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Kaluu is a male comic supervillain that features in Marvel Comics.



Kaluu attacks the Ancient One in Strange Tales v1 #148.

In the 14th century, he was approached by the eons old vampire named Varnae who sought to stop Marcello Montesi's quest for a lost scroll from the Darkhold. With that in mind, he journeyed to Kamar-Taj and found an ambitious mystic that was Kaluu. He imparted on the mystic arcane knowledge that fuelled his ambition to take over the city. (Doctor Strange, Sorcerer Supreme v1 #13)

This was around 500 years ago with Kamar-Taj also being home to the Ancient One where they lived among the gentle folk of the city who did not know the meaning of war. (Strange Tales v1 #148) In his youth, Yao did not believe in magic until he had met Kaluu who opened his eyes and showed him the path where he became a conjurer. (Doctor Strange Annual v2 #1) As they grew to adulthood, the pair sought out the secrets of the supernatural. However, where he sought to benefit others - Kaluu sought to use his newfound powers to dominate. He crafted a spell that allowed him to mentally control the people of Kamar-Taj where his companion believed that they had brought an era of peace. However, Kaluu sought war and used his power over Kamar-Taj to get the peaceful inhabitants to wage conquest against the neighbouring villages. His comrade sought to stop him but Kaluu cast a spell that froze him in place whilst he led his armies on conquest of the villages. Kaluu was unaware though that his companion in seeking to stop him had accidently unleashed a mystical pestilence that ravaged the people of Kamar-Taj thus killing them. The angry Kaluu fled to the dimension beyond the edge of the universe where he vowed revenge even if it took a thousand years. (Strange Tales v1 #148)

In 1972, he learnt of the threat of the Deathwalkers leading to him following the existence of a dead werecreature in New York. Whilst at the morgue, he was attacked by Blade who mistook the mystic for a vampire. It was then that they encountered reporter Constance Molina, police officer James Lucas and scientist Adam Brashear along with the Bear who joined them in forming a team to fight the mystical threat. (Mighty Avengers v2 #11)

After the destruction of the Book of the Vishanti, Kaluu was freed from his exile and he returned to Earth where he made his way to meet with Doctor Strange. Strange by this time had fallen into pain and was unable to wield his mystic might with Kaluu offering to take him as his disciple and teach him black magic. (Strange Tales v2 #8)


Personality and attributes

He believed that weaklings did not deserve mercy and saw himself as a conqueror. Kaluu was noted for his cunning nature and his belief in being invincible. (Strange Tales v1 #148) Kaluu was noted for having a tongue of a serpent. (Strange Tales v2 #8)

The Ancient One was considered his friend but Kaluu came to believe his comrade was a snivelling coward. For hundreds of years, he had fed his hate as he planned his return to the world after having his plans thwarted by the Ancient One. He held the Ancient One as his old companion but had since sought his destruction. Kaluu felt that this victory would be made sweeter if he accomplished along without the aid of anyone. (Strange Tales v1 #148)

Kaluu justified his actions in ruling as a tyrant in Kamar-Taj by claiming that it was the most savage and brutal period in Asian history. He claimed that to fight against the Asian conquerors he needed to make his city feared among the nations by giving it teeth. However, he did admit that he brought evil to his lands with this being the actions of a young and foolish version of himself. (Strange Tales v2 #8)

He claimed that he was quite fond of the Book of the Vishanti which was why he was disappointed when he believed it was destroyed. (Strange Tales v2 #8)

Powers and abilities

He was noted for being a wielder of black magic. (Strange Tales v2 #8) It was described as the magic of rage and blood. (Strange Tales v2 #9) Black magic corrupted their wielder from the inside. (Strange Tales v2 #10)

Through the black arts, he was able to travel by the lightning and the storm allowing him to move great distances. However, harnessing the storm meant that the user took precious rain needed for parched land that was the price that was paid. (Strange Tales v2 #9)


  • Kaluu was created by Stan Lee, Denny O'Neill and Bill Everett where he made his first appearance in Strange Tales v1 #147 (August, 1966).

In other media


  • In Avengers Assemble, the Talisman of Kaluu appeared in the animated television series in the first part of the two-part episode "The Eye of Agamotto". It was a mystical relic with the power to wield both the light and dark energies affording their user great power. At some point, it was taken by S.H.I.E.L.D. who kept it contained in an installation that stored magical artifacts. HYDRA attacked the facility and claimed the Talisman which they gave to Baron Mordo who used it in an attempt to make himself the ruler of the world. Shuri managed to use technology to hack into the science of the magic thus depowering Baron Mordo and leading to the capture of the talisman once again.


  • Strange Tales v1:

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