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The Sentry are robotic machines who featured in Marvel Comics.



Captain Mar-vell versus a Kree Sentry in Marvel Super-Heroes v1 #13.

A Sentry were large mechanical constructs that were created by an advanced extraterrestrial race known as the Kree. (Fantastic Four v1 #64)

As Earth was used as a depot, a number of Sentries were stationed and buried on that world in order to guard the stockpile of weapons. (Captain Marvel v7 #13)

On Earth, Sentry #459 activated thousands of years ago where it journeyed to inspect the progress of those humans that its creators had experimented on. It discovered them in their newly created city and informed the Inhumans that their creators were the Kree. The Sentry departed peacefully stating that when they next meet its makers it would be either as allies or enemies. (Avengers v1 #90)

During 226 B.C, a Sentry was dispatched to Earth where it approached Rhodes and attacked the primitive human settlement. Despite its advanced nature, a defense was made against the robot by Archimedes of the Brotherhood of the Shield who created the Colossus to attack the alien machine. Initially, the Colossus was outmatched where it was badly damaged whilst the Sentry remained largely undamaged. In desperation, Archimedes did one final attack where he pierced its skin and plunged the Colossus's stone fist into the Sentry's chest thus destroying it and saving Rhodes in the process. (S.H.I.E.L.D. Infinity v1 #1)

Another one of these robots was activated by the Kree Council Supreme when it was discovered that mankind was launching a manned mission to the Sea of Tranquility on the Moon. This was a threat to the Kree Empire as it meant that humanity was able to branch off into space and thus it was decided such a machine needed to fail. As a result, the Sentry was given instructions leading to it leaving its Pacific isle base in order to recover the Kree Stimulator which was used to awaken the Nameless Mass that slept beneath the Moon's surface. The Kree Sentry succeeded in its mission but its master's plans were stopped by the intervention of the Fantastic Four. (Fantastic Four v1 #98)

Admiral Galen-Kor of the Imperial Fleet managed to gather a number of Sentries under his banner as he attempted to get slay the Avengers for their role in the defeat of the empire in the Kree/Shi’ar War. A squadron of automatons were dispatched to ambush the superhero who were aided by the Shi’ar warrior Deathcry who helped them in defeating the Sentries. (Avengers v1 #364)

A Sentry on Earth in Iron Man v3 #7.

After the Annihilation War, the Kree were attempting to rebuild their defenses and allied with the Galadorian Space Knights so that their war-net could be upgraded. However, the Space Knights had been assimilated by the Phalanx who took control of the Sentries and began infecting the Kree into their mass mind. A large number of co-opted Kree Sentries were merged into a single mass to form a Babel Spire that was used to separate Kree space from the rest of the universe so that the Phalanx could claim dominion over all its inhabitants. (Annihilation: Conquest: Prologue v1 #1) Ronan and his comrades travelled to Kree-Lar that was under the control of the Annihilation Wave where he managed to trick and take Ravenous hostage. Once done, he then managed to access a hidden chamber underneath the Kree Imperial Palace where 15,000 Sentries had been stored and laid dormant. With his allies aid, he had the Kree robots treated to prevent infection from the Phalanx and use them to help liberate the Kree empire from the techno-organic aliens. (Annihilation: Conquest v1 #4)

A number of Sentries participated in the assault on Earth after the rebirth of the Supreme Intelligence where they attacked the Thing. These robots managed to overwhelm the superhero until the sudden arrival of Johnny Storm whereupon Grimm destroyed the Sentries that attacked him. (Fantastic Four v1 #601)

The reborn Yon-Rogg reactivated eleven Sentries on Earth as part of his campaign to transform the planet into a new Hala. (Captain Marvel v7 #13)

Afterwards, Hulkling was chosen to be the leader of the Alliance which unified the Kree and Skrull empires into one force where it seemingly intended to eliminate the Cotati. This saw a hybrid Sentry being made that had a Skrull mutation piloting it where the unit was dispatched to the Blue Area of the Moon that was overrun by a Cotati garden. The Sentry battled the Avengers who received a telepathic cry for aid leading to the heroes ultimately managing to destroy the machine with the aid of the Cotati Swordsman. (Empyre: Avengers v1 #0)


In appearance, a Sentry were large 15-feet tall humanoid automatons that towered above normal human beings. They considered themselves no mere robot with them being living constructs that were created, bred and trained for the purposes of guarding the Kree’s far-flung intergalactic empire. Each were trained to follow orders with them not questioning commands given to them which they performed without an malice. Each were noted for their superhuman strength and could increase it when facing more powerful foes. (Fantastic Four v1 #64) It was said that a Sentry was built to hold off an entire army if it was within their mission remit. (Empyre: Avengers v1 #0) In all the millennia of their existence, no Sentry had ever attacked their Kree creators. It was held that no weapon be it human or Kree science could ever fell a Sentry. This because it was believed they were constructed to be superior to all even to the eternal Kree themselves. (Captain Marvel v1 #1) They were built to be self-repairing allowing the Sentry to duplicate its invulnerable circuits. (Marvel Super-Heroes v1 #13)

Their jet boots allowed them to move quickly in order to avoid an attack. This same system was capable of being aimed as a weapon in order to wound targets from the flames generated by the jets. (Fantastic Four v1 #98) If damaged, the Kree Sentry need only find the damaged components and place them back within their body whereupon they would instantaneously repair themselves as well as become stronger than before making them more resistant to the attack that caused the damage. (Captain Marvel v1 #1) Only attacks that fused these components and made a constant force in destroying them prevented the Sentry from repairing itself. (Captain Marvel v1 #2)

