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June Covington is a female comic supervillain that features in Marvel Comics.



June Covington was a female human who was born at some point in the modern age. She came to work in a post-graduate position at New York university where she had a research grant and conducted work in genetic medicine. However, her work was boring to her and she spent many nights watching her collection of DVD box sets. Around this time, she attended a faculty party which she found pretentious but one of the attendees was Edward Wynne who was the most brilliant biologist on the East Coast that was second only to her own intellect. Though perfect in every other way, June noticed that he had suffered a birth defect and thus sparked her interest in genetically modifying a person. Thus, she started to perfect her genetic plug-in technology which she first tested on herself as she intended to make herself better through science. She also began to use the technique on others who died as their bodies were unable to handle the plug-ins. A year later, she decided to present her work to Dr. Wynne with her intending to showcase it as a gift to him in order to correct the defects in his body. Dr. Wynne was horrified at her work which he found to be criminally irresponsible with him calling campus security and him going to the Dean to terminate her work at the university as he suggested she seek professional help. With her lab shut down, June stayed in New York where she sought alternative revenue streams in order to generate income for her research. This saw her engage with the black market and attend parties among corporate figures in America. During one such party she met Norman Osborn where he flirted with her but she decided to reject his advances. Years later, she attended a fundraiser with Wynne attending the event where she approached him and was conciliatory to him where she asked him to go to her new laboratory. Once there, she secreted a toxin from a fingernail through a plug-in thus paralysing him and left him on the floor to die alone in an abandoned room. She continued her work where she killed hundreds and potentially thousands among the urban poor that she used for her genetic experiments. Sometime afterwards, she caused eighteen people to die from explosive cranial fluid overproduction at a prayer meeting for special needs kids over a Christmas period. This led to her arrest and she was eventually transferred to a special and secret supermax facility alongside some of the world's most dangerous killers. (Osborn v1 #1)

After Norman Osborn was freed from the Raft, he resumed his position as leader of H.A.M.M.E.R. where he set about his plans in taking down the Avengers. He approached Covington where the pair slept together and Norman offered her a position on his team of Dark Avengers with June taking the identity of the Scarlet Witch]] among the group. (New Avengers v2 #18)


Personality and attributes

In appearance, June Covington was an attractive blonde haired woman. Her genetic experiments led to people referring to her as Toxic Doxie. (Osborn v1 #1)

Powers and abilities

Covington was a skilled scientist who specialised in biology, chemistry and genetics. Her talents were in genetic medicine where she could manipulate the DNA code. This resulted in her developing genetic plug-in technology whereby she could alter a person's body. Such plug-ins either corrected defects in the body or instil new superhuman traits. This included a toxin that could be secreted from his fingernails whereby a simple prick could cause a person to suffer total locked-in syndrome with the variation leaving the person's eyes even open as they stayed in complete paralysis. (Osborn v1 #1)


  • June Covington was created by Kelly Sue DeConnick, Emma Rios, Warren Ellis, and Jamie McKelvie where she made her first appearance in Osborn v1 #1 (January, 2011).

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