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Thor departing Asgardia in Infinity Countdown v1 #1.

Asgard is a dimension that features in Marvel Comics.




Asgard in Tales of Asgard v1 #1.

Asgard was an other-dimensional realm that was home to the race of gods known as the Asgardians. In the beginning, there was nothing but the endless abyss where in time two worlds with one being in the south that was Muspelsheim that was a land of fire which sprang rivers and the other in the north that was Niffleheim one of clouds as well as shadows from whose centre surged the fountain of Hvergelmir which flowed twelve rivers of ice. When these two rivers met one another, they cataclysmic encounter began to solidify thus filling the abyss. The warm air began to melt the ice and from that half-frozen mixture stepped forth the first form of life that was the Frost Giant Ymir. (Thor Annual v1 #5)

After Odin perished fighting Surtur, Frigga held his sceptre of power who called a Great Althing of all Asgardians to decide who would succeed the All-Father to the throne. (Thor v1 #364)


Following an incident in Chicago involving Volstagg, Director Norman Osborn received intelligence stating that Asgard in Oklahoma had fallen under control of Loki and had become a rogue nation. With this information, he had the forces of his H.A.M.M.E.R. peacekeeping agency along with his Dark Avengers along with assorted supervillains launch an attack on the city along with the Asgardians. (Siege v1 #1)


Under the leadership of the All-Mother, the city of Asgard was being rebuilt in Oklahoma with it being populated by the various races of the Nine Realms. (Mighty Thor v1 #8)

Thus, the Golden Realm was sealed off with an impenetrable barrier preventing any from reaching it. Loki later manipulated the Angels of Heven in order to open the passage from Midgard to Old Asgard thus finding the self-exiled Odin in the decrepit City of Agsard. (Original Sin v1 #5.4)

Under orders from their gods, the Shi'ar mobilised their forces to capture Thor and struck at Asgardia until they acquired their target whereupon they returned back to the M'Kraan Palace. (Mighty Thor v2 #15)

In the battle with the Mangog, Asgardia was sent on a collision course with the sun leading to Jane Foster as Thor distracting her foe whilst the Asgardians evacuated. (Mighty Thor v1 #705) With its destruction, the people of the fallen city relocated back to Old Asgard which they sought to rebuild their great home. (Mighty Thor v1 #706) Among the places destroyed in the city was Odin's vault leading to a scattering of the various relics across the realms. (Thor v5 #1)

Old Asgard


It lay beyond mortal's segment of time and space whereby the citadel served as the home of the Norse gods. (Thor v1 349)

Locations at Asgard include:

  • Cosmic Well : situated in Asgard, this was the counterpart to the Twilight Well at the World's End. (Thor v1 #197)
  • Isle of Silence :
  • Avenue of Heroes : an exalted in the city of Asgard that contained numerous weapons from various wars fought by the Asgardians. (Thor v1 #312)
  • Hall of Fear : a chamber where a demon known as the Lurking Unknown was brought to test the fearlessness of young Asgardians and was where Jane Foster was tested to see her courage when Thor decided to marry her but she failed Odin's test. (Thor v1 #136)
  • Tower of Solitude : a lone tower that was used to confine prisoners and was where Odin entrapped the Vizier after being influenced by the wizard Igron with a Storm Giant guarding the prisoner. (Thor v1 #248)
  • Hall of Lost Souls : memorial in Asgard for the fallen whose bodies that were lost in battle. (Thor v2 #32)
  • Realm Below : a vast cavern beneath Asgard that was home to a number of Trolls and was where a dragon guarded the gates. (Thor v1 #252)
  • Heimdall's Observatory : it was re-erected atop Stark Tower as a sign of solidarity with Midgard and to appreciate the aid of the Avengers. (Siege v1 #4)
  • Sea of Nothingness : (Journey into Mystery v1 #85)
  • Sea of Marmora : (Thor Annual v1 #9)
  • Chamber of Silent Repose : (Thor v1 #136)
  • Cragmouth : home of the storms. (Thor: Godstorm v1 #1)
  • Valaskjalf : a great hall that belonged to Odin. (Thor v1 #349)
  • Doors of Dramir : doorway that led to the Imperial chamber of Odin. (Thor: Son of Asgard v1 #1)
  • Great Hall of Heroes : (Thor: Son of Asgard v1 #1)
  • Gundershelm : site of the Glade of Crystals. (Thor v1 #136)
  • Gymirsgard : a country within the realm of Asgard. (Thor Annual v1 #2)
  • Hall of Lost Souls : (Thor v2 #32)
  • Hlidskjalf : a mountain peak in Asgard. (Thor v1 #338)
  • Isle of Silence : (Avengers v1 #1)
  • Skornheim : (Thor v1 #320)
  • Lake of Lilitha : a long dried up lake whose sand could revive the dead with the tears of a loved one. (Thor: Son of Asgard v1 #5)
  • Cave of Ages : a mystical cave containing an Imperial seal from Odin that trapped the Mangog with legends speaking of it containing enchanti-stones that held Odin's seamless power. (Thor v1 #154)
  • Old Asgard :
  • Cragmouth : forbidden dwellings of the storms when they were not raging in the sky with the gods even shunning this area of dreaded labyrinths. (Thor: Godstorm v1 #1)
  • Nibelheim : a dark subterranean land that was the domain of the Gnomes. (Thor v1 #295)
  • Well of Centuries : a well tended to by a Norn and whose enchanted waters could witness any moment in time. (Journey into Mystery v1 #101)
  • Forbidden Forest : a dark, enchanted and mysterious forest in Asgard that was home to Oldar the Oracle. (Incredible Hulk v1 #102)
  • Sea of Fear :
  • Pillars of Utgard : seeming jagged rocks in the Sea of Fear that was a danger to any ship in the region. According to legend, the Pillars were merely the feet of the mighty Utgard Dragon who lay underneath the water and ready to swallow any ships that passed by its jaws. (Journey into Mystery v1 #121)
  • Utgardhall : the palace in the city of Utgard that was the abode of the giants and was home to Utgard himself. (Journey into Mystery v1 #121)

