Keisuke Shindo

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Keisuke Shindo.

Keisuke Shindo was a Japanese businessman and dinosaur expert. During World War II, he served as a major in the Lagos Garrison of the Japanese Imperial Army on Lagos Island in 1944, during which time he and his men engaged US forces and were (perhaps unintentionally) rescued by the sudden appearance of a dinosaur, attracted by the gunfire. The dinosaur killed all of the American soldiers. Major Shindo and his men thereafter regarded the creature as their savior.

Following the war, Shindo became a businessman and studied dinosaurs as a hobby. In 1992, after Godzilla was erased from history by Chuck Wilson and his cohorts, Shindo's corporation provided the Self-Defense Force with the nuclear submarines they required to turn the un-mutated Godzillasaurus into Godzilla. Shindo regarded the beast as Japan's savior, believing that Godzilla would save them from King Ghidorah just as the Godzillasaurus had saved him and his men from the American soldiers in 1944. He even attempted to approach and befriend the giant monster - only to receive an atomic blast head on which destroyed him and his building.

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