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Kree vs. the Inhumans in FF v1 #11.

The Kree are a species that features in Marvel Comics.




Pink Kree Mar-Vell vs. Blue Kree Ronan from Captain Marvel v1 #41.

The Kree were a race of blue skinned humanoids that were native to the planet Hala that was situated in the Greater Magellanic Cloud. According to one account, the Kree were among the many races including the Skrulls and humans that were spawned from the inhabitants of the world that became Xorr the God-Jewel around 6 million years ago. (Thor v1 #215) The ancient primitive Kree were later visited by a powerful advanced species known as the Progenitors that accelerated their evolution. (Royals v1 #9) Originally, they were a race of meat-eating barbarians who were one of two native sapient inhabitants on their world with the other being the plant-based Cotati. To the Kree, plants were beneath their notice thus leading to them ignoring the plant-based race whilst the Cotati similarly avoided the blue-skinned warriors who they regarded as barbarians. Among the mightiest male of their kind during the Kree Year Zero was Morag who was a daring hunter that sought the largest of their worlds mighty beasts. It was during this time that their world was visited by an intelligent interstellar species with this being the peaceful Skrulls that were led by Emperor Dorrek. The Skrulls had searched the stars but believed that they found no race as advanced as them and thus sought to elevate another species technologically. Upon arriving on Hala, they decided that only one of its natives races could be given their technology and a trial would determine which would be the worthy candidate. Both of Hala's native species agreed thought the Kree had done so for their own motivations with Morag part of the delegation. The representatives were transported by the Skrull ship to a barren planetoid that was Earth's Moon where they were tasked with building a great piece of work to be judged in a years time. For the Kree, they began construction of a great city in what would become the Blue Area of the Moon whilst the Cotati had cultivated a thriving garden. When the Skrulls arrived, they were impressed with the Kree's work but decided that the Cotati were the victors due to creating life in such an environment. The Kree did not accept defeat and instead in the cover of night struck the Cotati where they killed their plant-based opposition. Morag then led the Kree to meet with the Skrulls who were unaware of the murder whereupon the blue-skinned warriors attacked the peaceful green-skinned aliens. Emperor Dorrek was killed and his delegation massacred with the Kree pilfering the technology of the Skrulls with them taking the craft back to their home world. Once there, they built a great armada and without warning they struck against the Skrull homeworld thus making the two races bitter enemies leading to the start of the Kree-Skrull War. (Avengers v1 #133)

During the first Kree-Skrull War, their empire bred and trained an ultra-warrior known as Soh-Larr who was sent to fight his Skrull counterpart on the planet Xascus. However, the two ended up falling in love where they disappeared from the conflict where their union birthed a hybrid child called Dorrek Supreme. This became the start of more such mating's between the two empires that produced hybrids who formed a group called the Knights of the Infinite where they sought a union between their nations under a prophecised ruler who would be one of their own kind. (New Avengers v4 #4) During the war, the Kree came to acknowledge that despite their technological advantage that they had a biological disadvantage against their foe due to the Skrull's natural shapeshifting abilities. Thus, they looked for a means of circumventing this limitation and their exploration of space led to the discovery of Klyntar that was the home of a shapeshifting race of parasitic Symbiotes. The Kree decided to use the creatures as a means of creating super-powered infiltration specialists leading to the harvest of one such specimen who was bonded to a carefully selected soldier named Tel-Kar. (Venom: First Host v1 #2) The Kree warrior underwent intensive training and gene therapies to his body modified to more fully integrate with the Symbiote. Implants were added that modified his body chemistry to make the Symbiote more reliant on him whilst physical training was used to make him immune to the parasites psychoactive effects with additional physiological training to manipulate its memory. He then was deployed in field operations against the Skrulls where he achieved many victories for the Kree during the Glorious War. (Venom: First Host v1 #3) Thousands of years ago, when the Kree were still young they discovered in Kree-Lar the Moonstone that was split into two that they named Ke-Thai (Alpha) and Vi-Sha (Omega) stones where thousands died during the event. The incident drew the attention of more advanced races that consisted of scientists that were not out to conquer but to obtain knowledge. Each of the diversity of races brought with them similar such stones that were all part of the Lifestones that were geological survivors of the Big Bang from the previous universe. These stones bonded with select individuals that transformed them into the Chosen Eight of Fate who were to be the evolutionary vanguards of their respective races who were tasked with maintaining peace between the inhabited worlds. (Thunderbolts v1 #45)

In an older time, Kree wars against their stellar neighbors were epic in scale and involved such weapon relics as Destructoids. (Realm of Kings: Inhumans v1 #3) At an unknown, their species began light experiments which inadvertently created solar energy beings called Solams at star system 127-B which almost saw the entire Kree Empire laid waste until the entities were conquered. (Captain Marvel v1 #6) Around 250 years ago, the Kree Science Council learnt that the Skrulls had once created a very powerful weapon called the Cosmic Cube. In order to combat this threat, they in turned sought to design a cyber-organic supercomputer which was called the Supreme Intelligence. The Kree had hoped that this machine wuld help them in creating their own cube but once the Supremor came online, it determined that the Cosmic Cube was too dangerous to construct whereupon it refused the Science Council's request. Despite the failure in obtaining a powerful weapon, the Kree allowed the Supreme Intelligence to continue to function whereupon it took on an advisory role. (Captain America Annual v1 #7) Millennia ago, the Kree encountered the Brood and sought to use the parasitic race as a weapon against their enemies. Thus, they created a pheromone-based biological control mechanism called the King Egg to allow them to subsume control of the hives and allow the Kree to use them against their enemies. The weapon was genetically seeded within the caste structure of the Brood with this being agreed by the Supreme Intelligence with the process taking millennia to accomplish. (X-Men v5 #9)

Countless years ago, the Supreme Intelligence decided to engage in a period of experiments to find a catalyst to combat the stagnation within the evolution of the Kree. Thus, he authorized the creation of the Inhumans with the official statement was the creation of biological sentient weapons. A result of this program saw experimentation being conducted of five different races creating the Universal Inhumans. On a Parallax-class science base in the Sol system, the Kree observed humanity from Uranus and determined that they had a unique genetic potential. (Fantastic Four v1 #577) In humans, the Kree discovered a race that could duplicate the features of other alien species. (Inhumans v3 #2) At this base designated Outpost #213, a group of Eternals exiled from Earth arrived at Uranus where they destroyed the Kree Sentry guarding the site. This attracted the attention of a Kree expedition who destroyed the exiled Eternal's starship where they took possession of the remains one of the crewmen known as Arlok. The advanced nature of the Eternal led to he Kree arriving in force to Earth at the direction of the Supreme Intelligence in order to conduct similar evolutionary experiments as the Celestial. After their experiments, the Kree would abandon Earth and in the span of twenty five years a human branch of the Inhuman race developed on the planet. (What If? v1 #28) Mankind had their gene pool tampered with to allow for the duplication of abilities of other spacefaring races leading to the Inhumans not being products of evolution but careful strategy. (Inhumans v3 #2) Hundreds of thousands of years ago, the Supreme Intelligence enacted his Metagenesis Plan with 23 research teams dispatched to seed worlds and oversee the research project. Each consisted of a subject species that were transformed into living weapons through a race-based catalyst. These were the Inhumans though from the research data the Supreme Intelligence came to learn of a genetic prophecy that spoke of his demise at the hands of a subject created from the breeding program. As a result, the Supreme Intelligence terminated the scientists and looked to eliminate the experiments but incomplete data meant that the Accuser Corps failed to terminate five of the subject races. (FF v1 #6)

