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The Intelligentsia in Captain Marvel v4 #10.

The Intelligentsia is an artificial intelligence that features in Marvel Comics.



The Intelligentsia was created by the Skrull people at some point after their homeworld was destroyed. In that time, their empire was divided by power seeking individuals who created various kingdoms from former colony worlds. These warlords had no regard for scientists among their people and thus ignored their efforts. Thus, this time saw a number of scientists settle on a planet known as Skrell where they created the Intelligentsia that contained the collective minds of the greatest individuals in their history. (Captain Marvel v4 #10) Thus, its directive was to guide and rule the Skrull empire. (Captain Marvel v4 #9)

Chancellor Kal'Du in a report compiled in the Warbook Files to Queen Veranke included in his findings information on the Intellgentsia where he concluded her to be a useful asset but warned that ultimately 'she' was a construct and thus should not rule their people as the Supreme Intelligence led the Kree. (Skrulls! v1 #1)


Personality and attributes

This entity was ultimately a machine and a construct that appeared in the form of a female Skrull. (Skrulls! v1 #1)

She was created in a manner similar to that of the Supreme Intelligence and thus contained within herself the collective minds of great leaders, empresses, tacticians as well as scientists. The Intelligentsia was meant to serve as a guiding mind that controlled the destiny of the entirety of the Skrulls of the planet Skrell. It was said that she was created through similar technology as that which produced the Supreme Intelligence of the Kree but she disputed this claim as she saw herself as far superior to his creators. (Captain Marvel v4 #10) According to the Intelligentsia, she was created to guide and rule the Skrulls which meant she did not tolerate any act of defiance from any other being. (Captain Marvel v4 #9)

Powers and abilities

The Intelligentsia was noted for being a super computer with the capacity to deduce exact probabilities of success for any number of events simultaneously. (Skrulls! v1 #1)


  • The Intelligentsia was created by Peter David and ChrisCross where she made her first appearance in Captain Marvel v4 #8 (August, 2000).
  • In the Marvel one-shot Skrulls!, the Intellgentsia was spelt as Intelligentcia.


  • Captain Marvel v4: #8-10
  • Skrulls! v1: (2008)

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