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John Alfred Hammond was the cantankerous CEO of InGen. He was also the grandfather of Tim and Lex Murphy. An exceptionally greedy and shortsighted man, he knew little of science and had little patience and cut many corners. Nevertheless, he was obsessed with making money off of genetically engineered dinosaurs, hiring first Dr. Norman Atherton and later Dr. Henry Wu after Atherton's death to develope his dream of Jurassic Park into a reality.

Following the deaths of several workers at Isla Nublar (the site where Hammond had chosen to build Jurassic Park) and reports of dinosaurs making it to mainland Costa Rica, Hammond's investors insisted on an inspection of the park. Hammond grudgingly agreed at the insistence of his attorney, Donald Gennaro, and so a group of experts were brought in, all of whom Hammond had consulted about the park in some way or another in the past, including Gennaro himself, paleontologist Dr. Alan Grant, whom Hammond had consulted about dinosaurs' eating and nesting habits, Grant's colleague paleobotanist Dr. Ellie Sattler, mathematician Dr. Ian Malcolm, who had predicted the park would fail, and computer programmer Dennis Nedry, who'd designed the computer system the park ran on.

Hammond expected that the dinosaurs would sufficiently wow the experts enough to get them to sign off on the park, and even brought in his two grandchildren in a cynical ploy to show how much children loved the dinosaurs, placing the two in the care of Jurassic Park publicist Ed Regis. In his mind, after seeing how much Tim and Lex loved the dinosaurs, the visiting experts couldn't possibly shut Jurassic Park down. However, Grant, Ellie and especially Malcolm had their misgivings about the park regardless, although Gennaro was torn, eager about how much money Jurassic Park could make, but also anxious to ensure it was indeed safe.

What no one knew was that Nedry, who the cost-cutting Hammond had paid less than his work was worth in the past, had been hired by Dr. Lewis Dodgson from InGen's rival corporation Biosyn to steal dinosaur embryos while he was on the island as one of the attending experts.

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Dr. John Parker Hammond was the billionaire scientist and businessman who owned InGen, and he was the grandfather to Tim and Lex Murphy and the uncle of Peter Ludlow. John Hammond was the man behind the dream that was Jurassic Park. The scientists at his company had discovered a method of extracting dinosaur blood from mosquitoes fossilized in amber, gained by funding many paleontological digs. Using the DNA they extracted, they were able to clone living dinosaurs.

Hammond decided to build a theme park, where people could come and view the animals. Prior to establishing Jurassic Park on Isla Nublar in Costa Rica, Hammond had dreamed of an amphitheater in San Diego. He eventually abandoned the idea in favor of the more lavish Isla Nublar location. However, as the facility neared its completion, disaster struck. A worker was killed by a velociraptor, and his family filed a $20,000,000 lawsuit against InGen. This made InGen's investors very nervous, and they demanded Hammond bring in several experts to endorse the park. Thus, Hammond brought in Doctors Alan Grant, Ian Malcolm and Ellie Sattler, along with lawyer Donald Gennaro as well as his grandchildren, to view the park.

Disaster struck again however, when greedy employee Dennis Nedry turned traitor over not being paid what he saw as a fair wage and sabotaged the park systems, allowing the dinosaurs to escape in order to steal embryoes to deliver to InGen's rival, BioSyn. Hammond kept his cool, though. He coached Ellie through the steps to restore the power so that they could call for help, and looked after a badly-injured Malcolm.

Following the incident on Isla Nublar, Hammond's posistion as company chief was wrested from him by Peter Ludlow. Ludlow planned to exploit Site B on Isla Sorna, which was the "factory floor," as Hammond put it. Hammond knew public opinion was the only way to prevent Ludlow from pillaging Site B, and so he sent in Malcolm and Dr. Sarah Harding, Nick Van Owen and Eddie Carr to document the dinosaurs. In the end, his plan succeeded despite the intervention of Ludlow and his crew of mercenaries, and Isla Sorna was designated a protected wildlife preserve by the Costa Rican government.

He later died of unknown causes. Before dying, however, he entrusted Isla Nublar to Masrani Global Corporation CEO Simon Masrani, and from it, Masrani built Jurassic World from the ruins of Jurassic Park. Two statues of Hammond were erected in Jurassic World's Innovation Center. One depicted him kneeling and holding a baby dinosaur while his grandson stood beside him. Another, more stately one, stood outside the Hammond Creation Lab, which was of course named after him.

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