At an unknown point in their history, the Kree homeworld was nearly devastated by the outbreak of Virus-Z-3 until the Kree developed a chemical immunity to it whereupon they kept stores of the disease in their arsenal. (Captain Marvel v1 #7) The Kree empire had once established trade relations with the Shi'ar Imperium. (Untold Legend of Captain Marvel v1 #1) Their homeworld was once threatened by the Vintar of Galaxy-7 who had a non-finite cell structure that meant nothing could penetrate or destroy them. In desperation, an armada of Kree vessels attacked with giant X-Ray cannons that managed to defeat the threat. (Captain Marvel v1 #5)

At some recent point, the Kree began a treatment process of the females of their race in order to remove their psychic abilities which they were capable of life draining from a male during the process of mating. In order to keep male Kree confident when mating, they began to employ Bloodhounds who sought the female Kree and returned them to Kree-Lar where their psychic abilities were forcibly taken away from them. (Captain Marvel V#13) Agents of Ronan the Accuser were later contacted by Maximus who was an Inhuman on Earth. A representative was sent to meet him in secret where he pledged himself and his people to the Kree in exchange to being made vice-regent of Earth to rule his kin. Their meeting was disturbed by his brother Black Bolt who sought to stop Maximus with the confrontation allowing the Kree pilot to attempt to escape. However, Black Bolt unleashed his voice causing the ship to crash where it killed Black Bolt and Maximus's parents. (Avengers v1 #95)


Afterwards, the Kree dispatched a vessel led by Colonel Yon-Rogg who along with his crew were sent to investigate the planet Earth. This saw Captain Mar-Vell being sent to the surface to determine the danger posed by humanity. (Marvel Super-Heroes v1 #14) Mar-Vell later convinced the Kree not to destroy the planet Earth but rather to continue observing it. (Captain Marvel v1 #3) A conspiracy by Imperial Minister Zarek and Ronan the Accuser sought to destroy the Supreme Intelligence and place themselves in charge by secretly manipulating Mar-Vell but this was uncovered with the two traitors apprehended. (Captain Marvel v1 #16)

Around this time, erratic signals were coming from the monolith on Sol III indicating that the Kaptroids stationed there had malfunctioned and failed to acquire the genetically altered Inhumans that were to be used for the War of the Three Galaxies. Thus, the Supreme Intelligence had ordered an expedition to be launched to investigate the matter. This saw them dispatching Shatterstar who was assigned the task of rounding up the Inhumans. (Inhumans v1 #3) The coming war saw the Supreme Science Council also abandoning Doctor Minerva's scientific experiments. (Captain Marvel v1 #52) It was discovered that a Skrull infiltrator in the Kree empire had managed to adopt the identity of a member of the Supreme Science Council and spurred them into starting a war that they could not win. (Captain Marvel v1 #53)

Hostilities later erupted with the Skrulls leading to the Kree galaxy coming under attack and their space-lanes assaulted. (Avengers v1 #91) The Lunatic Legion that consisted of blue Kree sought to eliminate the traitor Mar-Vell and utilised the Watchers base on Earth's Moon as a place of execution. (Captain Marvel v1 #38)

Under secret orders from the Supreme Intelligence, the Nega-Bomb was detonated where its power devastated the Kree destroying many of their worlds and killing millions in the process. This was all part of the Supremor's plan at ending the genetic stagnation that had afflicted the race. In the aftermath, the Shi'ar became the victors of the war leading to Majestrix Lilandra Neramani claiming possession of the territories of the Kree that were absorbed into the Shi'ar Imperium. Deathbird was appointed as Viceroy who was charged with overseeing the fallen Kree empire in her sisters name. (Avengers v1 #347) A Kree ship attempted to claim a comet that contained the remnants of a highly advanced civilization where they attempted to use it against their enemies. The vessel was disarmed and left derelict in space by the Silver Surfer. (Silver Surfer: Dangerous Artifacts v1 #1) Admiral Galen-Kor embarked on a new plan that involved a series of genetic experiments to be conducted on humans along with gathering an experimental power source. This culminated in the theft of the mutagenic Terrigen Mists from Attilan which the Kree intended to use in conjunction with an Omni-Wave Projector to mutate the entirety of the human race into becoming a newly formed branch of neo-Kree. The process was set to transform normal humans into Kree whilst superpowered beings would die in the transformation. Initial experiments in transforming humans into Kree had failed which was why the Lunatic Legion kidnapped Carol Danvers to use her physiology as a blueprint for the transformation. (Quicksilver v1 #10) Unable to actively stop the Lunatic Legion, the Supreme Intelligence came to leak the Kree base to the Avengers who headed to the Blue Area of the Moon. This saw the superhero team battle the Kree warriors who sacrificed themselves to merge their energy to the Omni-Wave Projector to power the machine to transform all of humanity into a race of neo-Kree. Their plan was only stopped when Thor created a portal that was amplified by the other Avengers with the machine thrown through the doorway. With the Lunatic Legion eliminated, the Kree base fell under the custody of a joint expedition from S.H.I.E.L.D. and Starcore where they looked to study the Supreme Intelligence. (Avengers v3 #7)

In the aftermath, the Kree territory was annexed by the Shi'ar with Majestrix Lilandra placing her sister Deathbird as the region's administrator. At some point, the remaining surviving Kree had evolved into a new race known as the Ruul due to the machinations of the Supreme Intelligence. Through unknown events, the Ruul reverted back to their original form as the Kree.

At some point, the Kree territories managed to gain autonomy where they re-established their empire as being separate from the Shi'ar. One of the driving forces within the new government was Fiyero House. (Annihilation: Ronan v1 #1) They were responsible for deposing the Supreme Intelligence who they could not afford to kill but instead placed in a state of living death and unable to ever to be restored to his former position. (Annihilation v1 #5) To expand their power, they sought to eliminate individuals from the old guard and secretly hired Tana Nile to provide testimony to disgrace Ronan the Accuser. In order to prove his innocence, Ronan sought out Nile and sought out allies in order to clear his name. Around this time, the universe experienced the Annihilation War as the forces of the Annihilation Wave surged from the Negative Zone in order to conquer the positive-matter universe in their lord Annihilus's name. (Annihilation: Ronan v1 #4) They came to join the forces of the United Front that had been assembled by Nova Richard Rider where the Kree battalions suffered from poor leadership as their command protocols failed with them seemingly having forgotten how to fight as House Fiyero simply threw bodies to die against the Wave. On Daedalus 5, Ronan arrived where he forcibly took command of the Kree forces where he organised them into a better fighting unit in helping fend off the Annihilation Wave's assault on the world. (Annihilation v1 #1) The ruling forces of House Fiyero came to secretly forge an alliance with the Annihilation Wave in order to spare themselves from the invasion leading to Ronan leading a group of volunteers to attacking Hala to depose the commerce rulers of the empire. During this time, the Annihilation Wave dispatched Ravenous and the Centurions to assist their new allies but they were defeated but they managed to teleport away. Ronan then proceeded to execute House Fiyero for treason and came to learn of the state of the Supreme Intelligence where the Accuser destroyed his containment chamber as an act of mercy as the living computer had been left in a living death state to which it could never be repaired. (Annihilation v1 #5)

Despite his ascension, he was forced to cede several worlds to Ravenous who now commanded the Annihilation Wave in the wake of Annihilus's death. In the aftermath, the Kree attempted to bolster their defenses with the aid of the Galadorian Space Knights but these warriors had actually been infected by the Phalanx who infiltrated the Kree technology. It was only through the efforts of the Guardians of the Galaxy and their allies did they managed to free Kree space from the infectious Phalanx.

