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Kimoyo is a device that features in Marvel Comics.



Kimoyo was They were advanced computers that were created by the inhabitants of [[Wakanda (Marvel)|Wakanda. (Black Panther v3 #1) These computers were noted to had been created by the Wakanda Design Group. (Ultimates v2 #2)

Monica Rambeau used her abilities to shrink herself into the Kimoyo Card on T'Challa's directions for gathering tools needed by the Black Panther. (Black Panther v4 #25)

Whilst on Taa II, T'Challa had his Kimoyo online to interface with the ancient space craft that served as Galactus's incubator as they sought to end the World Devourer's hunger. (Ultimates v2 #2) The new Giant Man Raz Malhotra had a version of the Kimoyo operating system built into his suit during his aid of the Ultimates in the coming of the Infinaut. (Ultimates v2 #9)

During a fight with King T'Challa, Deadpool used his teleportation system to escape and ended up within a secret chamber holding the Black Panther's high-tech equipment including prototype Panther Suits. Wilson decided to equip himself with one and it possessed its own Kimoyo system that interfaced with him and allowed him to operate it. (Black Panther vs. Deadpool v1 #4)


These devices were the next generation of wearable super-computers. (Ultimates v2 #2)

The cards had a near infinite array of capacities and consisted of technology unlike that in the West as it was developed independently. (Black Panther v4 #25) They were tied to several global positioning satellites and were able to monitor ones over a select area thus the device notified its user of dangers in set regions. (Black Panther v3 #8) A Kimoyo was also able to jam signals such as those sent to self-destruct devices which allowed the wearer to stop explosives from being activated. (Black Panther v3 #9) It was able to track the energy signature of targets struck by energy daggers who were tagged with a unique signature which the Kimoyo was able to detect. (Black Panther v3 #1)

A version of the device were the Kimoyo Band that were a number of beads that were worn on the wrist. Through gestures, a user was able to create holographic screens to access media. The band took the form of a Wakandan Beat Bracelet whereby tech beads were added depending on occupation or lifestyle. A key element of the design was the prime bead with children being given one at birth for healthcare with more added in time. The beads could be used for a variety of purposes such as a cell phone, home and personal security, geo tracking and other purposes. Communication beads could be used to text through voice command or by gestures. (Black Panther v6 #1) Certain versions of the Panther Suit used by the Black Panther had their own Kimoyo system. (Black Panther vs. Deadpool v1 #4)

Another variant of the technology was the Kimoyo Tech Hard-Light Projector that could generate realistic solid holograms that could be used for exercise routines as part of a gym workout. This allowed for the user to generate holographic duplicates to fight as part of a training session. (Black Panther vs. Deadpool v1 #2)


  • The Kimoyo was created by Christopher Priest and Mark Texeira where it made its first appearance in Black Panther v3 #1 (November 1998).
  • In Bantu, the word Kimoyo meant 'Of the Spirit'.

In other media


  • In Iron Man: Armored Adventures, a Kimoyo Card appeared in the animated television series in the the episode "Line of Fire". Black Panther tracked down stolen shipments of Vibranium through the tracking system on his Kimoyo Card where he determined the smuggled substance was acquired by Hammer Multinational and Stark International.


  • In Black Panther, Kimoyo appeared in the live-action film set in the Marvel Cinematic Universe. They were shown in the form of beads worn around the wrist with them being advanced computers created by Wakandan science. It was shown that they could be used to generate holographic screens above the hand and allowed recording of video. They were constructed from Vibranium and individual beads could be detached for various needs including medical purposes.

Video games

  • In Marvel Heroes, Kimoyo Card was referenced as part of an item set in the MMORPG video game. Tony Stark said it was as advanced as an smart phone was compared to a rock thus noting the technological sophistication in the technology.


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