It could imprison enemies within a mass of colloidal atoms. (Fantastic Four v1 #64) A Sentry could manipulate sub-atomic particles to create an invisible barrier between itself and its enemies. (Captain Marvel v1 #1) Another weapon in their arsenal was the Beta-Gun that had the power to raise small sunken islands. (Fantastic Four v1 #98) Another piece of equipment available in their arsenal was a Vibro-Screen that blanketed a region with unseen vibrations that prevented enemies from arriving in a set area. As it was composed from the Kree colour spectrum, the screen was therefore invisible to human eyes. (Fantastic Four v1 #64)

There were various models of Sentry that included the Gen-Kol pattern. (Nova v4 #4) One type of Sentry known to be used by the Kree were the Pama-class. (Avengers v1 #366)


  • Sentry #213 : stationed at the outpost on Uranus for centuries until a band of Eternal's that had moved to the stars uncovered it and destroyed the automaton with this attracting the attention of the Kree to investigate it being offline. (What If? v1 #27)
  • Sentry #459 : an intergalactic Sentry whose mission was to protect a facility on Earth which it had done so for millennia. (Fantastic Four v1 #64)
  • Sentry #571 : a Sentry brought by the Lunatic Legion where it attacked Iron Man and Ms. Marvel as part of Galen-Kor's revenge against Earth's superheroes. (Iron Man v3 #7)


  • The Kree Sentry was created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby where it made its first appearance in Fantastic Four v1 #64 (July, 1967).
  • According to the Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe v1 #9 (1983), the prototype Sentry was first developed by the scientist Bronek in Kree Year 1220 that was approximately 80,000 years ago with the Supreme Council of the Kree Empire beginning mass production.

In other media


Sentry #459 from Fantastic Four animated series.
Sentry #459 from Avengers: Earth's Mightiest Heroes.
  • In the Fantastic Four cartoon series, a Kree Sentry designated #459 makes an appearance in the episode "The Sentry Sinister" voiced by actor Mark Hamill. It was stated to be stationed at an abandoned Kree spaceport on Teevo Island locted in the South Pacific where the machine remained dormant for many years. Ancient Incan tablets spoke of the alien civilization that inhabited the island and had a stone hand that had the ability of awakening the spire that provided entry into the base. These were recovered in modern times by a pair of human explorers where their expedition of discovery led them to being captured by the awakened machine. It later attacked the Fantastic Four who had arrived on the island for a vacation where they were assisted by the Inhuman Crystal who accidently created a volcanic explosion on the island. The damaged Sentry remained at his post as the island sank where it made its final report that none of its kind had ever been destroyed whereupon it was destroyed.
  • In Fantastic Four: World's Greatest Heroes, Kree Sentries were mentioned and shown in the episode "Trial by Fire". Their appearance in this continuity was different from the typical form as they were shown to be floating spheroid machines. A number were present on Earth where they approached Johnny Storm who destroyed each one as he mistook them for attackes. It was this act that led to the Human Torch being captured and held on trial for the destruction of property of the Kree Empire with Ronan the Accuser serving as judge.
  • In Avengers: Earth's Mightest Heroes, a Kree Sentry makes its first appearance in the episode "459". It arrived on Earth after being dispatched by the Kree Empire where it was equipped with a Nega-Bomb and tasked with assessing the planet's native species. To protect humanity, Kree Captain Mahr Vehl disguised as Dr. Phillip Lawson attempt to cloak the planet from his peoples sights but failed when the Sentry destroyed the device. Afterwards, its determination that the superhuman inhabitants were a threat to its creators thus leading to the Nega-Bomb being activated. It was only through Captain Mahr Vehl did they defeat the robotic automaton and detonate its explosive cargo in orbit. In "Operation: Galactic Storm", a smaller Sentry had boarded a S.W.O.R.D. shuttle during the Kree Empire's attempt to destroy the planet where it attacked the Black Panther who managed to destroy it with the craft's human crew. In "Live Kree or Die", a number of Sentries were seen on the surface of the Kree homeworld of Hala. When the Avengers sought to confront the Supreme Intelligence, Thor stayed behind to fight the alien army where he summoned lightning to destroy a number of Sentries before he joined his comrades in approaching the alien intelligence ruling the empire.
  • In Avengers Assemble, Kree Sentries made an appearance as antagonists in the animated series in the episode "Captain Marvel". These were humanoid sized attack robots built by the Kree that had the ability to self-repair and reform their bodies from damage. Galen-Kor deployed a number of Sentries to attack Captain Marvel and the Avengers until the heroes destroyed the central control mechanism thus shutting them down.

Video games

  • In Avengers in Galactic Storm, a Kree Sentry appeared as a special character on the Kree side in the 1995 arcade game. It appeared as an assist character where it flies above the player and performs a strafing run in order to do damage to the enemy fighter.
  • In Marvel: Avengers Alliance 2, the Kree Sentry Robot appeared as an antagonist in the setting of the mobile video game. They were stated to be heavily armed and armored robots that were designed for scouting and security. Kree Sentry units operated with a degree of autonomy and could single-handedly subdue entire worlds by themselves. It was said that the Kree often used them to protect their most sensitive strategic positions.


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