It was connected to the realm of Earth through the Rainbow Bridge which was also known as the Bifrost. (Journey into Mystery v1 #85)

Races native to Asgard and its sister realms:

  • Asgardians :
  • Storms : sentient living storms that were noted for their rage with them dwelling in Cragmouth when not in the skies. (Thor: Godstorm v1 #1)
  • Dragons : large dragonic beings that had enchanted breaths. (Journey into Mystery v1 #101)
  • Vanna : a small sprite-like race of with wings and antennae who were creatures of air that could be summoned through spells and make themselves into a silent breeze to spy on people. (Journey into Mystery v1 #105)
  • Gnomes : also known as the Nibelungs to the gods who were diminutive beings. (Thor v1 #295)

Creatures native to the realms include:

  • Spiders of Hel : large demonic appearing spiders some of whom resided in Niffleheim at the Shore of Corpses. (Mighty Thor v2 #14)

During times of turbulence, the Althing was called that was an assembly consisting of Asgardians who decided the position of lawgiver. (Thor v1 #364) An ancient Asgardian law stated that no god may depart the realm eternal without first presenting a petition to do so that explained their reasons. Once given, it required gaining majority approval from the other gods of Asgard. The law further stated that the offending god should be escorted back to Asgard by the god of war or his charges. (Thor v1 #312)

A military unit in the forces of Asgard was the Worldburner Legion. (Fear Itself v1 #6)

In Asgard, there resided the Elixir of Wisdom that was fatal to mortals who died after consuming it. (Thor v2 #62)

Tarnhelm was a crown that when worn allowed the wearer to change their shape into any form. Another was the Ring of the Nibelungs that was linked to the Rhinegold and caused all to lust after it but never knowing happiness. (Thor v1 #295) Another artifact stored by the Asgardians was the Gem of Infinite Suns forged from the heart of a star and held great power. (Thor v2 #32)

Other relics stored in the vaults of Asgard or linked to it included the:

  • Eternal Flame : a large cup containing the Eternal Flame of Destruction that belonged to Surtur which was where he would ignite his mighty sword in order to bring about Ragnarok but was taken by Odin alongside his brothers to prevent that appointed twilight of Asgard. (Thor v1 #349)
  • Blood of Ymir : an oval shaped icy crystal that contained the cold blood of the ice colossi Ymir with it able to generate incredible cold and was sealed deep under the vaults of Asgard where the power of its effects could freeze those that approached it. (Avengers v8 #4)
  • Naglfar Beacon : a horn constructed in the future but yet into the past by Loki where it had the power to summon the Naglfar Armada that contained dead gods that were under the control of the user. (Asgardians of the Galaxy v1 #2)