On Earth, the seeming re-appearance of Captain Marvel led to a religious movement forming around him known as the Brotherhood of Hala. A human by the name of Mother Starr was deeply affected by an encounter with Mar-Vell with her heading the Church of Hala. (Captain Marvel v6 #1)

In the aftermath of the Phalanx invasion, the Kree were severely weakened and sought to recuperate their strength. To achieve that end, they used the abandoned Phalanx spire technology to envelope their space in a protective shield. They discovered Skrull infiltrators on Hala seeking to stop their ancient foes from interfering in the invasion of Earth with these agents being discovered and killed where they were fed to the spires to power them. (Guardians of the Galaxy v2 #8) Around this time, the Inhumans had departed Earth's Moon and took their entire city on a direct course towards Hala where they circumvented all obstacles that lay in their path. This saw the Royal Family arrive on the Kree homeworld itself where Ronan was prepared for the Inhumans to take their revenge on their creators. However, King Black Bolt instead wanted their subservience with Ronan acquiescing leading to the Inhuman Royal Family being declared the new rulers of the Kree empire. (Secret Invasion: War of Kings v1 #1)


The Invaders stand before the Kree Empire in All-New Invaders v1 #5.

Around this time, the Inhuman Royal Family began diverting resources from the core worlds to the fringe systems to support them. However, the Kree empire was greatly weakened by this point with some petitioning a change to policy by allowing the fringe worlds to support themselves and there should be a preservation of much needed resources. It was then that Black Bolt arrived who decreed that the Inhumans were to return to Earth. He left Ronan to be the regent of the empire with Black Bolt killing dissenting Kree ministers before the Inhumans departed. (FF v1 #7)

The Kree came to learn that the Phoenix Force was heading to the planet Earth with them prepared to allow it to ravage that world. However, they intended to use the opportunity as a means of capturing the cosmic entity and use it to revitalise the empire for millennia. Thus, the Supreme Intelligence had Noh-Varr betray the Avengers in order to capture a portion of the Phoenix Force. Upon learning of the Supremor's plan, Noh-Varr turned against the Kree who came to consider him a traitor for his actions and due to his betrayal of the Avengers he had no place among the heroes either. (Avengers v4 #27)

The latest plan of the Kree involved the Supremor directing his Pursuer Corps under Tanalth to recover the Gods' Whisper that had been dismantled on Earth. Tanalth's Pursuers managed to track the pieces to the original Invaders and assembled it on Hala where they used it to take control of the Eternal Ikaris. It was only the Invaders destroying the device was Ikaris freed from its effects. (All-New Invaders v1)

A lone Accuser survived the destruction of Hala and vowed revenge against the Guardians of the Galaxy for the perceived role in the destruction of her homeworld. (Guardians of the Galaxy v4 #2)

As part of the Kree-Vann Directive, Noh-Varr used the Plex Seed to reconstitute the living computer of the reality's Kree that formed a new iteration of the Supreme Intelligence to lead their race. (Royals v1 #6)

Events in the galaxy became turbulent when various factions sought to acquire the Infinity Stones with the newly anointed Extreme Intelligence tasking Kree forces to acquire the cosmic relics. (Infinity Countdown: Darkhawk v1 #3)

This resulted in a civil war erupting amongst the Kree with two factions forming with the warrior explorer forces of the Kree Imperium attempting to dominate the Utopian Kree. (Guardians of the Galaxy Annual v5 #1) The civil war in addition to the continued Kree-Skrull War was noted to had resulted in the death of millions. (Empyre v1 #1) Kree operatives were also secretly conducting missions on Earth to thwart Skrull infiltration of the planet. (Meet the Skrulls v1 #5) The secret Black Judges looked to enact their plan to subsume control of the Brood using the King Egg but the item was mistakenly taken by the New Mutants to Earth. This caused the Brood Queens to direct their entire forces to Earth to claim it whilst a Kree Black Judge similarly sought to reclaim it. His activities drew the attention of the Shi'ar Imperial Guard and the Accuser was killed by Gladiator whilst the King Egg was consumed by Broo who became the new ruler of the Brood. (X-Men v5 #9) During this time, elements within the Kree and Skrull empires proposed an end to hostilities whereby they would ally their respective factions into a united force known as the Alliance. This empire rallied under a figurehead that was Hulkling who took the position of Emperor in an effort to end a conflict that was killing millions. Upon the formation of the Alliance, the two once bitter foes united in order to deal with a new threat that emerged from the Cotati who were looking to purge the cosmos of all animal worlds. (Empyre v1 #1)



Ronan, a Kree Public Accuser from Annihilation v1 #5.

In appearance, the Kree were a race of humanoids that greatly resembled humans on the planet Earth. (Fantastic Four v1 #65) The Kree's home galaxy had gravity that was far stronger than that of Earth which meant that they had a freedom of movement and sheer physical strength that was many times greater than humans. (Marvel Super-Heroes v1 #1) On Earth-type worlds, the lighter gravity meant that they possessed three times the body power and speed. (Captain Marvel v1 #8) However, the atmosphere was noted for being different which meant that more oxygen-based worlds such as Earth had the Kree struggle to breath. This necessitated them to use special breathing formula or chemicals or artificial life support systems to operate in such environments. (Marvel Super-Heroes v1 #1) Kree powers were simply biological adaptations to a life of combat that were triggered in battle. (Life of Captain Marvel v2 #4)

Most Kree women had the natural ability to twist men's desires from a young age. This resulted in the males fearing this power leading to those females being identified and psychically mutilated to remove this trait. All Kree women went through this procedure as the males desired to remain in control and a result of this was the females being deprived of their ability to give and provide pleasure. A select number of female Kree develop even further with the power to drain the life out of others though this was rare with only 1-in-1000. (Captain Marvel v4 #13)

Their race was divided into two types with one being the Blue Kree that were native to Hala and began their galactic empire. Some had claimed that this branch was threatened to the point of extinction after absorbing other worlds and impure races into the ranks of their civilization. (Captain Marvel v1 #16) Intermarriage with other races said to had created the pink skinned Kree. (Captain Marvel v1 #38)

Cancer was a disease that afflicted the Kree and was known to them as the Black End. (Captain Marvel v6 #1) Other diseases that were known to affect the Kree included Blackgorge, Betath's Plague, and the Wasting. (Untold Legend of Captain Marvel v1 #1)


Kree celebrated the weak falling to the strong. (FF v1 #7) Family lines were divided into houses with some having long histories as soldiers. (Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur v1 #7) The Kree aristocracy was noted for holding a traditional powerbase among their people. (Realm of Kings: Inhumans v1 #1) The ancient noble houses of the Kree once held great power in their empire. (Realm of Kings: Inhumans v1 #2)

One of the positions in their Empire was that held by the Imperial Minister. (Captain Marvel v1 #1) Military matters were handled by the High Command. (Captain Marvel v1 #7) The supreme council were able to review the actions of their forces and determine any breaches in command. (Captain Marvel v1 #10) The different aspects of the Kree criminal justice system included; a Pursuer, a Detainer, an Accuser, a Protector and a Judge. (Marvel Team-Up v4 #6)

Kree considered themselves to be superior beings and expected utmost respect from other races to them. (Fantastic Four v1 #65) The species was noted for their devotion to science and rational thought which was why some Kree did not believe in deities. Instead, they decided to create a living god in the form of the Supreme Intelligence that embodied their ideals. However, whilst this was the case, there was a place known as the quantum fields where the deceased were expected to reside. (X-Men Unlimited v1 #5) Some followed the old precepts of the Cotati religion but such practices were outlawed by their High Command as these were seen as signs of sedition. However, in certain cases, such beliefs were tolerated if the subject was valuable to their society. (Untold Legend of Captain Marvel v1 #1) At one point, a cult formed on Halla consisting of Kree that believed in an icon that they called Tam-Bor. In actual fact, this was an artificial construction and a device made by Imperial Minister Zarek who intended to purge the empire of impure Kree. (Captain Marvel v1 #16)

Kree law held that a child of an officer was also inducted as a member of the Imperial Militia with refusal not an option. (Young Avengers v1 #11) Their legal system was said to had been learnt from the Voldi race. (Iron Man v5 #6) Among their legislation was the Frontier Articles of the Kree Empire that provided for mandate elimination of all registered threats. Any interference in the acting under the Articles was considered a violation and the offender was subject to being eliminated in response. (Magnificent Ms. Marvel v1 #11)

