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A powerful giant of a man, Jaws had his normal teeth replaced with teeth made from razor-sharp metal. He fought James Bond on two occasions under different employers. Born Zbigniew Krycsiwiki in Poland, he was an unusually large and strong boy for his age and his immense strength and temper wound up getting him imprisoned, during which time his jaw was broken by beatings administered by guards.

Zbigniew escaped from prison and stowed away aboard one of Karl Stromburg's ships. Upon being found by the crew, Stromburg, who saw potential in the giant man as an underling, offered him employment. He also had his scientists replace Zbigniew's shattered jaw and teeth with metal ones, however the hydraulics necessary for these rendered Zbigniew mostly mute. He took the nickname "Jaws" and went on to work for Stromburg as an assassin, often being partnered with Sandor. He and Sandor were sent by Stromburg to retrieve the stolen microfilm of his submarine tracking system. They failed and Sandor was killed by James Bond.

Jaws thereafter made multiple attempts to kill Bond, but time and again he failed. He ultimately was dropped into Stromburg's shark tank by Bond where he fought with and killed his master's pet tiger shark. When Atlantis was sunk by the American submarine Wayne, Jaws escaped and swam ashore to safety. Sometime later Jaws sold his services to billionaire businessman Hugo Drax, as a replacement for Drax's previous assassin Chang. This once again brought Jaws into conflict with James Bond.

This time however, Jaws met and fell in love with a woman named Dolly, who helped him extract himself from the rubble of a destroyed cable car after one of his failed attempts to kill Bond. Jaws later brought Dolly aboard Drax's space station. Upon learning that he and Dolly did not fit Drax's standards of racial and genetic purity, and would likely be exterminated later, Jaws turned against Drax and assisted Bond in defeating him. He and Dolly then escaped Drax's space station together, before it was destroyed.

James Bond Jr.

Jaws later fought Bond's nephew James Bond Junior.


In Christopher Wood's novelization of The Spy Who Loved Me, Jaws actually is killed fighting Stromburg's shark.

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