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Dr. Jeremiah Surd was a villain in the cartoon series The Real Adventures of Jonny Quest.


Jeremiah was a brillaint scientist who went insane and threatened Washinton DC in 1978 with a deadly nerve gas. Based with his two loyal lieutenants Julia and Lorenzo at a ship parked at harbour, Surd's base of operations was infiltrated by Race Bannon who was charged with a team to stop Surd. The confrontation that erupted between the two resulted in a gun fight with Surd being shot as well as being presumed dead.

However, Surd was alive but had been paralyzed in his encounter with Bannon and was confined in a wheelchair as he had become quadriplegic. In addition to this, due to his mental state, he was imprisoned in a mental asylum. Years would pass and Surd's original nerve gas attempt was uncovered in Chicago where it threatened to kill thousands along with Benton Quest and Race Bannon. In order to save them Jonny Quest, Jessie Bannon and Hadji discovered that Surd was alive and offered him a chance to live through the virtual Questworld in exchange for his help in neutralizing the nerve gas threat.

Surd agreed but double crossed the children by hooking up with his former terrorist associates who stole a portable Questworld system which allowed Jeremiah to live through the virtual reality environment. He would plague the Quests and Bannon's on numerous occassions.

Due to his years of experience as a hacker and scientist, Surd began to show increasing control over Questworld and has turned the program against its creators. He has disrupted the Quest teams forays within the virtual environment and had attempted to twist the system to suit his own needs. This is the only means by which he serves as a threat as his disabled nature means that he cannot physically harmful to his enemies. To aid him are his terrorist associates who engage in numerous operations for him.

At one point, Surd experimented with Questworld in order to transfer his mind into Race Bannon's body but he was discovered and the procedure was reversed.

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