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Jatice Lowfan who operated as Justice.

Jatice Lowfan is a male character that features in Akashic Records of Bastard Magic Instructor.



Jatice Lowfan was a male human mage within the Alzano Empire who eventually joined the ranks of the Imperial Court's Mage Corps. He became a skilled operative where he eventually rose to the position of Executioner #11 with him given the code name Justice. During his years of service, he concluded that the empire was corrupt and needed to be destroyed according to his own twisted sense of justice. Thus, he worked in secret to accomplish this goal with one of his actions being the distribution of the deadly Angel Dust drug. The drug effectively killed those exposed to it turning their bodies into mindless husks that obeyed the commands of their master. Fellow Mage Corps members Glenn Radars and Sera Silvers had arrived at the settlement where they discovered the plot. During the battle, Sera was killed despite Glenn's attempts to save her with Jatice being believed slain as well. In reality, he had survived and remained in hiding where he continued his mission of targeting powerful mages and key officials in the empire. He decided to continue his mission in order to control the fabric of the world by attaining the Akashic Records. Eventually, he concluded that the only way to attain it was to be a true force for justice. Lowfan determined that he could never be a force for justice unless he killed the person that stopped him from delivering this justice which was Glenn Radars. By this point, Radars had abandoned the Mage Corps and instead become a substitute teacher at the Alzano Imperial Magic Academy. Thus, he orchestrated a plan to achieve his goal in killing Radars with this involving a skilled lecturer named Leos Kleitos. Kleitos was a childhood friend of Sistine Fibel and intended to marry her with Jatice aiding him by pretending to be his driver. Around this time, he also secretly began to distribute Angel Dust in the town to a number of people in order to bring them under his control. Lowfan used his ability to predict events to aid Leos by telling him to propose marriage to Sistine and stating that she would have to abandon her dreams to become his wife. This provoked Radars who challenged Kleitos to a duel between their classes that ended up as a draw. Whilst alone, Lowfan exposed Leos to Angel Dust that ended up killing him with Jatice using magic to take his identity. As 'Leos', he approached Glenn and Sistine when they were alone where he provoked Radars into a fight. Radars had used his The Fools World ability with him overconfident in his ability in taking down his foe but 'Kleitos' used hand-to-hand combat along with Tulpas to defeat him. Glenn then departed whereupon 'Leos' forced his marriage proposal on Sistine under the threat of exposing her friend Rumia Tingel as being the Princess Ermianna and Re=L Rayford's true nature that would endanger them. Radars never returned for their second duel and days later he proceeded with the marriage ceremony. It was then that Radars had arrived and quickly took Sistine to safety leading to an eventual confrontation with 'Leos'. At that point, Glenn told 'Kleitos' to abandon his disguise as he suspected who he was with Jatice revealing his true identity and his intentions to kill Radars. Sistine initially managed to escape but she returned to the fight between Glenn and Jatice in order to aid Professor Radars. Together, they managed to defeat Lowfan with him admitting his loss but he managed to escape as his opponents were exhausted from the fight.


Personality and attributes

In appearance, Jatice was a young man with greyish hair who was typically wearing a suit with a top-hat and wore glasses with him having dark circles under his eyes.

Lowfan developed a twisted fixation on justice and achieving it by any means. This led to him determining the Alzano Empire was corrupt and needed to be destroyed in order for justice to be dealt. As such, he eventually turned against it where he began to target mages and key officials. This path led him to determine that he required the Akashic Records in order to bring about his goal. However, he determined that only those that truly believed in justice could achieve this feat. Thus, he had to remove any force that stopped him from achieving his goal of bringing justice. As a result, he believed that he needed to eliminate Glenn Radars as he had prevented him from bringing about justice in the past.

He took great offence if he was called a member of the Researchers of Divine Wisdom as he believed them to be charlatans.

Powers and abilities

Summoning Tulpas.

Similar to other executioners, he was skilled in hand-to-hand combat allowing him to deal damaging blows against his foes. As a mage, he was knowledgeable on various spells that he could use in combat situations. These included being able to send flames or deflecting mystical strikes against him. He could also use illusion magic allowing him to make himself appear as another person. Jatice could also teleport away from a scene allowing him to make a quick escape if he faced capture.

A unique talent of his was the capacity to summon Tulpas that were creations summoned by his spiritual energy. These took the form of glass constructs that hovered in the air. They could fire blasts of energy and also struck with physical blows to injure their targets. Multiple Tulpas could he summoned or a single large one demanding on Lowfan's need. Due to their spiritual trait, they were not magical by nature and thus immune to the effects of The Fool's World.

Lowfan made use of Angel Dust that he created and exposed others to with this mystical drug capable of turning humans into mindless husks that obeyed his commands. with it, he could corrupt the inhabitants of entire towns and cause them to turn against his enemies.


  • Jatice Lowfan was created by Tarō Hitsuji who was an antagonist in the setting of Akashic Records of Bastard Magic Instructor.


  • Akashic Records of Bastard Magic Instructor:

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