In times of danger, the Eternity Alarm was sound to warn the people of Asgard of a great threat that escaped the hidden Cave of Ages. (Thor v1 #154) One legendary item was a horn that was able to summon the Naglfar Armada that held numerous Ships of the Dead holding the soulless corpses of Asgardians and other beings. For the gods, they faced countless cycles of death and rebirth leading to them being reborn in new bodies whilst their former bodies remained in the ships where they knew only emptiness and pain. With the horn, they could be summoned and commanded by the bearer with them seeking to make mortal races suffer as they had suffered. (Asgardians of the Galaxy v1 #1)


  • Odin :
  • Thor :
  • Toag : male elder of the council supreme. (Thor v1 #154)
  • Whitemane : an older male Asgardian warrior who stood among Odin's oldest friends. (Thor v1 #195)
  • Bulwar : an older male Asgardian warrior who stood among Odin's oldest friends. (Thor v1 #195)
  • Khan : an older male Asgardian warrior who stood among Odin's oldest friends. (Thor v1 #195)
  • Rongor : an older male Asgardian warrior who stood among Odin's oldest friends. (Thor v1 #195)
  • Laussa : the youngest daughter of Odin and Freyja. (Angela: Asgard's Assassin v1 #6)
  • Oldar : a spellcaster, Oldar the Oracle lived in the Forbidden Forest where she appeared as an old crone but her magic could make herself appear young and beautiful with people seeking her out for her prophecies. (Incredible Hulk v1 #102)
  • Magrat : a male Asgardian who was known by the epithet of the Schemer. (Journey into Mystery v1 #119)
  • Kroda : a male Asgardian who was known by the epithet of the Duellist. (Journey into Mystery v1 #119)
  • Kartag : a large male who came to serve as the Keeper of the Twilight Well and servant to the Norns. (Thor v1 #197)
  • Satrina : a black haired red clothed female skilled in the use of magic who was a servant and aid to Kartag the Keeper of the Twilight Well. (Thor v1 #196)
  • Jane Foster :
  • Durok : the Demolisher was a humanoid constructed through the magic of Karnilla and given life by Loki using the Odinring to create a servant stronger than Thor. (Thor v1 #191)
  • Lurking Unknown : a four-armed fear demon who was summoned to test a persons courage. (Thor v1 #136)



  • Asgard was created by Stan Lee, Larry Lieber and Jack Kirby where it made its first appearance in Journey into Mystery v1 #83 (October, 1962).
  • It was based on the mythological Asgard in Norse legends and adapted for Marvel Comics.

Alternate Versions

  • In Thor v2 #68-#79 (2003/2004), an alternate future was shown where Allfather Odin died and Thor ascended tO the throne during the events of the Reigning. Lord Thor became corrupted by power whereupon he brought Asgard to Earth only for it to be attacked by the Consortium of Nations. As a result, he forced the integration of Asgard and Midgard after killing his human self Jake Olson. After conquering Earth, he made New Asgard after merging his home with New York City. New Asgard was ruled by Lord Thor with his wife Queen Amora along with their son Magni.
  • In Ultimate Comics: Thor v1 (2010), a chamber within the World Tree was shown known as the Room With No Doors that could be used as a prison.
  • In What If? Thor v1 #1 (2018), an alternate version of history was shown in a What If where Laufey had killed Odin long ago. This saw Asgard invaded by the Frost Giants who devastated the city and left it in ruins as the young Prince Thor was taken to be adopted by the Frost Giant King Laufey.

