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The third Scarlet Spider Kaine from Scarlet Spider v2 #3.

Kaine is a male comic clone character that features in Marvel Comics.




Kaine vs. Scarlet Spider in Web of Spider-Man v1 #121.

Kaine was the name given to a clone of Peter Parker with this one being the first created by the Jackal. Initially a success, the clone began to suffer from clone degeneration causing him to suffer from mental instability along with him slowly dying. Miles Warren deemed Kaine a failed experiment and attempted to dispose of him but the clone managed to escape. (Spider-Man v1 #60)


He was later captured by the Jackal who transformed him into a humanoid spider monster who helped serve the Queen in the attempt to take over the city. (Amazing Spider-Man v1 #666) Referred to as the Tarantula, he could only obey the Jackal's commands and was dispatched to ambush Spider-Man at Horizon Labs. The Tarantula was able to easily enter Horizon by using his DNA to bypass the electronic locks to Peter Parker's lab. He was also tasked with eliminating the cure for the spider-flu during the Spider-Island epidemic. For this reason, he had a toxin designed to contaminant the cure and despite Spider-Man's resistance he was able to overpower his opponent. Tarantula was ready to throw both Spider-Man and the toxin into the cure when Parker's Spider-Sense activated allowing him to throw the spider-monster into the cure. This act returned Kaine to normal with it healing his former scars and leaving him with his base Spider-Man abilities. Now freed from the Jackal, he told Spider-Man that the true threat was the Queen and informed him on where to find their foe. (Amazing Spider-Man v1 #671) Peter gave him his stealth-suit to allow him to aid in the battle with the Spider Queen and was informed by Madame Web of his role in her defeat as he helped kill her as this was a move Spider-Man was unwilling to do. (Amazing Spider-Man v1 #672) During the clean-up operations, he used the stealth suit to go invisible and attempted to go into hiding when Madame Web met with him. She spoke to him of his future and told him to keep the suit as he would need it in the future. Kaine later went to see Aunt May leave town with her new husband but stayed in the shadows before meeting with Peter where he told him that he was leaving the city. (Amazing Spider-Man v1 #673)

Scarlet Spider

With his degeneration halted, he departed to find a place to be left alone and passed through Houston only to decide to stay in the city with him operating as the Scarlet Spider. (Scarlet Spider v2 #2)

Upon hatching from the carcass, he was greeted by the Master Weaver Karn who had taken custodianship of watching over the Web of Life and Destiny. Karn informed Kaine that the Other was killed and its power over him was gone which meant that he began to suffer from cellular degeneration once again. The Master Weaver also showed Kaine of the danger on other worlds where clones transformed into Carrion where they spread a virus that turned others into similar such beings. Kaine decided to help the Master Weaver to find the source of this infection as he himself was infected and Karn was immortal which meant it could not spread further then them. In secret, Kaine travelled to these numerous worlds to collect genetic samples and find the origin point for the infection that had ravaged numerous alternate Earth's. During his investigations, he managed to determine that the common source of the disease was Parker Industries but he was not sure what triggered the epidemic. He was later assisted by the alternate Gwen Stacy after she discovered Kaine still being alive and wanting to help him. During further travels, he encountered a version of himself in an advanced Carrion state that died and dissected the remains. From the study of the corpse, he determined that he himself did not possess the traits that made the Carrion disease infectious thus meaning that he was harmless. However, he had hid the fact that he had learnt of the lifespan of the alternate Kaine which allowed him to determine his own date of death which was soon. He also determined that the source of the plague came as a result of Parker Industries alliance with New U Technologies leading to them to infiltrate the Jackal's operation by having the alternate Gwen Stacy to pose as the clone that had been made by Miles Warren.. (Amazing Spider-Man v4 #21)


Personality and attributes

Powers and abilities

A result of the clone degeneration that it twisted his powers and made him stronger than either Parker or Reilly. (Spider-Man v1 #60)

After contact with the Other, he embraced the nature of the entity that he let into his body. This caused him to be reborn after being fatally wounded but was consumed with predatory instinct that saw everyone as prey until he snapped out of it. The rebirth led to his body being healed from all injuries as he grew new skin which meant that even tattoos were gone. (Scarlet Spider v2 #14) Among his new powers included the ability to sense what spiders were capable of sensing. He was not able to communicate with them but was able to see what they saw allowing him to use them as spies. (Scarlet Spider v2 #17)


  • Kaine was created by Terry Kavanagh and Steven Butler where he made his first appearance in Web of Spider-Man v1 #119 (December, 1994).
  • Editor Glenn Greenburg in an interview noted that:
”And here's a few things you probably didn't know about Kaine. First, that weird costume of his was actually a life-support outfit that stabilized the debilitating effects of his cellular degeneration. Kaine lived in constant pain, and that would only get worse as time went on, but the outfit slowed down the degeneration and prolonged his life. That's why Kaine wore the costume in most of his modern-day appearances, and why he didn't have it in the LOST YEARS limited series, which took place years earlier.
Second, all of Kaine's powers were enhanced versions of Peter's powers. It was well established in the stories that Kaine was physically stronger than Peter, and he was clearly much taller and more massive. But the infamous "mark of Kaine" burn that he left on the faces of his victims was just a greatly enhanced version of the "stick-to-walls" ability that Peter possesses in his hands and feet. And the "future visions" that Kaine experienced from time to time, including the relentless vision of Mary Jane's death, was simply a much stronger version of Peter's spider sense.”

Alternate Versions

In other media


  • In Ultimate Spider-Man, a character dressed in Kaine's Scarlet Spider costume appeared in the Ultimate Spider-Man vs. Sinister Six third season storyline. His identity was not mentioned but he shared many traits from Kaine such as stingers along with organic webbing.

Video games

  • In Spider-Man Unlimited, though not named the Scarlet Spider version of Kaine appeared as a playable character in the iOS video game.


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