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The Blue Marvel in Mighty Avengers v2 #10.

Blue Marvel is a male comic superhero who features in Marvel Comics.



Adan Brashear in Adam: Legend of the Blue Marvel v1 #3.

Adam Bernard Brashear was a male African-American who lived by the modern age. Whilst at Cornell University, he was an All-American fullback who scored five touchdowns against Harvard in 1953. In 1954, he graduated Magna Cum Laude from Cornell University with him getting a PhD in theoretical physics and electrical engineering. (Adam: Legend of the Blue Marvel v1 #1)

At 22 years old, he continued serving in the Korean War where in 1951 he saved Conner Sims and refused his order to leave him behind. (Ultimates v2 #4)

By 1960, he was assigned to the Project: Perseus top secret energy research facility. (Ultimates v2 #4) Brashear was the scientist heading a project that sought to create a new energy source by harnessing anti-matter with this being funded by U.S. Army Intelligence. During the initial test, the Negative Reactor exploded in the laboratory with Adam and Connor being the only survivors though Sims seemed to had been disintegrated by the anti-matter after he saved Brashear. The effects of the accident also transformed Brashear giving him superhuman abilities as he became a living stable anti-matter reactor. (Adam: Legend of the Blue Marvel v1 #4)

As the Blue Marvel, he helped stop a meteor that was the size of Arkansas from hitting the surface of Earth. (Adam: Legend of the Blue Marvel v1 #1)

Thus, all information on him was hidden and kept secret under the Blue Marvel Protocols. Some rumours even claimed that the masked Blue Marvel had been killed in action. (Adam: Legend of the Blue Marvel v1 #2)

Brashear had three children with Candace with these being his eldest son Kevin Brashear, his daughter Adrienne Brashear and his other son Max Brashear. (Mighty Avengers v2 #9)

In 1972, he received a call from the reporter Constance Molina who asked for his aid after a werecreature was discovered at the morgue. This led to him joining her alongside police officer James Lucas. This led to their encounter with Blade, Kaluu and the Bear where they united to form a team to fight the threat of the Deathwalkers. (Mighty Avengers v2 #11)

At some point, he came to learn of a mysterious cosmic being called the Infinaut that had made various attempts to manifest on Earth. The beings arrival would have destroyed the planet and in 1998 Adam along with his son Kevin used an anti-matter powered rig to interrupt its manifestation. (Ultimates v2 #9)

At the beginning of the Age of Marvels, Adam and his son Kevin Brashear were in Egypt whilst the world was in the grips of the arrival of Galactus who was fighting the nascent Fantastic Four. During that moment, the Brashears were looking to stop their age-old foe Dr. Skorpion who was looking to plunder the forbidden hyper-technology of the legendary Pharaoh Rama-Tut. They found their foe in one of the hidden chambers where Dr. Skorpion opened fire Adam Brashear thus injuring him as he attempted to find a weapon to kill the hero. It was then that the criminal mastermind was knocked back by a punch from Kevin Brashear with this causing the villain to hit a control console. This caused a portal that expanded and dragged Kevin Brashear into it whilst Dr. Skorpion was pulled apart atom by atom. The portal threatened to spew out anti-matter that would have destroyed the world with Adam being forced to destroy it after believing Kevin was killed in that moment. (Mighty Avengers v2 #9)

A week later, he was by his wife's grave when he was visited by Tony Stark who offered his condolences and also a place amongst the Avengers. Though grateful for the offer, Adam refused and stated that he needed sometime to think before he could join the modern age of heroes. He then went back home to his children and found a letter from his wife addressed to him where she said that he would always be a hero. (Adam: Legend of the Blue Marvel v1 #5)

Whilst at his sanctuary, he was in a discussion with Uatu about his involvement in the world when he received reports of an attack by King Hyperion who had defeated the Winter Guard. Brashear entered into the scene where initially he was overpowered by his foe but managed to ultimately defeat him. After seeing the good he could accomplish, he began to take a more active role in the world and in being a hero. (Age of Heroes v1 #3)


