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Jazinda is a female extraterrestrial comic character that features in Marvel Comics.



Jazinda was a female member of the Skrull race who had lived by the modern age. She was noted to had been born on Tarnax IV but had grown up on the world of Zaragz'na. (She-Hulk v2 #24) When she was a child, it was noted that Nogor dangled her from his knee though she could only vaguely remember this time. (She-Hulk v2 #32)

By adulthood, she was entrusted with a mission to retrieve a sacred artefact that the Skrulls claimed belonged to them. Thus, she was dispatched and managed to sneak into Kree territory to find the relic which was the Sy-Torak Gem. After killing the minister guarding it, she managed to recover the gem but was discovered by the Kree who attempted to kill her. Rather than let it fall in their hands, she decided to ingest it but it became bonded to Jazinda. She ultimately managed to escape and returned to Skrull space where the High Priests intended to remove the gem from her. However, as it had bonded, removal meant death and she refused leading to her escaping as she became branded a traitor to her people. (She-Hulk v2 #33)

Whilst in New York, she was pursued by Spider-Woman Jessica Drew who apprehended her on behalf of S.W.O.R.D.. This was part of an initiative sponsored by Henry Peter Gyrich to deport all aliens from the planet. (S.W.O.R.D. v1 #2)


Personality and attributes

She had claimed that over her life time that she had 37 sexual partners where on one occasion she had 5 of them simultaneously. (She-Hulk v2 #28)

Jazinda kept a holographic recording of her fathers last message to her warning her never to come before him again or he would kill her. Sometimes, she would watch the recording which made her cry over her estrangement with her father. (She-Hulk v2 #24)

Powers and abilities

As a Skrull, she was a natural shapeshifter and trained to be able to alter her form to take the appearance of any other person. (She-Hulk v2 #23)


  • Jazinda was created by Peter David and Shawn Moll where she made her first appearance in She-Hulk v2 #22 (December, 2007).


  • She-Hulk v2:

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