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The Key is a male comic supervillain who features in DC Comics.



The Key was a man who was born in the modern age. Not much was known about his origins except that he had an intelligent mind which saw him developing narcotics for Intergang where he operated in their basement laboratories. This was until he discovered Psycho-Chemicals that he began to use on himself. This led to him adopting the guise of a supervillain where he bought himself a suit and began to orchestrate crimes. (JLA v1 #9)

In time, he came to desire to control the world and to do so he needed to eliminate the Justice League. In order to achieve that, he determined that he needed to become smarter to defeat the superhero team. This saw him fake his medical cover and place himself into a coma so that he could use stronger psychochemicals to be used on him so that he could become smarter as he forged a new and more powerful mind. (JLA v1 #9)


Personality and attributes

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He claimed that he was never fast or strong but was smart and came to realise that he could become smarter. When he discovered Psycho-Chemicals, he began to use them on himself to open the doors to untapped areas of the brain. He used these to transform his mind once more to make a more powerful intellect. The Key came to possess eleven senses with these expanding to even more over time. (JLA v1 #9)

Among his creations was the world’s first programmable psycho-virus that operated as a kind of dream flu. It took over the central nervous system and began to produce structured hallucinations. (JLA v1 #9)


  • The Key was created by Gardner Fox and Mike Sekowsky where he made his first appearance in Justice League of America v1 #41 (December, 1965).
  • A separate Golden Age villain also known as the Key was created by John Broome and Frank Giacoia who appeared in All Star Comics v1 #57 (March, 1951).

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