As a species, the Kree were characterised by their disciplined tenacity. (Thanos v1 #2) Kree soldiers were nurtured for galactic combat and taught to follow the dictates of the Code of the Kree with the first lesson being "Never give up until victory is won". (Captain Marvel v1 #26) Among the Kree, there were noted to had been 5370 rules of war. (Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur v1 #7) The sacred first principle of the Kree was that every death must be answered with the death of an enemy. It was said that they were ever the resourceful people especially in matters of vengeance. (Avengers v1 #365) Their elders never taught their young on how to live but rather on how to survive. (Life of Captain Marvel v2 #4) Kree guards were honor bound to obey but so long as such actions were in furtherance of the Kree. As such, if forced to serve another, then if an action was not in self-interest than orders were open to interpretation. (Annihilation Conquest Starlord v1 #4) Their society celebrated the weak falling to the strong and thus supporting the weak was seen as against their nature. Instead, they believed that their people should earn their own fate and work hard to become strong to support themselves. (FF v1 #7) Kree held that those that failed to execute traitors had to take the criminals place. (Captain Marvel v1 #10) Kree went through years of training to show blind obedience to their leaders. (Captain Marvel v1 #1) Refusal or disobedience to a direct order given by an expedition commander were punishable by death. (Captain Marvel v1 #6) In the Kree term "Ruhi-Tugu" meant "Protector" that was also a title given to those responsible for defending an important world. (Dark Avengers v1 Annual #1) Among the highest crimes within their society was being considered un-Kree. (Captain Marvel v1 #5) Genetic purity of the Kree was considered sacrament to their people and any genetic deviation such as mating with alien species was considered a crime in their empire. (Annihilation Conquest Starlord v1 #1)

There were a number of groups within their society that included:

  • Supreme Science Council : a senior governing body within the empire that decided matters on policy and war. (Captain Marvel v1 #53)
  • Accuser Corps : within Kree military society, the Public Accusers were an elite soldier class with them being the pre-eminent law-enforcement body of the empire where they acted as judge, jury and executioner for all Kree. They followed the harsh Kree penal code that allowed them to commit a sentence of death, exile or even brainwashing as punishment for a crime. For their mission, they were all provided a Cosmi-Rod and tended to be supported by a powerful Sentry. (Annihilation: Ronan v1 #1) Imperial Accusers were stated to not only wield weapons but were a weapon themselves. (Fantastic Four v3 #13) For three thousand generations, entry into the ranks of Accusers was achieved by passing tests of blood and courage. (Guardians of the Galaxy v4 #2) Within the corps were the Black Judges who were the secret science wing of the Accusers. (X-Men v5 #9)
  • Pursuer Corps : an elite unit that rivalled the Accuser Corps and dispatched to recover or eliminate targets. (All-New Marvel NOW! Point One v1 #1)
  • Bloodhounds : warriors that rode cybernetic canine like constructs that tracked Kree women that could drain another's lifeforce with the Bloodhounds going across interstellar distances to find their quarry. (Captain Marvel v4 #13)
  • Stormranger : a form of scout that explored space for worlds that could be added into the empire and also dealt with threats to the Kree. (Magnificent Ms. Marvel v1 #5)

A military unit within the empire was the Primary Espionage Unit that were dispatched on infiltration missions for the Supremor. (Silver Surfer v3 #5) One of the branches of their civilization was the Colonial Vanguard who's motto was "No one left behind". (Chaos War: Dead Avengers v1 #2) Another branch was the Lesser Megellanic Special Tactics Division that was known to gene-edit its soldiers for special tasks. (Venom: First Host v1 #5) There were a number of groups within Kree society which include the Priests of Pama and the Nameless.

The empire was noted to hold powerful merchant houses that had considerable influence. (Annihilation: Conquest - Wraith v1 #2) One group that had existed within the empire was the House of Fiyero that were merchants and traders. (Annihilation v1 #2) An institution within the empire included Retribution Gardens that was the preeminent military preschool franchise. (Guardians Team-Up v1 #6) There was one group of Kree that opposed the control of their empire by the blue race and believed in a prophesized leader that would arise to bring unity to their race. This figure they called the Tsu-Zana (Ultimate Unifier) who was believed to return glory to Hala and all the Kree. (Ultragirl v1 #3) They were noted for holding a native sun god and warriors at times did an invocation to the deity. (Fantastic Four Annual v1 #18)

A homily known to all Kree children the moment they become aware of the society around them was the parable of the first Kree on how they lived peacefully alongside the plant-people of their world but there was no progress until the arrival of the Skrulls. Their version of events spoke on how the Kree worked hard for the prize but the were evil and untrustworthy with them being bribed by the plant-people. (Captain Marvel v1 #38) Education was handled at a multi-versity with Kree learning through edutapes. (Captain Marvel v1 #8) Kree had art that was noted for being quite beautiful but they did not appreciate it the same way humans were able to do so. Whilst humans admired the beauty, Kree tended to admire the practical technical skill needed in making art. (Captain Marvel v6 #1)

Execution of Kree was conducted by the rite of Protronic that had been the official manner such termination was done in the Kree empire for nine hundred years. It destroyed the mind and the body so that brain patterns could never reassemble themselves for reincarnation with it considered the ultimate form of termination. This was considered a traditional death among the Kree with it achieved through a disintegrator. It was considered a tradition that was older than civilization for their people. (Captain Marvel v1 #38) The dead were sent to the Etherplex with the Sublime Intelligence deciding which Kree were allowed into that realm. (Chaos War: Dead Avengers v1 #1)

In the Kree language, the word Car-Ell meant Champion on Hala. (Life of Captain Marvel Vol 2 #4) The Kree calendar by the modern age was 456 with it being termed as the Khen-Vell Sah. (Guardians of the Galaxy v2 #2)

For currency, the Kree made use of finance known as kredits. (Captain Marvel v1 #11)


Their knowledge base was much more advanced when compared to humanity to the point that they referred to it as Kree Super-Science. (Captain Marvel v1 #6) The power of the Kree was said to be so much greater than that of worlds such as Earth that it was said to appear as virtual magic to those civilizations. (Fantastic Four v1 #65) Their advanced technology made them one of the most powerful races in the universe. (Young Avengers v1 #11)

In certain alien environments, the atmospheric requirements were not suitable for the Kree. This resulted in them creating a breathing potion which they had to take to function for hours otherwise they begin to struggle for breath in the alien environment. In its pure form, the potion was too concentrated and needed to be diluted so that it could be used. (Captain Marvel v1 #2) Mind erasers were used to remove select memories from an individual. (Captain Marvel v1 #5) A truth chair was an item used to interrogate their own people and determine the truthfulness of a Kree if their loyalty was ever in question as judged by the readings of the veraticometer. (Captain Marvel v1 #7) Certain warriors were provided devices known as an Amulet of Pam'a that contained cloaking devices that masked their true identity from others. (Life of Captain Marvel v2 #4) Kree since ancient times had also created nanosuits that responded to their DNA and formed into a wearable suit for their user. (Magnificent Ms. Marvel v1 #5) The artificial intelligence inherent in them were programmed to follow Kree laws. (Magnificent Ms. Marvel v1 #11)

