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Kratos is a male video game character who features in the God of War series.



Kratos was the demigod son of Zeus and Callisto with him having a brother named Deimos with the pair born in Sparta. Neither child was aware of their true heritage and origin but instead were raised among the Spartans. As with all the young children of Sparta, they were monitored in order to determine if they were fit to be trained as Spartan protectors with those deemed unfit sent to the mountains to die. The young Kratos was noted for being a feisty and aggressive child who along with his brother dreamed of joining the Spartan army when they grew up. On one day, the two were training outside their home when the city was attacked by the Olympian gods Ares and Athena who arrived with an army of centaurs as they searched for the Marked Warrior. Ares encountered the young Deimos and noticed the birthmark on him suggesting that he was the child mentioned in prophecy and as such snatched him. In anger and desperation, Kratos attacked the god in order to save his brother only for Ares to push him to the aside with the strike leaving a scar over his right eye. Ares was insulted at he mortal's defiance and intended to kill the young Kratos but was stopped by Athena who stated that the pair had found their quarry. Prior to departing, Athena apologized to Kratos and disappeared into flames. Kratos was devastated at the loss of his brother and vowed never to lose again. In the aftermath, he placed a tattoo on himself that matched Deimos's birthmark in honor of his brother. By the time Kratos became an adult, he became a fearsome and respected warrior in the Spartan army. In that time, he married Lysandra who gave him a daughter named Calliope.


Personality and attributes

One noticeable feature was the scar over his right eye that he gained when Ares struck him to the side when he was a child. The reason for his white skin was part of a curse made by his enemies when he was in service to Ares and was actually the white ash of his wife and child after he had mistakenly slain them.

Powers and abilities


  • Kratos was the protagonist of the God of War games where he was voiced by actor Terrence C. Carson and by Antony Del Rio who voiced the character as a child in God of War: Ghost of Sparta.
  • The character was named after and adapted from Kratos from Greek mythology.


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