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The Katou Organization is a group that features in Linebarrels of Iron.



The Katou Organization was a group that was led by an individual known as Hisataka Katou though its origins did not lie with the Earth. Its true origins were actually traced to a parallel Earth called the Highly Probable World that diverged from the mainstream reality and produced an alternate timeline. In this reality, mankind grew in technical sophistication and advanced technology where they produced Machina. (Episode: The Worse After-School Hours Ever) In this world, mankind decided to merge with Machina where they placed their consciousness into a collective psyche that had the singular goal of expansion. Thus, individuality was sacrificed in favor of efficiency that eliminated concepts such as desire or greed. Whilst thought existed, individual nature was removed thus leading to the end of all conflicts as mankind became extinct with MachinaHumans replacing them. Only a few free humans existed on their world such as Amatsu Kizuki who with a small cadre of supporters sought to stop the ruling authority known as Central. Ultimately, he was killed by his son Hisataka Katou not not before sending his daughter Emi Kizuki with Linebarrel to the parallel Earth. Hisataka Katou's loyalty was thus proven to Central who selected him to lead the invasion forces of the other Earth as their desire to expand became their sole focus for invading other dimensions. (Episode: That which Devours Demons) On the other Earth, he formed a vanguard organization known as the Katou Organization that was provided advanced Machina to aid in the conquest of the planet and make way for the coming invasion. (Episode: The Worse After-School Hours Ever) In reality, however, Katou intended to stop Central and the MachinaHuman invasion forces when they arrived. To that end, he staged numerous assaults around the planet in the hopes of preparing it to face the coming military invasion from the Highly Probable World. (Episode: That which Devours Demons)



  • Hisataka Katou : male member of the Highly Probable World who was the song of Amatsu Kizuki who was forced to kill his father and selected by Central to lead the vanguard invasion of the alternate Earth. However, he intended to betray his masters and worked with JUDA Corporation to stop the invaders where he gave his life in the final battle.


  • Linebarrels of Iron:

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