For missions, they could be given a Uni-Band that was considered the Swiss army knife of Kree military technology in that it was part scanner, weapon and cloaking device. (Marvel Team-Up v4 #5) A weapon in their arsenal was the universal beam that could come in the form of a pistol. (Marvel Super-Heroes v1 #12) These uni-beams were weapons of great destructive potential with lenses able to accomplish various feats from damaging beams to manipulating magnetic fields. (Marvel Super-Heroes v1 #13) These devices were part weapon and part tool capable of multiple functions. (Captain Marvel v1 #7) In combat, they wore synthesized battle-suits that preserved their strength and had vibration-absorbing qualities. (Captain Marvel v1 #1) These Kree uniforms were said to be able to withstand re-entry heat. (Captain Marvel v1 #11) Kree uniforms were said to contain refractory coating that could ward off some element of gun blasts. (Untold Legend of Captain Marvel v1 #2) All Kree equipment contained a self-destruct mechanism that was to be used in case of capture. (Captain Marvel v1 #16) These actually generated a specific form of radiation that could be tracked. They also used carry-all cylinders that were used to store equipment but if captured they had a two hour period where they could be recovered otherwise the equipment a device that was the equivalent of an atomic warhead. (Captain Marvel v1 #2) Part of the suit included a Uni-Beam that was both multiple weapons and tools. (Captain Marvel v1 #7)

Kree also created Neuro-Lances that were staff-like weapons able to shock a victim's central nervous system to the point of death. (Planet Hulk Gladiator Guidebook v1 #1) Other weapons included the negatron sphere that produced an ever-increasing radiation that culminated in the destructive blast from its anti-matter core which could destroy large structures. Hyperspace Bolts could be launched over interstellar distances to destroy a target with the fearsome power of this attack capable of destroying planets. (Captain Marvel v1 #16)

They made use of computers known as analyzers that answered queries and went through information for their users. (Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur v1 #10) An information gathering tool used by the Kree included the Intelligence Matrix that were designed to obtain valuable telemetry for defensive purposes. (Untold Legend of Captain Marvel v1 #1) For communication, members of the Kree were provided with personal communi-disks. (Captain Marvel v1 #1) Monitor bands located beneath the gloves were able to send a distress signal to ships in orbit. (Captain Marvel v1 #3) They utilised hyper-radio across large interstellar distances at 22 times the speed of light with no space-time lag allowing for instantaneous communication. (Captain Marvel v1 #10) A noted creation of their race was the Omni-Wave Projector that could send instantaneous messages across the void of space to other galaxies. It was a tool for communication but could be adapted into a dangerous weapon with the Omni-Wave technology's construction being a closely guarded secret of the Kree. (Avengers v1 #93) Images were shown on vizeoscopes that allowed the Kree to observe distant locations. (Captain Marvel v1 #7) A tool they used for combat training was done so through radio-induced hallucinations with the subject being placed in psycho-combat. In their mind, the warrior was engaged in battle against dangerous foes with the insanity factor controlled remotely through an electronic console. Monthly combat refresher trials were scheduled for warriors but high-intensity killer-levels were dangerous as they could lead to the subject suffering from heart seizures, neuro-shock and even death. (Captain Marvel v1 #6)

At some point long ago, they had made a number of experiments in light energy but these were deemed dangerous as initial tests created photo-kinetic being known as a Solam. Such entities were energy that was converted into living breathing mass who possessed great destructive power. (Captain Marvel v1 #6) They made use of beta rays to teleport individual from one site to another which went by five times the speed of light. Through their knowledge of bionics science, they transmuted the individuals each living cell into naked energy that was sent to the target site. (Captain Marvel v1 #7)

The Kree made use of Daxilium in constructing material with this being the strongest alloy known to their science with pure versions of it being deemed nearly unbreakable. (Captain Marvel v1 #11)

Their knowledge of the biological sciences allowed them to genetically engineer other life forms for certain tasks. One such organism were genetically engineered Kree warriors called Kleaners that were dispatched to eliminate specific targets. (Life of Captain Marvel v2 #4) When a signal was activated, it triggered a number of deep-space pods that were sent on path to the target world where they initiated their inception protocol. This triggered gestation with the kleaner undergoing combat tutorials directly into their mind as they gradually matured to adulthood. An on-board intelligence system called the Mother Kree instructed the Kree humanoid organism and provided data on the target world so that the kleaner was fully prepared on arrival. (Life of Captain Marvel v2 #1) Another kind of bio-organism were Evolvers that were the ultimate assassins of the Kree. These warriors were born from small egg-like constructs that could be ingested by beings and vomited out. Once done, the egg began to develop and form into a humanoid being that was armed with an energy staff. They were programmed with knowledge and instructions from the Supreme Intelligence where they set about achieving their mission. Evolver eggs always came in pairs with one consisting of the hunter and the other their mount. (Thing: Freakshow v1 #3) The mount was a Kree-Kowl that was a many-eyed worm-like insectoid creature that could fly and spit out deadly liquids from its large maw. If the Evolvers staff was damaged, then it devolved the assassin and their mount into their harmless egg-like state. (Thing: Freakshow v1 #4)

Their technology allowed them to create remarkably advanced cyberorganic constructs and technosynths. (X-Force and Cable Annual v1 #'96) Among their constructs included:

  • Pain-Trainers : devices used for the training of warriors with their difficulty divided into numerical levels with the higher ones being incredibly dangerous. (Life of Captain Marvel v2 #4)
  • Mind-Meks : these were equipped to speak and monitor information from across a ship. (Captain Marvel v1 #1)
  • Beetledroids : form of combat machine that resembled small insectoids that moved to incapacitate their targets. (Inhumans v3 #1)
  • Synth-Men : this form of humanoid robots were perfectly suited for a war of annihilation and were artificially maintained by their armors which amplified their strength and stamina. Their dedication to warfare was so absolute that some did not know any other life. (Inhumans v3 #1)
  • Warhawk : a bipedal humanoid robot designated as Class 1 battle armors forged of strong Adamantine steel and armed with proton blasts in the arms with these machines capable of easily levelling cities by themselves as they were built for raw power. They were built to operate in zero-gravity environments and had massive internal power systems. (Ms. Marvel v1 #17)
  • Null-Trons : giant, robotic, monolithic heads created as enforcers for the Kree Empire that were supposedly decommissioned by the Supreme Intelligence. (Captain Marvel v1 #44)
  • Mandroids : a deadly humanoid machine that were dispatched to hunt and execute traitors across far-flung galaxies with these robots being noted for their legendary ferocity. (Captain Marvel v1 #18)
  • Mim Unit : an outlawed experiment in reviving slain soldiers as undead cyborgs. (Captain Marvel v1 #129)

Another more noted weapon of war were the Kree's Destructoids which were designed for use in war time. Each was manned by hundreds of soldiers and took on two forms. The first was starships that travelled space until it arrived at its destination. The second form was a giant humanoid shape. Their weaponry had great destructive power with only two such units capable of pacifying a primitive defenseless planet. (Silver Surface v3 #6) These gargantuan war machines had staggering costs to manufacture and their lack of finesse meant that they were replaced instead by sentry variants and combat androids. (Realm of Kings: Inhumans v1 #3)

A type of Imperial Cruiser used were the Worldbeater class that could hold a crew compliment of 103 and measuring 390,000 tons. (Untold Legend of Captain Marvel v1 #1) Nenora-class destroyers were a type of large warship used by the Kree. (Venom: First Host v1 #5) Another kind of vessel was the Starstealth-class Assault Vessel that was able to hold a large cargo of weaponry. (Planet Hulk Gladiator Guidebook v1 #1)

Kree science of bionics was able to transmute living cells into energy through Beta-Rays allowing them to transport individuals across interstellar distances. (Captain Marvel v1 #7) They created teleportation lanes that allowed a user of Kree technology to access them to rapidly transport themselves over an area. (Captain Marvel v1 #16)

Another armament in their arsenal were the Kree Death Missiles. (Nick Fury, Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. v3 #4) It was regarded as an Omega bomb that was capable of unleashing devastating damage to a world. (Nick Fury, Agent of S.H.I.E.L.D. v3 #6)

One device created by their kind was the Psyche-Magnitron that was later outlawed by their empire. It had the power of allowing its user to conjure up anything that was devised by Kree science. (Captain Marvel v1 #18) Wielders of this item was noted as being able to create anything known by Kree science and when its ray hit its user, it allowed them to create machinery that they desired or even alter the genetic structure body of a body as well as gift them with superpower. The Magnetron Power Core was contained within a small shielded box in order to protect everyone outside from its high degree of radiation. If the power unit was separated from the box, it changed its form immediately into that of a bigger starred polyhedron. It still emitted the same energy as the Psyche Magnetron but to such a level that it bathed subjects with high quanities of energy that burnt, blinded, destroyed the senses or even killed a subject in minutes. However, those that were exposed to it gained even greater levels of matter shaping powers that were unfortunately difficult to control. The radiation was noted as covering all the known spectrums and was powerful enough to transform the area the size of Northern Florida into a radioactive wasteland.