In other media


  • In The Marvel Super Heroes, Asgard made an appearance in the Thor segments of the animated cartoons. It was an extradimensional realm that was accessed through the Rainbow Bridge.
  • In Spider-Man and his Amazing Friends, Asgard was mentioned and shown in the episode "The Vengeance of Loki". Thor would show the realm-eternal to Spider-Man, Firetar and Iceman when they believed he was an ordinary superhero. Among the locations within Asgard included the Forest of Thorns, the Desert of Despair and the Sea of Flames.
  • In The Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes, Asgard featured in a number of episodes in the animated series starting with the micro-episodes featuring Thor. It was one of the worlds in the Nine Realms and was home to the race of Asgardians who were ruled by the All-Father Odin. Asgard faced a number of attacks from the Frost Giants who had attacked the Realm Eternals due to the treachery of Loki.
  • In Ultimate Spider-Man, Asgard made an appearance in the animated series starting in the episode "Field Trip". After Thor was turned into a frog, he took Spider-Man and his team to the realm eternal to stop Loki's plans. When they arrived, they saw Asgard frozen in ice by the Frost Giants that had allied with Loki. It was freed by the aid of the heroes that managed to defeat Loki.
  • In Avengers Assemble, Asgard made a number of appearances in the animated series. The episode "Back to the Learning Hall" established the Hall of Learning as a place where Asgardians received training in various arts with Loki attaining the highest scores. Participants were involved in groups of three hence the Warriors Three where they engaged in various trials that included combat. In the episode "Downgraded", the realm of Vanaheim was shown to hold Shadow Nyxes that were quadpedal cyclops beasts that fed on electricity and grew in size as well as power but were kept at bay by the Great Light that destroyed them. In "All Things Must End", it was shown that among the most dangerous artifacts in Asgard was the Casket of Darkness that contained the mystical All Dark that ended life exposed to it with only Asgardian magic able to block its effects as it consumed everything it touched.
  • In Guardian of the Galaxy, Asgard was referenced in the animated television series where it was mentioned in the episode "Stuck in the Metal With You". It was stated to had formed a pact with Spartax to end hostilities with a memorial to commemorate this event placed on the planet Retsemaw. Loki attempted to orchestrate events to bring about hostilities between Asgard and Spartax. In "We Are the World Tree", it was revealed that the conflict between Asgard and Spartax came as a result of J-Son's attempt at taking the Cosmic Seed that that had emerged from the World Tree Yggdrassil in Asgard.


  • In Hulk Vs. Thor, Asgard featured heavily in the animated film as part of the setting where it was described as the realm eternal and home to the Asgardians.
  • In Thor: Tales of Asgard, Asgard featured in the plotline of the animated film setting.
  • In the Marvel Cinematic Universe, Asgard appeared in the shared continuity setting.
    • In Thor, Asgard made its first appearance in the live-action film where it was an extradimensional world referred to as the realm eternal and home to the Asgardians.
    • In Thor: The Dark World, Asgard once again made an appearance as part of the live-action film sequel. After detecting the Aether in Jane Foster, Malekith led his Dark Elves in a stealth attack against Asgard. Their lightning strike led to the death of many Asgardians including Queen Freya as the Aether was retrieved.
    • In Thor: Ragnarok, Asgard appeared again in the live-action film. It was said that long ago Odin along with his daughter Hela led Asgard where they went on a path of conquest leading to their empire dominating nine realms. Countless people were killed in the process and the gold were used to increase Asgard's splendour. However, Hela's blood thirst could not be contained forcing Odin to banish her and he decided to rule as a more benevolent king with him hiding the war-like past of Asgard. According to prophecy, the fire giant Surtur was set to destroy Asgard during the time of Ragnarok. When Odin died, Hela was freed from her imprisonment with her conquering Asgard but she was trapped there when the key to the Bifrost was missing. Thor and his allies attempted to stop her but were unable to defeat the goddess of death until the Odinson decided to free Surtur. By this point, all the surviving Asgardians were evacuated whilst Surtur destroyed Asgard and killed Hela.

Video games

  • In Marvel: Ultimate Alliance, Asgard served as one of the playable levels in the game that the player visited after the Masters of Evil's forces invaded it. One of the locations within it included the Raven's Spire where Doctor Doom and Loki took the captive Odin.
  • In Ultimate Marvel vs. Capcom 3, Asgard appeared as a playable arena in the fighting video game.
  • In Marvel vs. Capcom: Infinite, Asgard appeared in the setting where it was merged with Abel City to make Xgard.
  • In Thor: God of Thunder, Asgard featured as among the settings in the video game tie-in to the movie Thor. Among the locations within the realm of the Asgardians was the arena known as the Althing
  • In Marvel: Contest of Champions, numerous locations in Asgard were shown in the iOS video game with these including the Asgard Power Station, Asgard Throne Room and Asgard Vault.
  • In Marvel Ultimate Alliance 3: The Black Order, Asgard appeared in the setting of the Wii video game. Loki conspired to take over the throne where he lured All-Father Odin away from Asgard thus allowing Hela and Red Skull with his Hydra forces to invade. Earth's heroes managed to thwart them until Odin arrived who helped finally defeat the villains thus freeing Asgard from their control.


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