Personality and attributes

As a superhero, he was known as the Blue Marvel and also as the Magnificent Master of Might, the Man of Marvels and the Blue Bomber of Battle. (Adam: Legend of the Blue Marvel v1 #1)

It was said that he had been the greatest hero in the world in his era which was in the 1960s similar to how Captain America was in the 1940s and Marvel Boy was to the 1950s. (Adam: Legend of the Blue Marvel v1 #2)

Adam's wife was a blonde haired white woman by the name of Candace Brashear though her real name was Marlene Frazier who was also known as Agent 314. (Adam: Legend of the Blue Marvel v1 #2)

His eldest son was Kevin Brashear with Adam being proud of him and remembering his child having his first chemistry set when he was 8 years old. Kevin Brashear came to grow up and joined his dad on his superhero adventures where he came to be known as Doc Brashear Jr.. (Mighty Avengers v2 #9)

Adam's other son Max Brashear had a natural genius for science but was deeply affected by his older brothers seeming death. This caused him to become sullen and gave him a mile-long chip on his shoulder leading to him along with his father constantly arguing. After his wife Candace died, Adam and Max were said to have had an argument where things were said that could not be taken back leading to the two not speaking to one another for many years. (Mighty Avengers v2 #9)

Connor was a close friend to him and in the past would defend him from racists that targeted Adam due to the colour of his skin. The two were such close friends that they were godparents to the others children. (Adam: Legend of the Blue Marvel v1 #4)

Powers and abilities

By the 1960s, he was noted to have held at least two PhDs. (Ultimates v2 #4)

Thus, he became akin to a stable anti-matter reactor which was the source of his powers. (Adam: Legend of the Blue Marvel v1 #4)

Adam was shown to had constructed variations of his armor to handle different situations. (Fear Itself: The Home Front v1 #4) Among these included a range of Exploration Armors that he had developed over the years. During the 1960s, one of these was the Exploration Armor, Mark I that was a bulky suit that only allowed the wearer to survive in the Neutral Zone for 1 minute 50 seconds at best. A further model was the Exploration Armor, Mark XIII whose ultra-high density plating provided shielding from matter/anti-matter fluctuations whilst internal quantum-probability regulators protect the wearer against existential discorporation. Despite its improved capabilities, it only allowed the person to survive inside of the armour for nine minutes and fifteen seconds. (Ultimates v2 #4)

He operated a deep sea secret base that was known as Kadesh Base which served as his laboratory. (Fear Itself: The Home Front v1 #4) This was located deep underneath the Atlantic ocean with the sanctuary being by the Mariana Trench. (Adam: Legend of the Blue Marvel v1 #4)

Brashear was known to had discovered the dimension known as the Neutral Zone which was an entire universe where positive and negative matter co-existed in a substance called neutronium. (Fear Itself: The Home Front v1 #4)


  • The Blue Marvel was created by Kevin Grevioux where he made his first appearance in Adam: Legend of the Blue Marvel v1 #1 (November, 2008).
  • In an interview on Comics Alliance, writer Al Ewing commented on the characters addition to the Mighty Avengers, "He struck me, when I read Kevin Grevioux' original series, as quite a sad, stoic figure -- someone who's suffered tragedy in his life, who doesn't know if he's always been in the right -- and that's what grabbed me, this character who has awesome levels of power and strength in both his civilian and superhero identities, and sometimes it's still not enough. Also -- I like weird science, and I wanted to play with how other genres fit into a superhero universe, and how easily you can be forgotten by history and science if your face doesn't fit. I suppose, really, I'd just like to see him get more use elsewhere. I feel like the Marvel Universe could really benefit from a bit more Adam Brashear."

In other media

Video games

  • In Marvel: Avengers Alliance, the Blue Marvel appeared as a playable character in the Facebook video game.
  • In Marvel: Future Fight, the Blue Marvel appeared as a playable character in the mobile video game.


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