The Kree developed a device known as the Psycho-Tron that were large interrogation machines that used invisible psycho-probe beams to search a target's deepest fears. It then projected those fears to assault the target to cause them to mentally break. During this time, it monitored the targets vitals and the state of their primary fear-trace patterns. (Captain Marvel v1 #23) They instituted interstellar policy such as Plan Atavus that was used to deal with primitive worlds that they had observed for a long length of time. On such worlds, they created secret citadels that when activated emitted evo-rays that affected everything in its path causing them to revert backwards in their evolutionary history till everything was turned back into a primitive state. Thus, any intelligence or reason was removed from a potential species deemed as a threat leading to their elimination. (Avengers v1 #90)

Among their construction's included Omni-Domes that were within outposts that contained stockpiles of weaponry and guarded by a Sentry. (What If? v1 #27)


The Kree Empire in Annihilation: Ronan v1 #1.
  • Morag : a brutal male warrior during the Kree Year Zero when they were a primitive barbaric race who was part of the representatives taken by the Skrulls and led his kin in killing the peaceful aliens in order to steal their technology to create the Kree Empire. (Avengers v1 #133)
  • Ronan :
  • Zarek :
  • Mar-Vell :
  • Una :
  • Korath :
  • Yon-Rogg :
  • Phae-Dor : a male blue Kree who was the head of the Supreme Science Council. (Captain Marvel v1 #52)
  • Por-Bat : a male blue Kree who was a member of the Supreme Science Council who urged to strike Skrull space in the War of the Three Galaxies. In reality, he was a Skrull infiltrator who was attempting to instigate hostilities between his empire and the Kree to spur them into a battle that they could not win. (Captain Marvel v1 #53)
  • Falzon : an elderly male blue Kree who was against the use of the Inhumans who he considered as an unforgivable sin of their kind with him maintaining this view for 9 years. (Inhumans v1 #3)
  • At-Lass : male blue Kree who enlisted in the military and was a noted soldier with him operating as Captain Atlas. (Quasar v1 #9)
  • Koth : the first Kree lawgiver who made stone tablets of law to govern his people with one line staring "wheresoever Kree sets foot so shall Kree law hold sway". (Annihilation: Ronan v1 #1)
  • Stella Nega : a female Kree from the year 1000 A.D. who was part of her era's Guardians of the Galaxy. (Guardians of Infinity v1 #2)
  • Mel-Varr : a male Kree boy from the world of Nova Hala IV. (Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur v1 #7)
  • Tanalth : a female blue skinned Kree that was the High Pursuer of the Pursuer Corps and said to be equal to Ronan. (All-New Marvel NOW! Point One v1 #1)
  • Ajes'ha : a female blonde haired Kree woman who thousands of years ago gained the Moonstone and became one of the Guardians of the Galaxy. (Thunderbolts v1 #45)
  • Kev-Lar : a male scientist with cybernetic implants that served the Supreme Intelligence and deployed Shatterax on missions. (Iron Man v1 #278)
  • Shatterax : a cybernetic Kree techno-warrior wearing a battlesuit that was equipped with numerous weapons. (Iron Man v1 #278)
  • Tsu-Zana : a female pink-skin Kree who was named as the prophesized Ultimate Unifier of her people with her also being a Mutant. On Earth, she was given the name of Susanna Lauren Sherman who was unaware of her heritage and she believed she was an ordinary human until she was attacked by a Sentinel whereupon she began to operate as the superhero Ultragirl. (Ultragirl v1 #3)
  • Sim-Del : male blue Kree scientist that had created a power source which could have brought light to the galaxy but was threatened by the Kree merchant houses. He and his wife were killed but not before they managed to hide their son Zak-Del who vowed revenge. (Annihilation: Conquest - Wraith v1 #2)
  • Minister Marvel :
  • Sro-Himm : a male blue Kree who served as an Admiral in the military but later joined the renegade Lunatic Legion. (Captain Marvel v1 #38)
  • Gla-Ree : a male pink-skin warrior of the Kree Armada who was known as Captain Glory. (Avengers v1 #681)
  • Dea-Sea : a male blue-skin Kree Pluskommander who was sent to capture the Infinity Stones. (Infinity Countdown: Darkhawk v1 #3)
  • Doctor Eve : a female pink-skin Kree scientist who looked to stop the attrition experienced by the empire in the Kree/Skrull War by conducting research in reviving slain warriors as undead cyborg Mim Units (Captain Marvel v1 #129)
  • Tel-Kar : a white haired blue-skin Kree who many years ago served in the military during the Kree/Skrull War where he bonded with the Venom Symbiote and sent undercover on missions against the Skrull empire. (Venom: First Host v1 #1) He went through extensive training to be a deep cover agent for the Fleet of the Third Spiral Arm where he was dispatched on numerous assignments until the wars end where his failure led to his disgrace and him being traded to the enemy until his eventual release where he sought to re-bond with the Symbiote. (Venom: First Host v1 #2)
  • Mari-Ell : a blonde haired pink-skin female Kree warrior who was sent to infiltrate Earth where she fell in love with Joe Danvers where she became pregnant with his child named Carol Danvers. (Life of Captain Marvel v2 #4)
  • Av-Rom : male blue-skinned Kree who was a captain in the Kree Imperial Militia that was sent to recover Hulkling after it was discovered the boy was the son of Mar-Vell. (Young Avengers v1 #11)
  • Plaht : a male blue-skinned Kree noted for being an ingenious person and served as head scientist. (Captain Marvel v4 #24)
  • Sallen Bei : a male keeper of memory stationed on the library-world of Cyllandra who recorded the events of the Kree/Shi'ar War. (Avengers: Strikefile v1 #1)
  • Pulse : a male cyberorganic construct and technosynth who worked for the resistance forces against the Shi’ar when they controlled the Kree Empire. (X-Force and Cable Annual v1 #'96)
  • Galen-Kor : a male Blue Kree Admiral of the Imperial Fleet who survived the destruction of the Nega-Bomb that devastated the empire. He vowed vengeance against Earth for its role in the Kree/Shi’ar War and thus took his forces to the planet in order to destroy the Avengers. (Avengers v1 #364).
  • Vron-Ikka : a female pink-skin Kree holding the rank of Major where she infiltrated Earth to get access to Rick Jones as Veronica Ronnie to learn the secrets of the Destiny Force from his biography. (Avengers Spotlight v1 #25)
  • Sinta : a female member of the Accuser Corps who was involved in the plot to capture a portion of the Phoenix Force for use by the empire. (Avengers v4 #27)
  • Inndig-O : a female Accuser and member of Starforce Blue. (Marvel Team-Up v4 #6)
  • Seruly-N : a Detainer and member of Starforce Blue. (Marvel Team-Up v4 #6)
  • Cadmi-M : a female Pursuer and member of Starforce Blue. (Real name first revealed)
  • Yond-R : a male Protector and member of Starforce Blue. (Real name first revealed)
  • Major-L : a male half-Eternal Ultimus judge and member of Starforce Blue. (Marvel Team-Up v4 #6)
  • Gla-Ree : a male pink Kree genetically engineered to be a supersoldier where he was known as Captain Glory. (Empyre v1 #1)
  • Jo-Venn : a male blue Kree genetically engineered to hold the collective warrior experiences of his entire race and thus became the Chronicle of the Kree race. (Fantastic Four v6 #21)
  • Lauri-Ell : a female blue Kree who was artificially engineered from the genetics of Mari-Ell and another warrior making her Carol Danvers half-sister. (Captain Marvel v10 #18)
  • Soh-Larr : a male blue Kree ultra-warrior who was born and bred to fight the Skrulls but instead fell in love with his counterpart the war-queen R'yaga where he was the father of their hybrid child Dorrek Supreme. (New Avengers v4 #4)


