were confronted by the hyper-mutates known as the Unvengers. (Captain America v7 #23) He aided in the fight against the mutates when he learnt that his adoptive mother Sharon Carter was still alive in Zola's tower with him going to rescue her. He arrived just in time to save her from some mutates with Ian and Sharon learning that the attack on the city was simply a diversion as Arnim Zola intended to detonate a bomb to wipe out all his enemies. They believed the bomb was tied to Zola with an attempt being made to destroy it but this simply triggered the activation sequence. To save everyone, Falcon took the bomb with him into low orbit in the hope of saving everyone by sacrificing himself. (Captain America v7 #24) The heroes gathered before the recovered Wilson's body who was revealed to had miraculously survived as his Vibranium wings bore the brunt of the blast. Whilst there, he was reunited with his sister Jet but Sharon accused her of being a spy for Zola. Upon seeing the heroes attempting to restrain her, Jet evaded them and against her brothers pleas decided that she had no place but by their biological fathers side. She then departed with him as their tower teleported back to Dimension Z with this leaving Sharon and Ian on Earth. A week later, the city recovered and the heroes gathered as Steve Rogers had now declared his successor with Sam Wilson being made the new Captain America. (Captain America v7 #25)

He was then dispatched to infiltrate a hidden Hydra cell that were developing a doomsday weapon. Disguised as a Hydra agent, he came to learn that the 'weapon' was actually a young boy whose blood was being weaponised. Nomad then assisted the new Captain America Sam Wilson when they stuck at the hidden base. The pair then battled with the mercenary Batroc the Leaper with Nomad knocking the villain over the ledge in order to save Wilson. (All-New Captain America v1 #1) Ian and Sam later got separated with the new Nomad later being captured by Baron Zemo and his High Hydra sect. Whilst being interrogated, Helmut Zemo told him about his plans to sterilise the Earth population using a newly activated Inhuman's blood with only those treated with the cure immune to its effects. The captive Ian then had his neck slit by Zemo who had decided to reveal his plans to the hero just before he seemingly killed him. (All-New Captain America v1 #2) He was left there for four hours where his body tapped into the bio-gel hidden in his suit that repaired his injuries and led to him recovering from his wounds. Ian then freed himself and ambushed Baron Zemo when the villain was attempting to kill Sam Wilson. Together, the two heroes defeated Zemo where they stopped Lucas from his plan to sterilise mankind. However, Nomad revealed that the danger was not over yet as Zemo's failsafe had activated which was the vampire Baron Blood who had a stash of the sterilisation plague and intended to detonate it at a site. Thus, Ian and Sam rushed to stop the undead villain before he could accomplish his plan. (All-New Captain America v1 #5) Ian remained behind when they were confronted by Batroc who had survived his last encounter with Nomad who sought to stop him along with Baron Zemo. He ultimately managed to cause Batroc to drop out of a building whereupon he fought Zemo to stop him from activating the failsafe bomb. In their fight, Ian demonstrated his ruthless nature by using a sword to badly injure Zemo and intended to murder the man as he believed he was a threat that could not be allowed to remain in the world. (All-New Captain America v1 #6)


Personality and attributes

It was said that his biological father Arnim had intended to name him Leopold after the father of his old love Mary as that was the name she had intended to give their child. However, the boy had only ever known the name of Ian that was given to him by his adoptive father Steve Rogers. (Captain America v7 #6)

Ian owed much of his training to his adoptive father Steve Rogers with him saying he was trained to fight smart. He said that he was always taught to stand up and not stay down. (Captain America v7 #23) Nomad was taught that if someone was attacking his comrade then he had to protect them no matter the cost. This meant he was perfectly willing to allow a foe to die in order to save his comrade. (All-New Captain America v1 #1)

Despite being raised by Steve Rogers, Ian had said that he was not like him. In fact, he said that he retained a bit of his Zola nature in him. This meant that he was not above killing his enemies if he felt they were a threat. In this respect, he disagreed with his adoptive parents despite him loving them dearly. He said he understood that some people did nothing but hurt others and that they never stopped in these acts. Thus, Ian felt that as a warrior, it was needed to kill the necessary people who would always be a threat to the world. (All-New Captain America v1 #6)

Ian had a sister by the name of Jet Black who was hailed as Princess Zola. (Captain America v7 #4) She was gifted with amazing omnisenses that allowed her to sense everything through her skin. (Captain America v7 #3)

He came to see Sharon Carter as a mother and cared for her. (Captain America v7 #24)

Powers and abilities

His training allowed him to use his enhanced biology to perform incredible acts of agility and outmanoeuvre superhuman foes. (Captain America v7 #23)

As Nomad, he was given an armored suit that encased his entire body initially and hid his face. The was a metal armor constructed of alien origin where it had a dense mass and very little weight. (Captain America v7 #22) A computer was located above the wrist where it could direct him to his target. (Captain America v7 #23)

He kept a supply of bio-gel within his armour and used this to repair injuries to his body. This allowed him to recover from fatal injuries such as having his throat slit. (All-New Captain America v1 #5)

Ian was armed with a special staff known as the Horde Crusher which was strong enough to break through armored doors. (Captain America v7 #23)


  • Ian Rogers was created by Rick Remender, John Romita Jr. and Klaus Janson where he made his first appearance in Captain America v7 #1 (January, 2013).
  • The character later took the name of Nomad in Captain America v7 #10 (October, 2013).


  • Captain America v7: (2013)
  • All-New Captain America v1:

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