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The Jem'Hadar are a species that feature in Star Trek.



The Jem'Hadar were a humanoid warrior species that were engineered as soldiers who operated in the Gamma Quadrant. They came to be the most feared soldiers of the Dominion. (Episode: The Jem'Hadar)

Once trapped in the Alpha Quadrant, the Dominion began breeding new Jem'Hadar with these being engineered to be more aggressive as this was believed appropriate during the conflict against their enemies. These Alpha Jem'Hadar began to feature in growing numbers during the course of the Dominion War. (Episode: One Little Ship)


They were bred in hatcheries in large numbers with their loses not mourned as they performed their duty to the Dominion. (Episode: Penumbra) Their eyesight was noted to be excellent and much better when compared to the Vorta. (Episode: Favor the Bold)

Infant Jem'Hadar strongly resembled mammalian races with a complex resembling that of humans. In a day of maturation, the infant developed advanced language skills and cognitive reason where over time their skin began to pale to a bluish-white along with developing scaly reptilian features. During their adolescence, Jem'Hadar required food for nourishment. (Episode: The Abandoned) By adulthood, the Jem'Hadar required neither sleep nor food with all nourishment coming from the drug ketracel-white that offered all necessary nutrient as they had been engineered to be deliberating missing a isogenic enzyme for their metabolism. This resulted in them being addicted to 'the white' that served as a further source of their loyalty. (Episode: To the Death) A lack of White created anxiety within the Jem'Hadar and caused them to disobey orders. (Episode: Rock and Shoals) Among certain specimens, they faced a genetic mutation that occurred in their lifespan where they generated Ketracel-White naturally thus leading to them no longer being dependent on the drug. (Episode: Hippocratic Oath)

When suffering from White withdrawal, they proved to be unable to Shroud themselves. (Episode: Rock and Shoals)

Jem'Hadar were engineered to be soldiers and crew starships with no other aspect to their culture that shunned any form of relaxation or recreation as they believed such things made them weak. (Episode: To the Death) It was this reason that their vessels lacked seating or even viewscreens. (Episode: One Little Ship)

Most Jem'Hadar tended to die young in battle and as such it was rare for them to reach old age with this typically being past fifteen years of age. Even fewer members of their kind lived to the age of twenty with those that did being awarded the title of Honored Elder with none having reached the age of thirty. (Episode: To the Death) During the Dominion War, the Dominion created a new breed of Jem'Hadar whose DNA and psychological profile were tailored made for war in the Alpha Quadrant. The breeding of these new Jem'Hadar saw them being given command assignments as Firsts over the existing Jem'Hadar as it was believed they were better leaders as a result. This division between the two branches of the Jem'Hadar saw the ones from the Gamma Quadrant being referred to as Gammas whilst the ones made in the Alpha Quadrant called Alphas. A level of tension was shown to exist between the two species with the Alphas seeing themselves as being superior over their Gamma brethren. (Episode: One Little Ship)

Under their rules, they killed wounded or killed members of their kind in order to allow scant resources to be spread to the survivors. (Episode: Hippocratic Oath) The Jem'hadar were described as being among the most brutal and efficient warriors in known space. They cared not for the conventions of war or protecting civilians. In fact, their strikes were not limited to military targets and were able to wage the kind of war that the likes of the Federation had not seen since its founding. (Episode: Homefront) They were able to learn new techniques at a fast rate and commit entire processes to memory. (Episode: One Little Ship)

Some Jem'Hadar were noted for never meeting a Founder despite the fact that the Changelings were considered gods to their kind. Instead, the species were expected to fight and die for their masters who they would not meet even after their deaths. (Episode: Hippocratic Oath) The Founders were built into the religion of the Jem'Hadar with them being regarded as living gods. Such was their belief that they ritualistically committed suicide if they failed to protect a Changeling. (Episode: The Ship) They also followed the commands of the Vorta though the Jem'Hadar were capable of their field supervisors when discipline had fallen apart within their combat units. Jem'Hadar were also known to show an interest in seeing the insides of a Vorta as this was a rare experience for them to witness. They were completely dedicated in the completion of their mission and followed orders even if it meant death. This was even the case if they knew their superiors had deliberately sent them to their deaths. (Episode: Rock and Shoals) Not all Jem'Hadar were completely loyal as small numbers of them were capable of rebelling against the Dominion. (Episode: To the Death)

Recommendations for a new Second were presented to the Vorta by the First. When no Vorta was present, the Jem'Hadar First was responsible for distributing the White to the troops. (Episode: One Little Ship)

A weapon favoured kar'takin that were melee blades used in close-quarter combat. (Episode: Sons and Daughters)


  • Kudak'Etan : an Alpha Jem'Hadar bred when the Dominion reinforcements from the Gamma Quadrant disappeared with Kudak'Etan becoming the First over Ixtana'Rax when they took control of the USS Defiant. He believed himself superior over the Gamma's leading to multiple confrontations with Ixtana'Rax but was ultimately killed by the crew of the Defiant. (Episode: One Little Ship)
  • Amat'igan :
  • Arak'Taral :
  • Duran'Adar :
  • Goran'Agar :
  • Ikat'ika :
  • Ixtana'Rax :
  • Lamat'Ukan :
  • Limara'Son :
  • Meso'Clan :
  • Omet'iklan :
  • Remata'Klan :
  • Talak'talan :
  • Temo'Zuma :
  • Toman'torax :
  • Virak'kara :
  • Yak'Talon :


  • The Jem'Hadar featured in the setting of Star Trek: Deep Space 9.

In other media

Video games

  • In Star Trek: Deep Space Nine - Dominion Wars, Jem'Hadar appeared in the setting of the real time tactical video game. A number of Jem'Hadar commanders were available as crew options that could be equipped onto ships.
  • In Star Trek: Armada, Jem'Hadar ships appeared as NPC vessels present in the strategy video game.
  • In Star Trek Online, Jem'Hadar made an appearance in the setting of the MMORPG video game. In the Victory is Life DLC, the Jem'Hadar became part of the Dominion playable faction where players could make a Jem'Hadar Vanguard that were specially bred versions of the race made to follow Odo's orders.


  • Star Trek: Deep Space 9: "Hippocratic Oath"
  • Star Trek: Deep Space 9: "Rock and Shoals"

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