  • The Kree were created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby where they made their first appearance in Fantastic Four v1 #65 (August, 1967).
  • According to the Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe v1 #6 (1983), its stated that the Kree formed their empire over a million years ago after stealing the technology from the Skrulls and in the span of a century had advanced technologically into an interstellar civilization.
  • The All-New Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe v1 #6 (2006) states that Celestials in the distant past came to Hala to experiment on its native race where they produced three sub-races including the Kree Eternals and the Kree Deviants. According to the Handbook, the Kree Eternals were all but extinct in the modern era whilst the fate of the Kree Deviants remained unknown.
  • On Comic Book Resources, writer James Robinson noted on the creation of a new Kree character, "There was already a Pursuer character, who had been killed, named Korath. So I thought about it and it was kind of cool that they had these galactic Kree judges in the Accusers. I likened it to the TV show "Law and Order" in that they have these sort of cop/hunting dogs that go out and drag criminals back in the Pursuers. So I came up with Tanalth, this new pursuer that takes over from Korath. She's mean and ambitious, and from there, Steve designed the Pursuers. He gave them this Spartan-Greek warrior feel to their armor, how they work together and everything else. It was really exciting to see it all come together in the way that Steve did it... They're definitely highly trained, elite warriors. I'd liken them to the equivalent of Navy SEALS or Delta Force. They're not just foot soldiers. They honestly look down a little bit on foot soldiers. Their costumes are very dark and they have a stealth ops feel to them."

Alternate Versions

  • In Fantastic Four v3 #16 (1999), the Kree appeared in an alternate world setting that was designated as Earth-99315. In this universe, a great cataclysm affected the cosmos upon its conclusion saw the Kree coming and ruling Earth. They attempted to conquer the planet but failed to defeat the natives who forced them to go back into orbit where they built a giant orbital ring around the Earth. During that time, an Acanti came to Earth that landed on the surface that disgorged hordes of Brood who targeted both the Kree and the humans. The Kree established their own version of the Avengers that consisted of their race that patrolled the planetary surface.
  • In Mutant X v1 #14 (1999), the Kree were shown to inhabit an alternate reality of Mutant X that was designated as Earth-1298. A Kree Death Squad was sent to Earth with the goal of eliminating the threat of the Goblin Queen where they targeted her ex-husband Havok and their son Scotty Summers but were defeated by the Starjammers. They along with forces sent by other alien civilizations were then forced to return to their homes by Uatu the Watchers.
  • In Earth X v1 (1999), the Kree appeared in the alternate world setting of universe Earth-9997. The Kree were shown as being an advanced interstellar species that came on Earth where their experiments on mankind unlocked a genetic potential in a number of specimens who became the Inhumans. These Inhumans later rebelled against their creators and formed their own civilization on Earth. Afterwards, the Kree agent Mar-Vell turned against his people and sided with the inhabitants of Earth.
  • In X-Men: The End v1 (2004), the Kree were shown to inhabit the alternate reality designated as Earth-41001. Their great empire had been toppled by the Shi'ar though they had secretly been working to re-establish their power base. They made use of Command Dreadnoughts that could turn a planet to dust and was sent to a rendezvous location for the Kree to acquire a captive Phoenix-empowered Jean Grey from Slavers.
  • In Ultimate Secret v1 #1 (2005), the Kree appeared in the Ultimate Marvel universe set on Earth-1610. They were a blue skinned humanoid extraterrestrial species of advanced aliens whereby individual Kree were noted to hold trial-fathers with their society governed by the Supreme Intelligence. A figure known as Hala emerged among their people with some considering him to be a god though others noted he was a Kree that taught that innocent life was worth saving. The family of Halason were respected as a family of God's Chosen. Their fleet was known as the Kree Void Navy with a ranks including Shipthanes and Pluskommander that were officers that were the equivalent of captains. Their technology was responsible for creating machines known as Killforms and conducted surgery to transform members of their race into another species for infiltration missions that was maintained by surgical disguise systems. Kree vessels did not use conventional propulsion drives but instead dropped into the Flow Layer whereupon the deployed a field that tacks into faster-than-light infraspatial currents allowing them to sail under real space. At some point, they discovered the existence of the vast machine intelligence known as Gah Lak Tus and sought to prevent its spread in the cosmos. Pluskommander Geheneris HalaSon Mahr Vehl was deployed to Earth to prevent the coming of the Gah Lak Tus swarm.
  • In Skrulls Vs. Power Pack v1 #2 (2008), the Kree were shown to inhabit an alternate reality that was designated as Earth-5631.
  • In Squadron Supreme v4 #8 (2016), it was revealed that the Kree of Earth-4290001 that was home to the Great Society were a reclusive race of wizards.
  • In Captain America v1 #701 (2018), an alternate possible timeline was shown that was set a century in the future. On this Earth, the Kree Empire seemingly made peaceful contact with Earth but were in fact attempting to enslave the population with a serum.

