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Karl Bishop Weyland was a male character that featured in Alien vs. Predator.



A fact not known to many, Karl Bishop Weyland was in fact a highly advanced form of Synthetic who operated as chief director of Weyland-Yutani Corporation. He bore a striking resemblence to Charles Bishop Weyland which led to many believing him to be a descendant of Weyland Industries founder. At some point four years ago, he was sent to the colony on the jungle world of BG-386 where he shut down the settlement known as Freya's Prospect which was run by Weyland-Yutani. Taking control of the colony, he was seemingly involved with an undisclosed mission at the time. During his operation there, he uncovered an ancient alien pyramid and upon opening it, seemingly activated an advanced beacon that transmitted a signal into space. Shortly afterwards, Karl Bishop Weyland discovered functional alien technology as well as a dormant hive of Xenomorphs. Using this opportunity, he quickly imprisoned the Xenomorph Queen and awakened her in order to get her to produce eggs. The Facehuggers born from these eggs were later used to impregnate selected colonists with Xenomorph Chestbursters. Mr Weyland's intended purpose was to use the resultant Xenomorphs for study and keep the Queen a prisoner within the colony for future use.

When the newborn Xenomorphs ruptured from their hosts chests, one of the specimens instead came through the human colonists throat. This led to a potential contamination which nearly saw the lead scientist terminating the Xenomorph. However, Karl Bishop Weyland stopped the scientist from freezing the newborn Xenomorph as he claimed that he liked the alien organisms "spirit". The creature was saved and later branded with the number 6 and became known as Specimen 6. As study of the alien pyramid continued, coordinates were discovered for Xenomorph Prime; the home planet of the parasitic aliens. Whilst Weyland's agenda remained a secret, the colony administrator who was also a Synthetic known as Katya uncovered his goals and attempted to combat his efforts.


Personality and attributes

According to Katya, a typical act of Karl Weyland was twisting the rules and even committing illegal acts such as employing combat androids.

Powers and abilities

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