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Immortal Man is a male comic superhero that features in DC Comics.






Following the Flashpoint, a new version of reality was created with a different history of events. Klarn lived around 50,000 years ago where he headed the primitive Bear Tribe alongside his sister Kyra. One day, Kyra sighted something crashing from the sky onto the Earth and learnt that the Wolf Tribe of Vandar Adg headed towards the site. The five siblings of the Bear Tribe sought to reach the area first to claim an advantage but when they arrived they found a meteor that contained a strange metal whose power affected them. The metal turned all five siblings into immortals that could impart a portion of their power to others with each seeking to better humanity in a different way. Klarn came to be known as the Immortal Man and headed his own family of immortals that came to be known as the House of Action. (The Immortal Men v1 #4)

He came to plan a contingency plan in case he was ever killed whereby his consciousness would pass onto a new body. To that end, he determined that a young boy called Caden Park could serve as a receptacle for himself and had his subordinate Communion secretly prepare the child along with watching over him. (The Immortal Men v1 #5)

In the midst of the battle, the Immortal Man was stabbed from behind by the Infinite Woman where he seemingly died amongst his Immortal Men. (The Immortal Men v1 #4)


Personality and attributes

Powers and abilities

It was said that he had learnt to fight before the first swords were forged. In fact, over ten thousand years, he had perfected every fighting skill into an intimate art form. (The Immortal Men v1 #4)

The Immortal Man created a system in case he was ever incapacitated whereby his mind would overwrite the consciousness of a living person allowing him to be reborn in their body. (The Immortal Men v1 #5)

He crafted he Bloodmask that morphed into a mouth-mask and contained the blood of all the Immortal Men under their masters command. It would allow the bearer access to their combined knowledge and abilities for use in battle. (The Immortal Men v1 #5)

Alongside his tribe of Immortal Men, he built an underground haven and headquarters where they could seek shelter and train in their abilities with this being known as the Campus. (The Immortal Men v1 #5)


  • The Immortal Man was created by Jack Sparling where he made his first appearance in Strange Adventures v1 #177 (June, 1965).

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  • Strange Adventures v1:
  • The Immortal Men v1:

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