In other media


  • In Fantastic Four, the Kree were mentioned in the animated television series where they were referenced in the three part Inhuman Saga that was an adaptation of the comic storyline. Within the episode, the Seeker comments on the origins of the Inhuman people and mentions the Kree being responsible in experimenting on early humans to create their people.
  • In X-Men, the Kree briefly appeared in the animated television series during the "Phoenix Saga". They were among the delegates that attended the trial of Jean Grey after she was possessed by the Dark Phoenix. The Kree and the Skrulls were consulted by Lilandra Neramani about the challenge initiated by Professor X for his X-Men to fight the Shi'ar Imperial Guard on the Moon for the life of Jean Grey.
  • In Silver Surfer, the Kree appeared in the animated television series where the Kree Empire was headed by the Supreme Intelligence with a Prime Minister beneath him. Their species are noted for believing in utility and often required advanced payment before helping others who need to prove their worth in order to gain their help. However, the Kree were quite capable of treachery in order to accomplish their goals. They saw races like the Trolls as simple slaves that were expendable similar to labour animals or tools. The Kree are noted as near master of genetic engineering, however, they were incapable of creating superior soldiers which resulted in their attempt at invading the planet Carridas in order to obtain their knowledge. The Kree also constructed an organic brain system called a Combined Intelligence which controlled various outposts and slave labour colonies providing a level of automation that did not require a Kree overseer to be present. These apparently took the brain patterns of living beings to accomplish tasks.
  • In Fantastic Four: World's Greatest Heroes, Kree law had a criminal charged with crimes against the Kree Empire holding the right to be terminated on their home planet. Furthermore, those that stand against the Kree are considered that are to be killed immediately and that any attack on a Kree Sentry is an assault on the Empire itself. One of the noted position was that of the Supreme Public Accuser who serves as judge and executioner of those that have wronged the Empire. Its also stated that the Kree do not make contact with other races but conquers them. The Kree are noted for the possession of wormhole technology allowing them to transport individuals to their home galaxy. Furthermore, they are capable of encompassing a stadium sized structure in an energy field that can be transported to any location. This barrier appears as a domed energy structure on the outside which is impervious to some forms of attacks. They are also capable of placing collars on individuals that possess superhuman powers allowing the Kree to suppress such abilities.
  • In Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes, the Kree are shown to be enemies of the Skrull empire. In "459", Captain Mar-Vell of the Kree Navy's science division was dispatched to Earth to investigate its inhabitans who were deemed to hold great genetic potential. One of their Sentries was dispatched to Earth as it was seen as a useful strategic post for their war against the Skrulls. The robotic construct was tasked with determining resistance and the conflict with Iron Man, Thor, and defection of Captain Mar-Vell caused the Sentry to activate its Nega-Bomb to destroy the people of Earth until the superheroes stopped it. After its defeat, Mar-Vell decided to go back to the Kree Empire to plead Earth's case to the Supreme Intelligence in order to spare humanity. In "Michael Korvac", the Kree were revealed to had been responsible for experimenting on Michael Korvac making him a superpowered being who destroyed the Kree vessel he was on before returning to Earth.
  • In Marvel Disk Wars: The Avengers, the Kree appeared and were referenced in the setting of the animated television series in the episode “Guardians of the Galaxy”. A device known as the Kree Mact was a source of incredible energy that was stolen by the Guardians of the Galaxy. They brought it to Earth for safekeeping where they were pursued by the Kree Ronan who attempted to reclaim it but was defeated by the Avengers.
  • In Marvel's Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D., the Kree appeared in the live-action television series set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. The episode of "Yes Men" has a mention of the Kree where Lady Sif mentions them as being one of the races she had encountered in her travel through the realms. They made a further appearance in the episode "Aftershock". Portrayed as blue skinned humanoids from the world of Hala that required a nitrogen to breath and could alter their skin to resemble humans. Ancient Kree history, Terrigenesis came to worlds and altering the inhabitants during an eons long war where they needed living weapons. A vicious faction among their kind made modifications to native lifeforms through Terrigen Crystals with it believed that these experiments had failed. However, in fact, the ones on Earth were a success but they had gone out of control forcing the Kree to shut them down. Six keys known as Diviners were created that were able to transform the altered humans into Inhumans but these were buried. In "Failed Experiments", it was revealed that Kree Reapers were responsible for the program in transforming humans into Inhumans. By the modern day, a signal was activated in one of the abandoned Inhuman cities that alerted the Kree Vin-Tak who came to Earth to check that the Diviners remained buried. His arrival on Earth was detected by Heimdall with Odin dispatching Lady Sif to intercept him. Vin-Tak used his truncheon to render Sif losing her memories. She later met Coulsons S.H.I.E.L.D. and captured Vin-Tak as he sought to examine the crate believed to contain the Diviners. He ultimately revealed his purpose as he intended to stop the rise of the Inhumans as he knew that the ruling faction of his people would return to Earth to use them as slave-soldiers. They later discovered that the Diviners were missing and that Skye had accidently undergone Terrigenesis to become an inhuman. Vin-Tak sought to eliminate her and Sif intended to take her away until Skye demonstrated that she was willing to kill herself rather than become dangerous. Thus, she was left behind whilst Vin-Tak was subjected to amnesia when Bobbi Morse used his own truncheon on him making him forget his mission. In season 5, it was shown that a future had the Kree coming to the devastated Earth where they took over the Lighthouse that held the last remnants of mankind in space. A Kree named Kassius who along with his enforcers kept the human population as relative slaves on the station.
  • In Avengers Assemble, the Kree appeared in the animated television series in the episode "Captain Marvel". They were stated to be a highly sophisticated civilization who were responsible for genetic experiments on Carol Danvers turning her into Captain Marvel. Among their creations were small drones that fired energy blasts at their targets and robotic self-repairing Sentries. Galen-Kor arrived in Earth where he intended to harvest the planet of New Inhumans to use them as living weapons for the Kree Empire. These Inhumans were paralysed with a red gas that rendered them unconscious though the gas was toxic to ordinary humans. They came into conflict with Captain Marvel and the Avengers who defeated the Kree. In the episode "Westland", one of their weapons was the Kree Conquest Hive that were dropped on unsuspecting planets where it produced attackbots that assaulted the locals to the point of allowing the Kree to clean up the rest for them.
  • In Guardians of the Galaxy, the Kree made multiple appearances in the animated television series. It was shown that they operated a prison facility in space known as the Monolith of Justice where convicted criminals resided with them either receiving psychological reconditioning or execution.


  • In the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the Kree appeared in the shared continuity setting.
    • In the Guardians of the Galaxy, the Kree first appeared in the live-action film where they were a race of blue skinned aliens that ruled an empire and were led by an emperor. It was shown that at some point in the past that they waged a brutal war with the Nova Empire of Xandar until a peace treaty was signed. However, Ronan the Accuser was dissatisfied with this peace and instead went renegade where he intended to destroy the planet.
    • In the Guardians of the Galaxy Vol 2, the Kree were referenced in the live-action sequel with Nebula stating that Yondu Odunata was wanted in 12 Kree provinces and Gamora stated that they were being hunted by Kree Purists.
    • In Captain Marvel, the Kree appeared in the live-action prequel film that was set in the 1980s to the 1990s. It was shown that the Kree civilization was a militaristic expansionist empire that was managed by the Supreme Intelligence which was a sophisticated A.I. that managed their governance. They were engaged in a long protracted conflict against the Skrulls where they destroyed their homeworld and turned them into a race of interstellar refugees. To the Kree, the Skrulls were a subversive group where it was claimed that they infiltrated the empire's Border Worlds with the Starforce dispatched to eliminate them.
  • In Marvel Rising: Secret Warriors, the Kree made an appearance in the animated film where the blue-skinned humanoids were described as a militaristic race who forged an empire. It was said that thousands of years ago they came to Earth where they created the Inhumans to serve as super-soldiers for them. However, they came to abandon their experiments and left the Inhumans on Earth with them not having been seen since that time. By modern day, the Terrigen Mists got released globally creating scores of new Inhumans with this being detected by the Kree leading to Hala the Accuser arriving to capture them and make them into an army for the Kree empire.

Video games

  • In Marvel: Avengers Alliance 2, the Kree Empire appeared as antagonists in the setting of the mobile video game. The backstory stated that their empire spanned over 100,000 star systems and was one of the largest concentrations of power in the Galaxy. It was said that they were governed from Gala by the hyper-intelligent Supreme Intelligence that guided the war-like Kree who were bred to genetic perfection for discipline and combat superiority.
  • In Guardians of the Galaxy: The Telltale Series, the Kree appeared in the video game where they were said to be an advanced civilization whose homeworld was destroyed by Thanos. It was believed their race was extinct but a single vessel had survived that contained a sleeper crew where most had died. They were led by Hala the Accuser who led them to acquire the Eternity Forge after Thanos was killed in order to use its power to restore her homeworld and her son. This brought her into conflict with the Guardians of the Galaxy.
  • In Marvel Strike Force, the Kree appeared in the setting of the mobile video game primarily as antagonists under the warlord Ultimus. Among the types of Kree warriors included Cyborgs, Nobles, Reapers, Oracles and the Royal Guard.
  • In Guardians of the Galaxy: The Telltale Series, the Kree appeared in the setting of the video game. It was revealed that their homeworld was destroyed by Thanos but a small band of survivors operated under Hala the Accuser. She intended to find and claim the Eternity Forge with which she planned to resurrect the Kree people.
  • In Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order, the Kree made an appearance in the Wii video game. They came to acquire the Infinity Stones that they tried to hide from Thanos with them placing it on a Hala-class warship that staffed hundreds of warriors. Nebula assisted Ronan in staging an ambush on the vessel but this drew the Guardians of the Galaxy who inadvertently tripped the trap thus allowing Proxima Midnight to arrive on the ship to try and claim the stones for her master.


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