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Ibis the Invincible is a male comic superhero who features in DC Comics.




Amentep was a male Egyptian Prince who lived during the 12th Dynasty around 4,000 years ago. At some point, he met the cousin of King Senwosri III which was Princess Taia with the two falling deeply in love with one another. (Whiz Comics v1 #2)

Within his sarcophagus, he remained for thousands of years with a prophecy stating he would live again. Eventually, the relic was recovered and taken to a famous American museum where it resided in the Egyptian wing. He awoke and used his magic to restore himself where he sought to reunite himself with his love Princess Taia. Whilst in America, he did numerous acts of good such as saving a mother and her son from a collision whilst also creating a home for a family that had no place to stay. He then chartered a ship to take him to Egypt unaware that the world was in the grip of World War II. Upon arriving at Thebes, he learnt that Princess Taia’s sarcophagus had been recovered 20 years ago and shipped to a museum in Europe. He then made his way there where he thought the world had gone mad after seeing the war fought between nations. Amentep came upon the city under siege where he lent the magic of his Ibistick in protecting it and creating food for the starving populace. He eventually arrived at his destination where he used his magic to restore Princess Taia to life. However, at that point, a thief emerged from the shadows and noticed the power of the Ibistick which he stole in order to make a profit for himself. (Whiz Comics v1 #2) Ibis was in pursuit though the thief ultimately escaped after using the Ibistick to create obstacles in his path. Alone with the artefact, he used it to create gold for himself when Ibis discovered him and attempted to recover it. The thief in anger attempted to turn Ibis into gold but the stick refused and directed the command against himself thus turning the criminal into a gold statue. He then quickly returned to the museum in order to free his life Taia who wanted to return to Thebes but Ibis informed her that the city of their past was long gone but that with his magic he would make a new Thebes for them. Thus, with the Ibistick, he crafted a new city for them to live in the desert with this being witnessed by spies for the Arab outlaw Hamed. He desired the power of the Ibistick for himself and sent his men to kidnap Taia and force Ibis to surrender himself to him. Ibis journeyed to the outlaw's base where his magic effortlessly bested the outlaw's guards and turned the villain into a pig before he departed with Taia. (Whiz Comics v1 #3) At New Thebes, they received word from the boys in America that Ibis had saved who had requested for his help. Thus, Ibis and Taia travelled back to America where they found the orphaned children of Boyville had been enslaved by a gang under Murder Malone who had enslaved them to produce munitions that were sold to enemy foreign nations. With the power of the Ibistick, Amentep was able to defeat the criminals and was prepared for a return back home but Taia was kidnapped by Murder Malone. (Whiz Comics v1 #4)


Following the Crisis of the Infinite Earths, a new version of reality was created with a different history of events. It was noted that he worked alongside other mystery men heroes that operated from Fawcett City. (Starman v2 #40)


Following the Flashpoint, a new version of reality was created with a different history of events. After the Source Wall was damaged, the Otherkind began to emerge into the universe as a result of the actions of Nabu who wanted to purge the cosmos of magic in order to remake reality. He came to assemble other Lords of Order to aid him with one named Hoku taking possession of Ibis as a host body where he was forced to wear the Breastplate of Hoku that bound the entity to his form. (Justice League Dark v2 #9)


Personality and attributes

Powers and abilities

By his side was the Ibistick that was said to be the most powerful weapon ever devised. With it, he could issue any command and the magic from it would take effect such as melting glass or clothing himself or opening locked doors. (Whiz Comics v1 #2) It could be used to manifest walls in the path of a person or create endless gold or transform people into animals or even turn one kind of animal into another. The artefact could be used by others but it rejected acts of evil and any attack made against its true master Ibis were turned against the person using it. (Whiz Comics v1 #3)


  • Ibis the Invincible was created by Bill Parker and C.C. Beck where he made his first appearance in Whiz Comics v1 #2 (February, 1940).


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